Where to buy 32DD bras

32DD is one of the most coveted bra sizes. Having a smaller frame with a large bust is what most women dream about, but it’s not all that it’s cut out to be. It can be a real pain trying to find bras that are comfortable and supportive for a 32DD. The lack of availability can make it difficult to find this particular size in commercial retailers.

There have been countless times I’ve entered lingerie stores hoping that they would have my size in the beautiful colorful bras on display. With the limited selection (mostly in basic boring neutral colors and styles), it’s no surprise that I’m disappointed 98% of the time. My search for the perfect fitting bras have lead me to shopping online. Bras that make bustier women like you feel sexy and give us support do exist… we just have to know where to look!

My favorite bra for 32DDs

Every woman has that one bra; you know the one I’m talking about. Your go-to bra that you wear to work, every day activities and even special occasions. I won’t replace my favorite bra until it’s completely worn down; it’s just that comfortable. Finding a great selection of larger cup size bras online has gotten a lot easier, so I can replace my favorite bra more often.

I’ve found that the Le Mystere Dream Tisha T-Shirt Bra bra gives a comfortable fit while giving the right amount of lift. You can buy it at Bare Necessities, which carries this style and many others that are worth giving a try. There are plenty of options online to choose from, and I’ve got the low down on what you need to know to find the right one for you.

The best 32DD bras

Whenever I would come across a bra that actually was my size in stores like Victoria’s Secret or La Vie En Rose, there would not be a huge range of styles and colors that I could choose from. So when I first started shopping online for my cup size, I was scared I would only find basic colors like nude, black and white. Was I ever wrong! I had so many choices, sexy, chic, cute, they were all there.

It’s always a good rule of thumb to find out what works for other women with the same cup size as you. This information can be found with research and looking at reviews on different bras. To make it easier for you, I’ve written a list of the best bras for your cup size, which you can read by clicking here.

If you’re looking for a specific type of bra:

Bra shopping won’t be something that you dread anymore and you’ll be sure to find a bra that suits your lifestyle. Many online lingerie and underwear retailers are aware that women come in all shapes and sizes and offer the same quality as popular retail stores would for smaller sizes. Push up bras, training bras, T-shirt bras, and more are available for larger cup sizes, making it easier for us bustier women to shop for the essentials.

The best bra brands

A decade ago, many busty women had to settle with bras that didn’t fit properly and were uncomfortable. Online lingerie retailers often understand the market for larger cup sizes and will specialize in providing larger sizes exclusively. Not only are cup sizes more suitable, but necessary components like thicker straps and bands are added to ensure that there is optimal support.

We’re definitely moving in the right direction! Women all around the world can feel comfortable with their bodies because their bras don’t fit horribly and hug curves in the wrong places. My favorite boutique brands include Miss Mandalay, Elomi, and Chantelle, as well as the usual favorites Wacoal and Freya.

Check your bra size

Before I got my chest properly sized, I was still buying the wrong size bras. You can definitely walk into a bra store and get sized, or take some pointers from this size fitting guide. If you haven’t gotten sized in over a year, make sure to do so now as your size may have changed! Most of us have worn the wrong size at one time or another.

There’s nothing wrong with being a 32DD cup size or even beyond. Your curves deserve to be accentuated in a flattering way that makes you feel confident and beautiful while keeping your comfort level high.

If you enjoyed this article, then we're probably very similar. I'm Victoria Melo, and I know what it’s like to be busty and struggle finding the perfect bra. Not long ago, I was just another girl wearing the wrong bra size. When I finally discovered my real size and found great bras for my busty figure, it felt like a miracle. Now, I'm a bra fitter helping hundreds of women like you find their own miracle. Click here to read my lists of my favorite bras for you.
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