Where to Buy 3G Bras

I’m a DDD and I’ve had trouble finding new bras all my life. Getting a perfect fit in a bra that you truly like both in design and color is almost an impossible mission. Being a bigger size (like an H) increases the difficulty, but you mustn’t get discouraged. Nowadays, thanks to online shopping, finding really good bras isn’t an impossible mission any more. Every day more and more curvy women decide to go online to buy their bras instead of getting rejected in department stores because they don’t have their size.

I was almost resigned some years ago when I had to settle for bras that I didn’t really like, only because they were my size and comfortable. Those days are over, now I simply go online and shop for the bras that I like, whenever I want to and without having to worry about them running off.

My Favorite Bra For You

We are all different when it comes to tastes and styles, but something we all agree in is that the comfort in a bra is a priority. I really don’t care about a bra with a beautiful design if I’m all day thinking about finally getting home to take it off. That’s why I feel like I’m in heaven when I find a bra with a perfect fit that I can wear all day and feel beautiful at the same time (I’m sure many of you can relate to that!). There are some bras every busty women should have in their wardrobe, but now I’m going to mention one of the best I’ve ever worn.

The Lupina Side Support Bra, from Anita, is one of my favorite pieces of lingerie ever. It took a couple of days for it to stretch out and fit perfectly, but once it did I felt so amazing. The side support is something else, the details in the design are beautiful and the quality of the fabrics and the overall look of the product make this bra a must-have! It isn’t cheap, but its durability make it worth every penny. Another amazing thing about this bra is that it comes in a wide range of sizes (up to J cup) and it’s available in black and white.

I bought this bra and almost all my bras in BareNecessities.com. This online store is managed by women that truly understand the needs of busty women and that’s something I really appreciate.

30G’s Best Bras

I know that being a 30G isn’t an easy job. Keeping the big girls in place and comfy are some of the hardest things to do and it’s very easy to get discouraged. I’ve seen many resigned women entering Victoria’s Secret and buying a not-that-great bra only because they are overtired because they’ve have been rejected in all the department stores from the mall. You really need to trust me and try online shopping, it changed my life and I’m sure that it will change yours.

I’ve written a list of the best bras for your cup size, which you can read by clicking here.

If you’re looking for something more specific:

Make sure other women with your size have good things to say about the bra that you want and learn about the brands and how their cup and band sizes work.

Best Bra Brands

I like to think that I am a professional online buyer. I really enjoy online shopping, mainly because of the wide variety of brands, models, styles and colors available. I’ve always enjoyed trying new things, changing styles and adding pretty and daring colors to my outfits and this includes my lingerie. For a while I had to settle for nude and neutral colors, which may be useful in some cases but they are boring in the long run. No more, now I can get the styles that I like, in the colors that I like, and with a guaranteed perfect fit thanks to online stores like Bare Necessities. This are my favorite brands available there: Miss Mandalay, Freya, Wacoal, Simone Perele, Elomi and Chantelle.
Find out some more about the bras I recommend for G cups!

Get the Right Sizing

I used the wrong bra size most of my life. It wasn’t until a very professional lady in a department store came to me as I was searching for bras in the wrong section of the store and told me that I should try a couple sizes up. By the time I was using D cup size… God, was I wrong! Like I said before, I’m a DDD right in the edge of my cup size. Can you imagine how uncomfortable I was for all those years? Now I work very hard to help women get their correct bra size. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching the look on the face of a busty women trying on a bra with a perfect fit for the first time.

If you feel uncomfortable with all your bras, you are probably using the wrong size. I recommend you get help from a professional on a department store!

If you enjoyed this article, then we're probably very similar. I'm Victoria Melo, and I know what it’s like to be busty and struggle finding the perfect bra. Not long ago, I was just another girl wearing the wrong bra size. When I finally discovered my real size and found great bras for my busty figure, it felt like a miracle. Now, I'm a bra fitter helping hundreds of women like you find their own miracle. Click here to read my lists of my favorite bras for you.
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