Sports bras have to be specifically designed and engineered to carry the heaviness of larger and heavier breasts. You don’t want additional pressure on your shoulders or narrow bra straps that cause you back pain. Well-endowed women need minimal stretch and separate control for both breasts.

More coverage and wider straps do the trick for women with large breasts. The number of hooks is required to be more (possible three to four) and the support has to be created from the sides and the bottom. Whether you’re looking to get back in shape or simply to support general day-to-day activities, sports bras are important and should be carefully selected to suit your needs.

You don’t have to look for larger cup sizes in traditional sports bra rather focus on sports bras that have been created just for YOU.  Here is a list of top five best sports bras for large breasts that you absolutely need in your life.

1. Panache Ultimate Maximum Control Sports Bra

Finding the right kind of supportive wear has been rather challenging for me given my heavy breasts. Work outs are a nightmare without a good sports bra and you have to endure additional pain which ends up making the entire activity unhealthy for you. You really need a solid sports bra with the ability to control movement of your breasts and I believe the “ultimate maximum control sports bra” by Panache is one of the best available right now. I absolutely love the bra because of its high levels of support and additional functionality. The bra is worth every penny spent.

The sports bra offers great fitting. Everything is held in place during all kinds of activities especially dancing. The bands or straps do not cut in to your skin or in the shoulders making it comfortable to wear.  The colors are really bright and appealing to look at. Having fashionable workout attire actually makes a difference in your overall confidence level. The bra is high in the front and from the sides as well for generation of solid support. Not only do you get complete control of vertical motion but the side shimmying is also kept in control.

The beautiful intimate offers you great separation which is crucial for workouts as sweat can run down in between which is harmful for your skin and hygiene. The lift is perky and a pretty shape is created instead of smashing the breasts down or flattening them out. It is true to the claim of reducing bounce by 83% which is more than what is needed unless you’re involved in strenuous workouts. The bra has been specifically designed to aid high-impact motions involved in activities like kickboxing.

Each breast receives additional support thanks to the encapsulated cups. The inserted mesh keeps the environment cool and breathable. The power-net lining allows you to minimize bulging at the back and on the sides. Adjustable straps allow you complete customization in fitting. The bra offers versatility through conversion to racer-back. The micro-fiber used is moisture wicking.

A good range of band sizes are available including 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, and 40. Cup sizes available for women with large breasts include D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, and J. Keep in mind that the bra is sized according to UK measurements and you will have to convert them to your US size. For instance UK cup size E is the equivalent of cup size DDD in US.

Three fashionable prints are offered. Neon pixel is my favorite but I have all three prints for everyday workout at the gym. The bra is available in basic colors of black and white if you’re looking for less bold patterns.

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2. Chantelle Maximum Control Sports Bra

The “maximum control sports bra” by Chantelle is highly effective in creating the right fit and support for your large bust. The bra offers a smooth look and is an all day bra in terms of comfort and functionality. My bust remains completely in control and there is slight minimization as well. The breasts do not sag at all and there is no issue of uncomfortable bouncing. I definitely feel more confident while wearing it. I generally, use this bra style for daily wear, zumba and yoga and the bra appears to be just right in all aspects. The bra allows you to exercise without the fear of pain or bounce thanks to the control and support provided by the structure.

The overall quality of the bra is quite outstanding. The separation is quite good. I don’t believe the racer back option to be the most effective as I felt comfortable without it in a regular strap style. The bra tends to pucker in the back after getting hooked. This is probably varies from one individual to another so you should always give both options a try. I like the slight padding as it doesn’t add to the size and keeps my breasts from turning into headlights. It’s quite breathable. The wide bra straps help in dispersing the pressure. The cups are encapsulated for additional support.

The adjustable straps allow you to fix the bra according to your preferences. The bra offers versatile wear thanks to the J-hook conversion. The design is French and the band offers a snug so you should consider a cup size down and a band size up as well. The beautifully designed bra comes in EU size so you will have to convert it to your US measurements for the right fit.

I love all the five colors available in the collection. Boring colors of beige and white dull down my general mood and motivation. The bright purple, aqua and grapefruit are my personal favorites. The bra is available in a flattering grey and classic black as well. The band sizes available include 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, and 43. You can choose your cup size from D, E, F, G, and H.

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3. Freya: Epic Maximum Control Crop Top Sports Bra

My gym essentials have surely been re-invented thanks to the “maximum control crop top sports bra” by Freya. The bra has been tried and tested for offering zero movement. That’s the kind of technology any busty woman requires for her workouts and general high-impact activities. The bra has proven to reduce the overall strain to as low as one percent. The pain is reduced by a whopping 97 percent. The bra offers you full coverage. Maximum support is provided thanks to the inner slings. The bra is versatile in terms of style and can be worn as a stand-alone or a sports bra for everyday wear.

