Where to Buy 30DDD Bras

I’m a DDD myself and I assure you I’ve learned all the ins and outs of my size. I bought the wrong bra size for years and I even felt like there were simply no bras for me, no model that would truly fit me and give me all the support I needed. When I finally got my measures right, my new struggle was finding models that would make me feel both confident and comfortable. In most department stores there aren’t many models available in DD+ sizes and sometimes there are non.

After searching for a long time, I finally found a couple stores that would sell my bra size but in models that felt a bit ancient and boring! Eventually a friend told me to try shopping online, but at first I didn’t feel very confident about this idea because it seemed to me that this way it would be much harder to find a bra that would truly fit. I was so wrong… I discovered that this is the definitive way to shop for big sizes!

My Favorite Bra for 30DDDs

Getting really attached to one particular bra isn’t very hard for busty women, especially because finding a really good bra for us is a bit tricky. But when we finally find the perfect one, we feel so relieved and we start wearing it every day, all day, until it wears out. luckily for us, we are living in the 21st century and we can find any bra online and get it right away from the comfort of our home.

It takes a lot for me to fall in love with a bra. I’m always searching for my next favorite model, and I must admit that I’m fearless when it comes to try new things. But one particular bra that I’ve already bought a couple of times because it’s simply perfect for me, my shape, my size, and it totally matches my personality, it’s Empreinte’s Cassiopee Full Cup Bra. Available in 3 different colors (black, rose sauvage and summer blue), this bra is one of the most comfortable bras you’ll ever wear. It’s also very beautiful, and because of it’s durability and high quality, the high price is more than justified. You can buy it at Bare Necessities

The Best 30DDD Bras

Believe me when I tell you that I’ve tried all the best bra brands in the world, including the world-famous Victoria’s Secret and I’ve been disappointed more times that you would think. When I finally decided to go online and shop for lingerie, I first thought that I would find the same basic models with the same basic colors, but once I found the right online store, I was surprised to learn that there where as many models and colors available for my size as there were for smaller “more standard” sizes.

However, you could get easily overwhelmed with the wide range of options and for me, the smartest thing to do is to investigate and read online reviews for the bras that you are interested in. Once you are convinced, you can go ahead and buy your new bra.

To make it easier for you, I’ve written a list of the best bras for your cup size, which you can read by clicking here.

If you’re looking for a certain type of bra:

Buying new bras should be a fun and exciting experience! Don’t let the lack of stock in department stores diminish your enthusiasm. Try online stores instead and be amazed by the many options available for plus size women. Trust me, you’ll find the perfect model for you, with the required set of features to make you feel amazing, comfortable and beautiful.

The Best Bra Brands

I remember growing up with the mistaken notion that busty women should were comfortable-only and unsexy bras, mainly because there weren’t many pretty models available for us. Nowadays I’m happy to say that there are many brands manufacturing bras especially designed for curvy women and this is such a relief.

My favorite boutique brands gather a very specific set of features but the main thing I’m always searching for is balance… Balance between price, quality, comfort and design. This brands are: Miss Mandalay, Freya, Wacoal, Simone Perele, Elomi and Chantelle.

Check Your Bra Size

Like I said before, I wore the wrong bra size for years until a professional fitter measured me and assured me that I was using two cup sizes down from my true size. You can only imagine my excitement when I first tried a bra with a perfect fit, comfortable and pretty. It’s very important for you to know your correct sizes. if you aren’t sure, you could visit a department store and ask for help or you could learn how to take your measures yourself with this size fitting guide.

I really enjoy being a DDD, especially now that I own very beautiful bras! I’m more than happy to make reviews about all of them to help you guys find great bras for yourselves.

If you enjoyed this article, then we're probably very similar. I'm Victoria Melo, and I know what it’s like to be busty and struggle finding the perfect bra. Not long ago, I was just another girl wearing the wrong bra size. When I finally discovered my real size and found great bras for my busty figure, it felt like a miracle. Now, I'm a bra fitter helping hundreds of women like you find their own miracle. Click here to read my lists of my favorite bras for you.
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