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I have spent the last few years helping women find the right bras for their size. You might find it hard to believe, but most women are wearing the wrong size bra. I once had a customer come in telling me that she was a 38C; she was so wrong. As I started to measure her for her proper size, she was telling me about how she could never find the right style of bra to fit her. I let her know that it’s not so much the issue of style, but of size. She was a 36DD. At first she was confused and I let her know that it happens all the time, it happened to me as well.

The biggest issue that us bustier women have with shopping for bras is the lack of availability in most women’s lingerie stores. It can be difficult, but thankfully I’m here to let you know that online shopping is the best way to find the perfect bra.

My favorite bra for your bust size

Finding the right style of bra is like finding the right partner in life, it just makes everything easier and you’re much happier. Over the last few years I’ve fitted hundreds of women. All of the 36DD sized women that I can recall helping have always found that they are most comfortable in a bra that not only supports them in the front, but also the sides. I always recommend the Alex Side Support Bra from Fantasie, which can be bought at It also has T-shirt bras, balconette bras, and more for full figured women like you and me.

Although a bra with full coverage on the side is my suggestion for you, it doesn’t hurt to ask women with the similar sized busts what they prefer; it might also depend on your style. Many women that like to wear t-shirts, and tighter fitting tops will often opt for the full side coverage so that there is less “spillage” on the side. Whereas other woman that wear more flowy tops might not see the need for the full side coverage, or they just might not find it comfortable.

Best bras for 36DD sized women

The best bra that you can purchase is one that offers comfort AND confidence. Once I found the right style of bra for myself, I got compliments about how different I looked because of my improved posture and confidence. Many women that I’ve come across that have been given the beautiful 36DD size have been huge fans of anything that is full coverage in the front and in the sides.

Just like in fashion, lingerie has various trends. Trending now, are cut outs and racer back bras. What’s great about online retailers is that they have these trends available for full figured women as well, so we don’t have to try to stuff ourselves into these edgy styles at commercial retailers and department stores.

I’ve written a list of the best bras for your cup size, which you can read by clicking here.

If you’re looking for something more specific:

One of the most important things when buying a bra, is to feel comfort. I know I’ll never be able to wear a bandeau or bralette unless it’s inside my house because I’m not comfortable with how they look on me. There is no support and it’s hard to squeeze my boobs in a tube like that! If you know you’re not going to be comfortable, you should invest in a style suited for you curves. I know you’ll love the feeling of being able to finally wear stylish bras in colors and patterns that appeal to you. Always shop for support and comfort!

Top bra brands for bustier ladies

We all have that one fashion brand that we’re drawn to; it’s the store we have to visit every time we take a trip to the mall. Once I started shopping online for bras, I quickly found my favorite brands. The styles, availability, colors, and even the mission of the different online retailers would hook me in as a forever customer. I want you to get a head start on finding your new favorite bra brand, make sure to check out retailers like Panache, Freya, and Elomi. I’m sure you’ll find something you like in their collections.

Getting the right size is a must

When I found out my actual bra size, I got online as soon as I could and bought my first comfortable bra. The package came in the mail after two days, and once I got it I put it on. The next day I wore it to class and one of my best girlfriends asked me if I got a boob job! She said that my posture projection and even my breast shape was better. That was a HUGE compliment and when I got home; I bought more bras online. You’ll soon be hooked on shopping for your bras online because it truly is the best way to find the bra that you can use for everyday wear.

Knowledge is power! Getting the right size bra will change how your clothes look on you, how people see you and most importantly, it will change how you feel. Be sure to get the right size before shopping for your dream bra online.

If you enjoyed this article, then we're probably very similar. I'm Victoria Melo, and I know what it’s like to be busty and struggle finding the perfect bra. Not long ago, I was just another girl wearing the wrong bra size. When I finally discovered my real size and found great bras for my busty figure, it felt like a miracle. Now, I'm a bra fitter helping hundreds of women like you find their own miracle. Click here to read my lists of my favorite bras for you.
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