This article covers bra sizes 28J, 30J, 32J, 34J, 36J, 38J, and 40J, and 42J.

When a woman’s breasts are a J cup, it’s easy for her to feel like there are no bras available in her size. Most department stores don’t carry anything past a DD or a DDD and shopping online can be intimidating as you never know for sure what you are ordering until you receive the product.

Luckily for you, you DO have options and the selection is not as limited as you might think it is. I have compiled a list of the 10 best bras for J cup sizes, so hopefully after reading this you won’t feel so helpless the next time you purchase a bra.

Best Everyday Bras for J Cups

Curvy Kate Smoothie Soul Plunge T-shirt Bra

This simple-but-sexy bra comes in “Latte” in band sizes 28 through 38 and cup sizes D through J.

You should keep in mind that the measurements available are in UK sizes and you will have to convert them to your US size. For instance, E is the UK equivalent of DDD cup size.

This t-shirt bra has smooth cups, making it an ideal everyday bra since it can easily be concealed under tight clothing. It has underwire to keep your breasts supported properly and foam-lined cups to keep your nipples concealed.

Additionally, this lovely bra has a deep plunge, providing you with sexy cleavage without showing the center gore under low-cut necklines. There’s a decorative button between the cups of the bra and scalloped trim along the band, adding simple detail and personality when combined with the speckled stitching along the adjustable straps.

Not only are the straps adjustable, but they’re convertible, too, allowing you to wear them classic or racerback with a J-hook. This Curvy Kate bra has a hook and eye back closure with three columns and two rows.

I personally love the cleavage I’m able to achieve with this bra in addition to how high on my chest my breasts sit. (Thank you, racerback!) If you’re ready to get your hands on this lovely bra, you can buy it at Bare Necessities.

Freya Deco Vibe Convertible Plunge T-shirt Bra

This adorable bra is available in band sizes 28 through 38 in cups D through GG. (Freya GG converts to J in American sizes.) It comes in Black, Nude Blush, and Candy Pink.

What initially caught my attention with this bra was the precious trim along the cups and straps in addition to the delicate button and ribbon between the cups. There’s a simple lacy finish over the band of the bra and two small bows on each cup where the straps are attached to top it all off.

Aside from the visual aspects of this piece, the bra features a plunging front to keep it from showing under low necklines. Similar to the Curvy Kate bra we just discussed, it also has smooth cups with underwire and adjustable straps that can be worn classic or racerback with a J-hook. It also features a hook and eye back closure with three columns and two rows. The cups on this beauty are smooth so the bra can be concealed easily under clothing.

When most women think of a comfort bra, they think of a bra without padding or underwire – something plain that does not accent their breasts in any way. For me, the Freya Deco Vibe Convertible Plunge T-shirt Bra is as close as it gets for a total-comfort bra that still makes my cleavage look sexy without digging into my armpits or giving me a quadraboob.

If you’re ready to feel as comfortable and sexy as I do in this bra, you can buy it now at Bare Necessities.

Panache Cari T-shirt Bra

The Panache Cari T-shirt Bra comes in band sizes 28 through 38 and cup sizes D though H. (An H converts to a K in the U.S. You would still order a GG since that’s equivalent to a J! If you’re still confused about how the sizes convert, feel free to check out the size chart from Bare Necessities or check out my bra measurement guide that specifically discusses size conversions and sister sizes.)

This sweet bra is available in Black or Champagne. Like the Freya bra, the Panache cups have two small bows at the tops where the straps connect in addition to a bow that rests between the cups. The center gore and the front of the band both feature sexy lace that adds a little flair to the otherwise simple design.

As with the other bras, this one features smooth cups, underwire, a hook and eye closure, and convertible straps that can be worn classic or racerback with a J-hook.

What sets this bra apart from the others is the fact that the cups on the Panache bra are spacer cups, which are light as air and luxurious for hot summer days. If you’re unfamiliar with spacer cups, it simply means that the cups are made out of an extremely light, airy, breathable fabric that actually has air pockets that allow air to pass through the cups.

If you’re an innocent victim of boob sweat like me, spacer cups might be heavenly for you. They certainly help keep unwanted moisture at a minimum, which makes me VERY happy.

If you’re eager to wear a bra that can help alleviate some of your excess sweat, you can find it here at Bare Necessities.

Fantasie Smoothing T-shirt Bra

The Fantasie Smoothing T-shirt Bra is perfect for the woman who wants something simple and straightforward.

