Pregnancy is a rough time for your body, emotionally, physically, and hormonally. As expecting mothers, and recent mothers, we need as much extra attention to comfort as possible. Nursing bras are a wonderful invention created to help us with comfort and convenience. Though they are wonderful things, we all know how much of a pain bra shopping can be with big boobs. We don’t want to be wasting time taking shots in the dark at nursing bras that are poor quality. Thus, I have created this go-to list of 5 excellent nursing bras for those of us with large breasts. Let’s take a quick look.

1. Elomi Molded Nursing Bra

This bra was specially designed for nursing women who demand and deserve nothing but the best comfort in a bra. It has a beautifully natural shape and unlined double layer underwire cups. This bra is super supportive and offers a slight minimizing effect. Unlike other nursing bras that have a tendency to leave your breast hanging instead of supported, the Elomi Molded Nursing Bra give lasting support, all day long. This bra is available in two different colors, and you’ll definitely want to get one of each.

Reviewers give consistent feedback about the high quality of this garment. They’re also super fond of the ample support that this nursing bra has to offer them. Many even claim that it’s the only bra that works out of dozens they’ve tried! Almost one hundred total reviews on Bare Necessities, and an average of over a 4 star rating. That’s pretty good!

The only complaints about this bra is the clasp system. This clasps used on this design are unlike other traditional nursing bras. Thus, it may be a little unfamiliar to those who have owned other nursing bras in the past. The one complaint is that the clasps are a little difficult to work around, and can be tough to get opened with only one hand. This would be a problem, but only a few complaints of this nature popped up. Perhaps it is an issue of preference.

This design of bra is available in band sizes 34-48 and in cups sizes DD-H (UK sizing) and will accommodate a range of body shapes and sizes. If you think the Elomi Nursing Bra is what you need, Buy now on Bare Necessities and get one through Bare Necessities. Remember, this bra is in UK sizes, so it will be slightly different that your US size unless you are a cup size A-D.

2. Le Mystère Sexy Mama Nursing Bra

Nursing and need a sexy lacy bra? The Sexy Mama Nursing Bra is designed for those sexy mamas! Available in black or nude lace, this bra is absolutely adorable in design. You definitely won’t be feeling like you’re wearing a clunky or ugly nursing bra with this garment. The bra effectively hides nursing pads in the cups, preventing leakage and any mess. Side boning and mesh wings keep everything in place, and offer you the best possible security.

Reviewers all say this product is absolutely beautiful, and well made. Though there have been some complaints regarding the angle of the cups in respect to the breast, making nursing a little bit of a two-hand challenge. Otherwise, ratings are all 4 star average!

My favorite characteristics of this bra is the attention to detail. I love the fact that the design was kept cute and lacy. It seems that all too often, nursing bras, and bras made to accommodate large breasts are frumpy and plain. This one make will make you feel luxurious and pampered. Why don’t more companies offer models of bras that are such a balance between comfort and style?

This bra is available in a range of band sizes 32-40 and in cup sizes C-G. You’re sure to find a size that fits your body type! If you love this bra, Buy now on Bare Necessities. What’s great is the fact that this bra is eligible for free shipping. In addition to that awesome perk, they offer a 60-day no hassle return policy. If you are dissatisfied for any reason with this bra, return it and get one that fits in size or style. No questions asked. You can also ask for a credit instead of an exchange; super convenient.

3. Freya Pure Nursing T-Shirt Bra

Here is a beautiful combination of two of my favorite things: T-shirt bra and the Freya brand. Freya is always a wonderful brand for both design and comfort. The T-shirt bra is always a style bra known for maximum comfort. I think this bra is the definition of comfort! It is available in nude and black, and you should probably just stop reading now and buy one of each color. The design is smooth and ultra-simple, with classy additions like the lace and bow accents along the top edge of the cups. The back of the bra is more narrow than what we are accustomed to, as the straps are set closer together. This design attribute offers better support and comfort for you after a day of wear. It also prevents strap slipping catastrophe!

