Breast augmentations or “boob jobs” are becoming more and more popular as the technology advances, and the techniques of the procedure are honed with time. If you’ve undergone a breast augmentation, you may discover finding bras in your new size is quite difficult. Your breasts will be shaped and proportioned differently. Everything you though you knew about your bra size can be thrown out the window. Time to re-size yourself and hit the store! For those of you that ave had a procedure done, I collected a list of 5 favorite bras that are great for those who are bra hunting after a breast augmentation.

1. Le Mystère Dream Tisha T-Shirt Bra

The first bra on our list is the Dream T-shirt bra. T-shirt bras are my go-to design. They’re always comfortable and can be worn under even the most sheer and difficult of fabrics. The Dream T-shirt bra in particular has demi cups, which provide a balance between support and coverage. The style is seamless and the cups are attached through the center front panel, so it should be undetectable under almost any top. Additionally, side boning and wide wings make sure all your breast tissue is held in place in front of your body, and not pushed around the sides of the cups. Any issue of strap-slipping is null due to the design of the closer set, fully adjustable straps.

This bra is available in three different colors, the slate is my favorite. The band range accommodates sizes 32-44 and cup sizes C-H (UK sizes). The reviews are pretty good, with over 200 on the Bare Necessities website. The average rating is a 4 star. Reviewers love this bra for its high quality feel and super support and comfort. The few cons listed have been that the band runs a bit small and can be too tight. Almost every reviewer said they would absolutely recommend this product to a friend.

At first glance, I think the bra is modest in design, though maybe a little clunky looking. But if you take a minute to really take a look at how the bra is built, you’ll see the wonderful design in it all. I like the attention to detail along the lower edge of the band. The bra does a good job at smoothing the line between where the band grips your torso snugly, and where it stops. Many bras hug this region a little too tightly, resulting in bulging and general discomfort. I give it a solid 4 star rating, too.

If you like the Dream T-shirt bra, and want one for your own, Buy now on Bare Necessities. Remember, these sizes are in UK sizing, so go here to see your UK size equivalent. Your band size will remain the same in both systems, however the cup size will change if you are larger than A-D.

2. Chantelle C Essential T-Shirt Bra

By far my favorite bra on this list, the Chantelle C Essential T-shirt bra is the best supportive full-coverage bra. The bra is designed with inner slings and power mesh wings to make sure everything stays in place. The T-shirt bra in general is always great for a discreet bra experience under most any shirt. Though this bra in particular isn’t a full-coverage model, it does a great job at maintaining the similar shape as one. This way it remains invisible under your shirt, while not coming up too high on your chest.

With reviews that are as good as they are for this bra, you’re almost guaranteed a fantastic fitting garment. Everyone says they would recommend it to a friend, and love the high quality feel of the fabric and overall design. There were a couple reviews that mentioned the bra fits a little large, but the vast majority says sizing was spot on. This could be due to the difference in women’s breast spacing and protrusion. If your breasts stick out from your body, versus if they are more round and are closer to your chest, you will find the same sized bras fit both body types, but some designs fit one type of breast shape better than another.

Band sizes range from 32-40, and cups from C-G (UK sizes). Additionally, this bra flaunts that it was designed in France. I’ve heard the French know a thing or two about making superior lingerie.

This bra is an EU sized bra. You should check your sizing accordingly here at the Her Room website. So if you like what you’re hearing, then go to Buy now on Bare Necessities and pick one out in one of three colors: black, ivory, or ultra nude.

3. Le Mystère Safari Smoother Bra

The Safari bra is a flashy bra on our top 5 list. Available in a bold “winterberry” magenta, it sure is an attention grabber. It has a conservative and supportive full-cup design and sports a subtle leopard print pattern. If you want you bra to effectively provide shaping and smoothing capabilities, the Safari bra is a winner. Special design attributes such as closer set straps will keep things like strap slipping at bay. Smoothing effects are accomplished by the two ply microfiber wings.

The design is seamless, so it should remain invisible under any top with ease. And with all of the extra smoothing qualities of this bra, you won’t have to worry about any slipping or readjusting throughout the day. High quality fabric and construction of this garment will have you loving it and buying a second one before you know it.

