Where to shop for 38F bras

Ladies, don’t be swayed on fitting into the latest Victoria Secret fashions. They do not have the size for you. Media and celebrities will have us believe that there are only four normal sizes of bust, and this is wrong. Most lingerie retailers do not cater to the full figured woman, you must take your search online.

I know you’ve had trouble finding that perfect bra, but I am here to help you out! When you shop online for bras, you get  great selection and they will actually fit your chest properly.

My favorite bra for the 38F woman

Your dream bra features supportive straps and bands, accompanied with fuller coverage. An F cup sized woman needs bust support all around. Larger breasts tend to spill from the front, the side, and the back, especially when they are encased in the wrong type of bra.

Now, full coverage might not be your style, but definitely look for styles that can hold everything. A bra that can surely do all this an more for you is the Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra. The great thing about this full cup bra is that it has customized fit that are owed to elastic lining at the top of cups. Not only does the bra have a five star review on barenecessities.com, but I give it a ten.

Another  type of bra for your shape is the minimizer bra. With a high performance minimizer bra, your bust line will look more cinched in comparison to your bust size. Make sure to check out Bali’s Passion for Comfort Minimizer Bra. The great thing about this specific bra is that the natural shape of your breasts are held in molded double-layer cups.

Every single woman that I have suggested both these bras  to have absolutely loved the feel and the fit. Put these on your list of bras to try next!

Best 38F bras

Before I buy any pair of jeans, I make sure to ask the sales representative about the specific care instructions. It’s almost always that they end up telling me that regularly washing any denim is not the wisest decision. The washing machine can stretch, fade, and even tear the jeans. Bras are the same, every wash could stretch out the bra if it is not good quality. Make sure to get a bra that is made with really good fabric. Any bra will stretch and could lose its shape after some time. This is why I advise all my clients to get new bras every six months or so. Once your bra loses shape, it will not be as supportive as it was when you first purchased it.

The best bras will really call out to you. Once you know that you need full support and the features to go along with it, you can shop based on your preferences. I’ve written a list of the best bras for your cup size, which you can read by clicking here.

If you’re looking for something more specific:

Find a brand you love

As much controversy that some celebrities like Kim K have, they do have great fashion sense. But I guess that can also come from the expensive stylists that work for them. While it’s great to keep an eye out for their fashion trends, they might not be the best bust size inspirations. Hollywood has us believing that Kim  K is a D cup; That’s not  true at all. The media and our favourite celebrities have us believing that the normal cup sizes go up to DD.

The brands you currently love may not have the size you like in the styles that they carry. When you find your right size, finding the right full figured cup size retailer is easy. They make it simple for us bustier woman to find brands that we really like.

You’ll benefit from a proper fit

Do you experience back or shoulder pain? If you do, this is a sign that you are wearing the wrong bra. Head to your nearest professional lingerie and bra fitter to get the right size. Consult my bra sizing guide as well for further information! You deserve to find the right bra to fit your curvaceous figure.


If you enjoyed this article, then we're probably very similar. I'm Victoria Melo, and I know what it’s like to be busty and struggle finding the perfect bra. Not long ago, I was just another girl wearing the wrong bra size. When I finally discovered my real size and found great bras for my busty figure, it felt like a miracle. Now, I'm a bra fitter helping hundreds of women like you find their own miracle. Click here to read my lists of my favorite bras for you.
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