If you have DDD breasts, it can be hard to find bras that actually fit, provide great support, are comfortable, and look great. Fortunately, I’ve narrowed the choices down to seven bras that you’ll love to wear.

This article covers bra sizes 28DDD, 30DDD, 32DDD, 34DDD, 36DDD, 38DDD, and 40DDD. Here are the best bras to get if you wear a DDD cup size:

Best Strapless Bra for DDD Cups

Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless
The is my go-to strapless bra for busty girls all the way up to a G cup. If you’re busty, you may have given up on going strapless, but this bra will change your mind.

The Red Carpet bra is a master of staying up. You won’t find yourself pulling, tugging, or re-adjusting it. Even if you’re like me and like to stay out dancing and clubbing, it will stay in place through the night… no matter how much you move. For that reason, it’s a great bra to wear at a wedding or with a bridesmaid dress, because you can dance and move around without worrying about it falling down.

Beyond staying in place, the Red Carpet bra offers excellent support and shaping. The girls will be kept comfortably without the risk of falling out. Most of all this strapless is comfortable; gentle adhesive strips on the band help it stay in place so that you barely even think about it. It will give you gentle lift and a little cleavage, but nothing crazy. This is one bra I definitely recommend any girl with large breasts buy two of for her wardrobe.

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Best Minimizer Bra for DDD Cups

Wacoal Visual Effects Minimizer Bra
Minimizer bras aren’t something you want to cheap out on. The results of cheap minimizer bras include underwires sticking out and minimal support… not good. For my money, the Visual Effects is the best bra for hiding the girls.

The Visual Effects bra has underwire cups that lift, separate and redistribute your breast tissue to evenly throughout the cup in order to, ahem, minimize the appearance of large breasts. It does that very well. I like this particular bra because the straps are extremely supportive and stretchy, which makes them very comfortable. The cups are also made of stretchy material which not only makes them look great under T-shirts, but holds you better than other minimizers.

The one issue I have with this bra is that the lighter colors do allow a little nipple show through. Because the bra cups are seamless and unlined – it is a minimizer bra after all – I would recommend the bra in black unless you want to use nipple covers or don’t mind the headlights showing.

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