It’s available in band sizes 30 through 40 in cups C through H and comes in Black and Nude.

The reason I say this bra is for the woman who prefers something simple and straightforward is because the colors are simple and there’s no special design, stitching, or lace of any kind anywhere on this piece. There are, however, two small bows  where the cups and straps meet.

This is a completely smooth and seamless underwire bra that features contoured cups that are lined with foam to keep you 100% concealed. The bra makes your breasts appear beautifully round while keeping them lifted, secure, and as perky as possible. The straps are both stretchy and adjustable and the bra has a hook and eye closure for all your adjustment needs. The Fantasie bra also features an arched center panel that is ideal for women who have high tummies.

This is my go-to bra when I want my breasts to feel as secure as possible. This bra features full coverage cups, so I typically wear it under t-shirts and baggy clothing instead of my v-necks or halter tops. There’s not a lot of cleavage with this bra since it keeps my breasts separated and completely covered, which is what I prefer on days when I’m more worried about coverage than drawing attention to my breasts.

You can purchase this Fantasie favorite at Bare Necessities.

Best Strapless Bra for J Cups

Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra

We’ve got another Curvy Kate winner! This incredible bra is available in band sizes 28 through 38 in cups D through J. You can find it in Biscotti, Black, or Ivory.

It’s an underwire bra that has optional adjustable straps if you want to wear them – and yes the straps can be worn criss cross or classic! The foam-lined cups and vertical seams combined with underwire give you a maximum lift and beautiful cleavage. The soft boning and and silicone lining of the bra should prevent the cups from rolling, which is often a concern with many other strapless bras. Like the other bras, this Curvy Kate bra has a hook and eye closure in the back with three columns and two rows.

Overall the reason I prefer this bra over other strapless bras is because as I mentioned earlier, the cups do not roll or fall down, so I always know that my breasts are concealed well when a strapless bra is necessary. I really appreciate how secure my breasts feel in this because they do not sag, overflow, or fall through the bottom of the bra. Busty women generally expect strapless bras to be useless, but this one is a win for me.

Buy it here at Bare Necessities

Best Padded Bra for J Cups

Parfait Charlotte Side Support Bra

My favorite padded bra is the Parfait Charlotte Side Support Bra. It comes in band sizes 28 through 44 in cups D through K! The colors available are Bronze Mocha, Red/Black, Dusty Rose (my favorite!), and Purple Wine.

As you’ll notice when you click on the link below, this balconette bra has a lot more personality than the other bras I have shown you so far. There’s a medium sized bow between the cups and black, vertical stripes on the cups. There’s cute zig-zag stitching along the band, cups, and straps of the bra and another vertical stripe between the cups!

This beauty gives you a dramatic uplift and irresistible cleavage between the underwire, foam-lined cups, side boning, and close-set straps.

I love this bra because it maintains its round shape while making sure my breasts don’t protrude through the outer sides of the cups. My girls are held in place perfectly and the design of the bra makes me feel one thousand times sexier, which is always a plus. The padding keeps my breasts lifted, comfortable, and conceals my nipples 100%.

If you’re looking for something sexy to completely cushion your breasts, you can buy it here at Bare Necessities

Best Sports Bra for J Cups

Panache Ultimate Maximum Control Sports Bra

This bra is soo cute! It’s available in band sizes 28 through 40 in cups B through J. It comes in Black, Cyber Print, Grey, Kaleidoscope (my favorite!), and White.

As I’ve already hinted, the first thing that drew me in was how cute this bra is. A lot of busty women assume that cute means it’s only available in smaller sizes, but that is not the case with the Panache Ultimate Maximum Control Sports Bra.

First of all, this bra features encapsulated cups, which you probably know from my previous articles that that’s exactly what a busty woman needs to keep her breasts separated and secure.

Unlike many other sports bras, this one DOES have underwire. I know at first you might be turned off at the thought of an underwire sports bra, but I promise this one is incredible; between the underwire and the encapsulated cups, bouncing is reduced by a whopping 83%! Reduced bouncing makes this Panache sports bra perfect for high-impact activities like kickboxing, running, gymnastics, and so on.

Additionally, the underwire is encased in silicone, so the bra should not cause you any discomfort at  all. The seams are smooth and flat and should be easily concealed under a t-shirt or other loose-fitting clothing.