The lack of bounce offered by the bra is more than impressive. The final shape is nicely rounded without any nipples showing through. It is particularly effective for winters to deal with the nipple show-through. The bra definitely lives up to its hype in the market. The sports bra moulds the natural shape of your breasts to create a naturally accentuated round shape. The brand has engineered this product specifically to cater the problems faced by large breasted women.

The cups are spot on. The cut and the compression are just right to prevent any spillage or uni-boob situation at the top. I absolutely love the four hooks at the back band as it allows me the option of achieve the perfect fit depending upon my changing body shape. A functionality of such allows this bra to be used over longer periods of time. The straps are padded for premium comfort and they are semi adjustable for achieving a custom fit. You have the option of converting the straps into a cross-over as well. Some well-endowed women need this particular feature to benefit from the additional support. You don’t have to worry about straps sliding off your shoulders with this one.

The encapsulated cups offer support to each breast individually. The full coverage bra has cups lined with light foam to avoid any pain from the boning.  The side panels support ventilation and create a breathable wear for you.

A total of seven different colors and patterns are available in this style. Each pattern is unique and stylish so that you are able to wear them with or without a top. My personal favorites are carbon, racing red and electric black. The band sizes available include 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, and 42. Cup sizes offered are D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, and H. The UK sizes will have to be converted to US measurements prior to order.

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4. Glamorise Motion Maximum Control Wire-Free Sports Bra

I swear by this bra. The bra has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of full figured women. This bra does the job of three at once. It is highly effective in keeping everything in place and secure. I don’t have to readjust myself at all. Wearing a tank-top over a sports bra has never been this easy for me without having the fear of spillage or a boob popping out. In terms of comfort, the “maximum control wire-free sports bra” by glamorize is just incredible. A modest shape is achieved thanks to the top layers of the cups.

This bra has been my Holy Grail for quite some time now. I tend to experiment every now and then but this remains a constant in my collection. This bra has actually helped me get back into shape as nothing was in my way anymore. My breasts never feel constricted or flattened out. The bounce is kept ot minimal and it helps prevent back or shoulder pain. There is little or absolutely no movement during my workouts. I don’t feel the straps digging in my shoulders or at the back. I can bend forward and down without feeling insecure about my breasts.

From cardio to yoga, everything is taken care of thanks to this masterpiece. The bra is true to its size despite being wire-free. The material does not droop and you can wash it frequently. The breast tissue is held in place thanks to the compression fit. You have the option of four hooks for custom fit. The straps are adjustable and close-set.

A good range of band sizes is available including 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, and 46. Cup sizes for large breasts include D, DD, F, G, and H. Combination of black and white with grey are available along with an all-white sports bra. A cute pink and orange combination is available as well.

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5. Anita Active Dynamix Star Max Support Sports Bra

My gym instructor suggested this bra. After the very first try, I fell in love with the support and comfort it offered. I experienced slight difficulty while getting into the bra and that is my only complaint from the brand. However, the quality is worth ignoring this slight issue. Plus, I believe this narrow style of a cross-back is needed for the great level of support the bra offers. It is perfect for running and hiking along with the usual activities. It has a sharp look to it.

My big bust is kept in place despite the high-impact activities of workout and kickboxing. The bra is really light weight and offers great control without creating heaviness. I don’t experience pain or bouncing of any kind with this one. The bra also helps in offering a minimizing effect. Your breasts are not squished or flattened out rather a minimal effect is created with the cup. The cup is neither lined nor padded so you might have the issue of your nipples showing through a bit in the case of a sheer top. The fabric dries out quickly and maintains a breathable environment for your breasts.

The bra is without any wire and offers a racer-back look. The breasts are held in place with compression and support is created with the encapsulated cups. The cups are soft and created with a seamless terry cloth. The front is slightly padded for comfort. The straps can be adjusted at the front for a rigid shape. Band sizes from 32 to 40 are available while the cup sizes include D, E, F, and G. This is a European sized bra and you will need to convert the sizes to your US measurements. You have the options of white metallic and a stunning peacock color combination. I love both colors.

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Make the most of your workouts with these five amazing bras. You can get your desired body shape and support with these high-quality products that provide great value for your money. Not only do they function seamlessly underneath the clothes but the fashionable prints and combinations can be worn stand-alone style as well.

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