The bra is breathable and lightweight, with no smothering thick pads. The power mesh wings hold everything in place, while more naturally shaped rigid side panels offer extra stability. The full-coverage cut of the cups is a modest touch, so maybe shy away from super low-cut tops in this bra. The cup material is more thin, allowing the breath-ability of the fabric, but if you are worried about protruding nipples you might want to consider an insert. I would recommend this bra for women who like the closer set straps and a more modest cup style. If you find your skin is typically sensitive to certain fabric types, you may find this material itchy.

This bra is available in band range 30-38, and in cup sizes D-HH (UK sizing). And if you find that you ordered the wrong size, you can return and exchange completely hassle-free through the Bare Necessities web site. Buy now on Bare Necessities. Don’t forget that you may need to go here to see your UK size equivalent. Your band size will remain the same in both systems, however the cup size will change if you are larger than A-D. Her Room is a fantastic online bra and panty resource that every woman should check out!

4. Le Mystère Mama Mia Nursing Bra

Mama Mia Nursing Bra is definitely the most discreet nursing bra on this list. Well, their Sexy Mama bra is discreet, too. A smooth and simple design will leave you forgetting this bra is for nursing! The close set straps prevent strap slipping, and offer full support and comfort throughout the day. The clasps used for this bra are guaranteed to be one-hand friendly, so there will be no more fumbling around with your bra and an infant in public. Relief! Nursing pads are effectively concealed in the cups, preventing leakage without crumpled and bumpy looking boobs.

Reviewers would recommend this product to their friends and all claim the Mama Mia Nursing Bra is an item of great design, nursing mother wardrobe must-have, and high quality. Some comments about band sizing being a little small may incline you to size up slightly. But if you don’t mind buying two sizes, and returning the one that doesn’t fit, Bare Necessities has a fantastic return policy.

The Mama Mia bra come in a smaller range of band sizes than the other bras on this list, 32-38. The cups sizes available are C-G, also more limited than others listed here. If this bra is within your desired size range, you’ll find the medium coverage memory foam cups are your new best friend.

If you’d like to give this bra a try, Buy now on Bare Necessities and tell us what you think!

5. Panache Eleanor Spacer Nursing Bra

Similar to the Freya T-shirt nursing bra, but superior in design, the Panache Eleanor Spacer Nursing Bra is a smooth and simple design that is also a T-shirt bra. It features lightweight foam spacer drop down nursing cups, that are easy to clasp and unclasp. The underwire channels are cushioned and padded, so no unnecessary poking or jabbing occurs. Inner slings surround the entire breast to aid in stabilizing your breasts when feeding. Mesh lined wings and felt lined straps ensure a non-digging design that will leave you comfortable all day long.

Reviewers all agree that the bra is made very well, and the design is of high quality. The majority of buyers buy a second one, and would also recommend it to their friends. Everyone agrees that the design is smooth, pretty and delicate. Definitely a flattering bra.

Possible cons of this bra are specific to your chest shape and breast depth. If your breasts are more shallow on your chest, then this bra might fit a little too snug against your chest, resulting in some discomfort. Also, if your skin is sensitive to synthetic fabrics, this bra might feel itchy to you. This is a little more difficult to determine, since nursing and breast feeding makes your nipple raw and ultra-sensitive.

This bra is available in band range 28-38, and in cup sizes D-H (UK sizing). And if you find that you ordered the wrong size, you can return and exchange completely hassle-free through the Bare Necessities web site. Go here to order the Panache Eleanor Spacer Nursing Bra. Don’t forget that you may need to go here to see your UK size equivalent. Your band size will remain the same in both systems, however the cup size will change if you are larger than A-D. Her Room is a fantastic online bra and panty resource that every woman should check out!

My Favorite

Overall, my favorite bras on this list are the Panache Eleanor Spacer Bra and the Sexy Mama Nursing Bra. One is much more subtle than the other, yes. But I know I like different bras for different occasions. And sometimes you need a black lacy nursing bra! I like some of my bras to be cute in design, and others to be more modest. It really reflects on my mood, so I need different styles and designs for a variety of scenarios.

I would recommend that you check and recheck your sizing before you order. Though Bare Necessities has a fantastic return and exchange policy, mailing things around does take time. So, measure yourself before you buy, so that you have the best possible idea of what your nursing size is. If you are unsure how to measure yourself, you can always have someone professionally measure you.

Please questions and comments below. I especially want to hear feedback about nursing bras. What are you favorites or least favorites? Let me know!

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