Not only are the straps wide, but they’re also padded which means your breasts will be held higher and your shoulders won’t suffer from painful and unnecessary shoulder grooves.

The straps are adjustable AND convertible, providing you with the option of wearing them classic or crossed with the J-hook converter. The back closure features three columns and three rows of hooks and eyes.

The bra is made of stretchy microfiber and breathable mesh, both of which are moisture-wicking and keep sweating at a minimum.

I really love the adorable prints on this Panache bra, but even more than that I love how secure my breasts are when I exercise in it. I have tried to wear more sports bras than I care to count, but this one has treated my breasts well. Between the reduced bouncing, padded shoulder straps, and moisture-wicking material, the overall comfort that comes with wearing this bra is incredible. My breasts and back aren’t sore, my shoulders don’t hurt, and I don’t have embarrassing sweat that I feel like everyone is staring at.

If you’re ready to feel 100% confident and secure in a sports bra, you can purchase this Panache favorite at Bare Necessities.

Best Minimizer Bra for J Cups

Chantelle C Magnifique Minimizer Bra

The Chantelle C Magnifique Minimizer Bra is available in bands 28 through 44 and cups C through I. The colors offered are Soft Grey, Apricot, Black, Ivory, Noisette (my favorite), and Ultra Nude.

I absolutely adore the simple floral print on the cups of this bra. It’s evident that it’s there, but it doesn’t draw too much attention, making it convenient for minimizing AND everyday wear.

You can minimize your bustline by up to one inch with this gorgeous minimizer bra. The seamless, lined, underwire cups are free of padding and are also molded, which helps your breasts appear round and beautiful. The inner slings and underwire give your breasts a maximum uplift while minimizing them at the same time.

The band on this bra is wide, which prevents unwanted bulges around the armpits, back, or shoulder blades. The wide band is probably my favorite feature of this bra in addition to the minimizing affect because it makes my whole upper body feel contained and secure. I always know when I wear it that I’m not slipping out anywhere and I have no reason to look at myself in every mirror or window to make sure everything is where it should be – I already know I’m supported fully!

You can find this incredible minimizer bra here at Bare Necessities.

Best Side-Support Bra for J Cups

Elomi Tia Side Support Bra

The Elomi Tia Side Support Bra is available in bands 32 through 44 and cups E through JJ.

This bra is so sexy! It’s only available in one variation, which is a black and beige color. It has an incredible floral / leafy / viney print to it. It’s got kind of a thin, lacy overlay that makes the bra irresistibly sexy.

The full cup bra lifts your breasts and makes them appear round and gorgeous. It has underwire, adjustable straps, and hook and eye closures in the back. The powernet mesh wings provide ultimate side and back smoothing in addition to adding extra lacy sexiness to the sides and back side of the bra.

I love how sexy I feel in this bra. I love the side-support I am provided with because I feel secure from all sides in addition to feeling beautiful. The lacy, floral overlay is to die for and I cannot think of one thing I would change about it! The bra has held up well and in the event that it wears down after hundreds of uses, I will certainly be purchasing another one.

If you want to try this magnificent bra yourself, you can buy it here at Bare Necessities. You will literally feel like the girl in the photo whose hair is blowing back while she grips the microphone.

Best Bikini for J Cups

Freya Pier Ruffle Bikini Top

This beautiful bikini top is available in band sizes 30 through 38 and cups H through JJ. It comes in a cute black and white polka dot print. The tops of the cups have ruffles to add extra cuteness.

Believe it or not, the cups in this bikini top have underwire and mesh! Your breasts are sure to be supported in this top. The straps are also adjustable, making it an ideal bikini top for any busty woman since non-adjustable straps are known for causing a world of problems. The back of the bikini top features a simple snap closure that is easy to snap and unsnap.

It’s difficult to find a bikini top that comes in specific sizes rather than the typical XS through XXL, so that’s immediately a huge plus for me. As a busty woman myself, I understand the importance of needing an exact size and not a general size. In addition, I adore the black and white polka dot theme going on here. It’s sexy and simple – nothing too plain, nothing over the top.

If you’re ready to up your bikini-wearing game, I suggest you head on over and buy this top here at Bare Necessities!

The Best Bra

Since there are so many occasions that women need a bra for, it’s difficult to say what the absolute best bra is. While there is more than likely no absolute best bra, there are definitely the best per category. I hope this breakdown of my personal favorites gives you great new bras to check out. Please comment below with personal favorites and experiences; I love your feedback!

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