Reviewers had a lot to say about the wonderful quality of this item, and how well it is made. As is normal, there was a good deal of mixed opinion regarding the fit and amount of support that this bra offered. Some reviewers claimed this bra pulled the breasts apart and down, while other praised it for fitting perfectly. What we can gather from these mixed reviews is that the bra’s design may be wide and for breasts that don’t protrude as much. If your breasts are set a little farther apart, and lay close to your body, this may be the perfect fitting bra for you!

Available in 3 colors, black, Sahara, and winterberry. You can claim one of these bras in winterberry color on sale for only $30! The band sizing options are from 32 to 44 and cup sizes C-H.

If the Safari bra is what you’re looking for, you can Buy now on Bare Necessities and snag a sale bra before they run out!

4. Freya Deco Vibe Convertible Plunge T-Shirt Bra

Looking for a demi cup bra with a smooth profile and a plunging front panel? The Deco Vibe Convertible Plunge Bra is the design for you. T-shirt bras are the best bras for maximum comfort, discreet wearability, and overall versatility. This model of bra can convert to a criss-cross strap configuration if you’re needing a sporty bra style for you outfit. Though it isn’t my favorite, it utilizes a J-hook method for accomplishing this, and seems to do it well.

This bra is available in kelly green, candy pink, black, and nude blush. The kelly green is a bit bright, but it’s my favorite color combination of the four. It’s the only color that has leopard print straps and accents. Absolutely adorable. I love when there are small additions to design like that.

This model of bra accommodates a wide range of body shapes and sizes. Band sizes available for the Deco bra are from 28-38, and cup sizes D-GG (UK sizing scale). You’re almost guaranteed to find a perfect fit for your bra size! Reviewers have mixed opinions on how this bra fits true to size. Some say it is perfect an true to size, others say it runs a tiny bit large, a few complained that it was astronomically small. This is always a tough rating because everyone like their bra to fit in a certain way, and some women are used to wearing an incorrectly sized bra, too!

If you love the Vibe Convertible Plunge T-shirt Bra, and have to get one for your own, Buy now on Bare Necessities. The awesome kelly green ones are on sale for more than 50% off! Remember, these sizes are in UK sizing, so go here to see your UK size equivalent. Your band size will remain the same in both systems, however the cup size will change if you are larger than A-D.

5. Wacoal Medium Impact Contour Sports Bra

If you’re looking for a sports bra addition to your wardrobe, the Contour Sports bra by Wacoal is your new go to. This bra has the best support, security, and adjustability of any sports bra you could hope for. My favorite characteristic of this bra is the adjustable band. It is such a relief to see this. Trying to squeeze my shoulders and boobs through a stretchy, but too small sports bra is torture. Also, the straps are fully adjustable too.

As for the fabric, the soft stretch microfiber wicks away moisture and sweat easily, leaving you skin dry and cool. It also comes in 6 different colors, 4 of which are sporty dual color combinations of grey and a contrasting color. This bra has been designed for mid-impact sports and activities such as cycling. The encapsulated cups provide support and compression to keep your breasts from getting in the way of your movements and from jostling or shifting around.

This sports bra is sized like a traditional bra, and is available in band sizes 32-38 and cup sizes C-G. Reviewers love the high quality of this item, and most would recommend it to their friends.

The cute dual color combination bras are on sale for 30-50% off on the Bare Necessities website. Get one for your own and Buy now on Bare Necessities before they run out of stock!

My Personal Favorite

Out of the best 5 list, I would say my favorite bra is the Chantelle C Essential bra. Not only is it the best rated by reviewers, but it also has the best design (in my opinion). It seems to be the best fitting bra for the widest range of individual sizes. Quality and effective design were clearly first priority in the creation of this bra, and people absolutely love it! I should say that the Freya Deco Vibe bra comes in at a very close second place, with it’s cute and more playful design, I think it’s a great T-shirt bra. Though not reviewed nearly as much as the Chantelle C Essential bra, I think it holds up well by comparison.

Have you tried any of these bras? Any others you found were better? Please leave comments and feedback below, I’d love to hear what you have to share!

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