This article covers bra sizes 28DD, 30DD, 32DD, 34DD, 36DD, 38DD, and 40DDD.

Finding bras can is usually a nightmare, especially for those of us with DD+ cup sizes. In my time finding bras for myself, as well as fitting other busty women for bras, I definitely began to find customer favorites and bras that are of higher quality and design than the other garments offered. Each style of bra has a different best brand. There is no one reigning brand for every style of bra.

What I’ve done for you is compiled a list of the best rated and most loved bras per each major category of bra. Makes your bra life way easier, right? Check them out! We’ll visit the best bra options for everyday bras, strapless, push-ups, sports bras, minimizer bras, bralettes, best side support bras, and best bikini top bras.

Starting off with the most important wardrobe must-have, the everyday bra. Putting comfort, support, and versatility at top priority.

Best Everyday Bras for DD Cups

Curvy Kate Smoothie Soul Plunge T-shirt Bra

The best everyday bra always seems to be a T-shirt bra. That’s because T-shirt bras are the best for a fantastic blend of comfort, support, and general wearability. The Curvy Kate Smoothie Soul plunge T-shirt bra is a well reviewed and rated model, with over a 4.5 rating overall. This bra will easily accommodate a range of body shapes and sizes, with band sizes from 28-38, and cup sizes (UK sizing) D-J.

The design of this bra is sleek, subtle under almost any top, and versatile. A J-hook in the back allows for this bra to become a racer back to accommodate even more outfit combinations. The foam lined cups make for a smooth silhouette and good control of breast tissue around the torso. The deep plunge feature enables wear with super-low cut necklines, without fear of visibility.

Customers love how supportive this bra is, and how true it runs to size. No messing around with returns and attempting to find your correct size. Be assured, you can buy this bra online with confidence. If the Smoothie Soul plunge T-shirt bra by Curvy Kate sounds like your perfect everyday bra, click the link below.

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Wacoal Halo Lace Convertible Bra

Another fantastic everyday bra is the Wacoal Halo Lace Convertible Bra. This is a design that is too good to be overlooked! This model is a wonderfully popular choice for may women. The variety and positive reviews definitely speak for the quality of this item.

You won’t have to worry about the sizing conversions with this bra, it is sold in US sizes. Band sizes are from 32-40, and cup sizes B-G are readily available. Though a little less versatile because of the lacy fabric, this bra is still too cute to pass up.

Being unlined, this bra has less shaping capability than a lined bra, but might be much more comfortable. The design boasts a specially arched center panel for women who have a high stomach. If you usually have trouble with bra fits being funny across your sternum, give this uniquely modified fit a try.

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Panache Cari T-Shirt Bra

The final favorite every day bra that I’ll recommend to you is the Cari T-shirt bra by Panache. This is a must-have bra design, especially if you are a DD+ cup size. This bra is well reviewed by customers, and has fantastically positive overall ratings. Buyers seemed especially satisfied with the amount of support this bra has to offer, as well as how true to size it fits. It is a wardrobe must-have because it is so comfy and slips easily under most any top.

This bra is another UK sized bra, so some size finagling will be neccessary for US buyers, but I’m sure you’ll be happy with your purchase. Band sizes range from 28-38, and cup sizes D-H are readily available online. Close set straps keep strap slipping to a minimum, and power mesh wings keep breast tissue in the cups where it should be. A discreet J-hook in the back enables an easy and convenient racer-back conversion for special tops.

Overall, it’s hard not to live sleek bras like this one. You’ll definitely forget you’re wearing it because it’s so comfortable.

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Fantasie Smoothing Balcony Bra

If you are looking for absolute control in your bra and have more round or projected breasts, the Fantasie Smoothing Balcony Bra might be just for you. This is another sleek in design bra that is good for everyday wear. Modest coverage and wide wings maintain a smooth torso, while staying hidden under most tops.

Band sizes 30-40, and cup sizes (UK sizing) C-G are available online. Customers who have left reviews online love the ample support this bra has to offer.  There are over 100 ratings with a 4.5 average rating. Not bad at all. Many women claim this bra is a wardrobe must have, and is well worth the money for such a quality item. Though it is only available in nude and black, this bra is a good go-to garment that won’t ever leave you disappointed.

If the Smoothing Balcony bra sounds like it’s your dream everyday bra, follow the link below to buy online!

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Best Strapless Bra for DD Cups

Freya Deco Strapless Bra

Strapless bras are one of the most difficult garments to find. Security and shape are always the top issue in finding the idea strapless. The Freya Deco strapless bra is a wonderful hybrid convertible bra that allows for the best of many worlds. You can go strapless, conventional straps, halter, or racer-back. Silicone lining as well as side boning helps keep the bra where you want it. No adjusting and tugging at your bra countless times throughout the day.

This model of bra is available in band sizes 28-38, and cup sizes (UK sizes) C-GG. In every one of these sizes, you can be sure to get a rounded and smooth silhouette. The seamless stretch microfiber does well to stay completely concealed under almost any top.

If you think the Deco Strapless is your kind of wardrobe style, follow the link below to shop Bare Necessities.

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Best Push-Up Bra for DD Cups

Paramour Lou Lou Convertible Push-Up Bra

Versatility is always at the top of my list, along with comfort and support. The Lou Lou convertible push-up bra has my heart a because it is one of the bras that is functional both with and without the straps. A common issue we all dread is the supposed versatility of a bra, which usually ends up being a meager attempt in a variable design. Either the straps are useless, or pull at the garment in an unflattering way, or the straps are the only part that keep the bra together!

