Where to shop for 32DDD bras to fit your bust

Whether you have a natural 32DDD bust size or a surgically enhanced one, you have to take caution when buying bras. There’s no doubt that you probably have a bangin’ figure, but wearing a bra with dental floss for straps will not do you any good. I’ve helped a large number of ladies with this particular bust size and they will usually let me know that they have back problems. You ladies with this bust size will usually have a petite frame that cannot support the weight of your chest. Getting the right bra can eliminate your back problems; you won’t have those aches and will achieve a better posture overall.

Since the more common lingerie retailers don’t usually carry a DDD cup size, they will try to sell you on going up a band size or two so you can fit into their DD bras. Ladies, please shop online! You can find so many beautiful and sexy styles online and you do not have to step inside a lingerie shop at the mall and suffocate yourself in their bras.

Your new go-to bra

Since there is a large deficit between your band size and your cup size, you will often find that the straps on your regular bras will be lifting off of your chest. This can make wearing some flowy tops and dresses hard. What you should be looking for is a bra with thick adjustable straps that will support you. In addition to the thick bra straps, you will need a wider/thicker (not bigger) band so that your boobs do not sag.

There’s no doubt that women with this particular size are probably wearing the wrong bra. A bra that I certainly would have any 32DDD wear is the Idol Balcony T-Shirt Bra by Freya, take a peek on barenecessities.com! The straps and band are wide and fully adjustable, so you’ll never be tugging and pulling at your bra over top your clothes.

Gorgeous AND supportive styles for 32DDD busts

Bras are expensive, there’s no doubt about it. Before buying a bra for your 32DDD bust, it never hurts to get input from a professional or women with similar bust sizes. I remember one lady that came to me and told me that she was constantly staring at other women’s chests wherever she was. Not because she was ogling them but because she desperately wanted to know what bras these ladies were wearing. She came in thinking she was a 36B, and in reality she was a 32DDD.

Knowing her true bra size helped her to find the right bra online and on the plus side she wasn’t staring at random women’s chests on the street anymore. There are so many bra styles made with full figured women in mind; T-shirt bras, sports bras, and even strapless bras are out there for you.

If you’re looking for something more specific:

Find a brand you really like

Shopping for full figured bust sizes can be a challenge, even online. There are so many retailers out there fighting to get their bras on you. Make sure to seek out reviews for any bra brand that you are considering. This can really help in finding your go-to bra and maybe even a couple more. Once you’ve found your favorite brand, stick with it! Of course can check out other brands, there’s nothing wrong with that. But I’ve always found that being a full figured woman has had its challenges when shopping for any type of clothing and I tend to gravitate to the brands that really appeal to me from the beginning.

If you need some bra brand inspo, look up Fantasie, Curvy Kate and Elomi. These brands cater to your size and I’m positive you’ll find a style you like.

Always get professionally sized

If you’re not too sure about your sizing, or if you are currently having some back problems that are caused by your bra, you might be wearing the wrong bra size. If it’s gotten so bad that you have to go to a chiropractor or doctor, make sure to ask them if it’s a possibility that you need a new bra. They can almost always tell just by looking at your posture and the way you carry yourself. Don’t be afraid to visit a lingerie specialist and get your proper fit because it can really do wonders for you, from one busty girl to another!

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