The Lou Lou convertible actually gives you what you want, all with the flare of a sleek design and shaped silhouette. Lace accents add a flirty style to this bra, whether you opt for a bold black, or blushing pink color.

This bra is in US sizes, so there will be no messing around with sizing charts, or guesswork. It is available in more limited sizes, though. Only accommodating band sizes 32-38, and cup sizes C-DDD. But for such quality of an item, it’s a steal at its price of just $42.

If the Lou Lou sounds like the bra for you, follow the link below to buy one now!

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Best Sports Bra

Wacoal Maximum Control Sports Bra

Whether you are at the gym or at yoga class, any time we exercise, we worry about our breasts being supported and out of the way. I’ve written at length about the troubles of trying a variety of yoga poses with a heavy chest. Sometimes things are a little more difficult. I have learned that the best thing I can do for my workout, as well as my back, is to wear an appropriately supportive sports bra.

The Wacoal Maximum support bra is one with great form and minimizing capabilities. It’s available in 6 different colors, ranging from flashy to subtle. It also is made to fit band sizes from 32-42 and cup sizes C-H (US sizes). It has underwire, and was made specifically for high impact activities like kickboxing. That statement alone makes me trust this bra with my life.

With over 200 reviews, and more than 4.5 average customer rating, you won’t be disappointed by this design. Shoppers love how supportive and comfortable this sports bra is.

If this sounds like something you need to add to your wardrobe ASAP, follow the link below!

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Best Minimizer Bra for DD Cups

Triumph True Shape Minimizer Bra

Finding a minimizer bra that does its job, but also maintains your naturally beautiful shape is difficult. They squish, smash, or smoosh our bodies into unflattering shapes. The Triumph True Shape minimizer is an exception to this. It easily reduces your true size by 1 cup size, while keeps your natural shape looking natural. Unlined molded full cups and close set straps keep the bra well in place. A stretch microfiber exterior gives a comfortable feel and ease of wearability for this bra design.

This bra is available in 32-40 band size and cup sizes C-G (US sizes). Customers give this bra great reviews for the fit, comfort, as well as the support it gives their back. They agree this item is of high quality, and is an absolute wardrobe must-have. It is available in 3 colors: aubergine, black, and nude. It’s not your typical plain Jane minimizer, it packs a cute punch!

If the Triumph Minimizer bra sounds like the minimizer bra for you, follow the link below to buy one now!

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Best Bralette Bra for DD Cups

Freya Fancies Longline Bra

I have a special place in my heart for all things lace. I love the look and feel of it. Even though it sometimes lessens the versatility of a bra with certain sheer fabrics. The Freya Fancies Longline Bra is a flirty and adorable addition that everyone should make to their closet. If you are not an owner of a lacy bralette, please get one now. It will make you feel like a million dollars.

Bralettes used to be a thing I cautioned any busty woman against. They typically wouldn’t offer much in the way of support, and weren’t good at containing lots of breast tissue. But from a brand like Freya, I know I’m getting a quality item, from a brand that really knows what they’re designing.

This longline bra is available in band sizes 28-38, and in cup sizes D-H (UK sizes). You will need to consult a bra size converter online to make sure you’re buying the right UK size. This bra was designed for larger busts, so it gives a dramatic amount of uplift, thanks to foam lined, underwire cups. Make sure to get one in black for a bold and sexy look.

If this bra sounds like a dream come true, follow the link below to buy one from Bare Necessities!

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Best Side-Support Bra for DD Cups

Charnos Sienna Side Support Bra

For those of us who have wide set breasts, or breast tissue that has been pushed aside by a poor fitting bra, you may want to look into a side support bra. What many people misinterpret as “bra fat” is actually just breast tissue. Sometimes it gets to the place it is by a poor fitting bra over the course of years, and sometimes it’s just hereditary. Either way, the Charnos Sienna Side Support Bra was designed with the purpose of containing that extra tissue in the cup of the bra.

The uniquely 4-part cups are adorably embroidered, giving a luxurious feel. The bra gives a lifted and natural shape, and does well to center breasts on your chest. If you have particularly wide set breasts, this design may feel a little too narrow for your chest and may not be the best option for you.

The Sienna Side Support bra is a UK sized bra that accommodates band sizes 30-44, and cup sizes D-J. Please be aware that you’ll need to know your UK bra size equivalent before purchasing. You can find dozens of size conversion charts and calculators with a quick and simple Google search.

If you have to have the Charnos side support bra, follow the link below!

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Best Bikini Top for DD Cups

Freya In the Navy Deco Bikini Top

Swim tops that are built for large breasted women are worth their weight in gold, so long as they do their job. Finding a top that supports well, and provides security is important. On the same token, we like to find tops that are actually cute, too. Nobody wants to feel like they’re wearing a plain and ugly swim top. Luckily, brands like Freya are here to support us and the girls.

If you love the Freya Deco bra, then you will most likely love this bikini top. The swim top was fasioned after the bra, and is also sized in bra sizes. How convenient! Concealed power net wings and side boning give great shape and lift, without compromising a flirty overall design.

Claim one for your own this summer through Bare Necessities at the link below! Sizes are from 30-38, D-GG (UK sizes).

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The Best of the Best

While there is no absolute best bra, there are definitely the best per category. I hope this breakdown of favorites gives you great new designs to check out. Please comment below with personal favorites and experiences, I love your feedback!

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