In most cases with women, the grass tends to be greener on the opposite side. Same is in the case of breast size. While women with smaller size look for padded bras to enhance their figure, those with large breasts are trying to aim for shrinkage in terms of cup size.

However, with busty figures, there are certain negativities as well. A blessing as such can actually be quite painful for our necks and backs. Our shoulders are weighed down and the straps can dig deep into the skin as well.

Minimizer bras are specifically designed not only to offer optimal support seamlessly but to create a significant decrease in the pain and appearance of the breast size.

The days of flattening painful bras are over ladies. You no longer have to compromise on quality just to get that perfect fit. Finding the right kind of minimizer bra for large breasts can be rather intimidating but it’s certainly possible.

The needed support and apt lift are not only critical for your entire look but for your confidence as well. T-shirts are a huge nightmare for those unable to find the perfect minimizer bras. Most full sized women turn to bras that make them look flat and basically, unappealing.

It’s quite easy for full figure women to feel conscious of the size of their boobs. However, flattening them is definitely not the way to go about it. Try out the best types of minimizer bras on the market and you will enter a world of comfort and sheer confidence. You will feel nothing less than a goddess with awe-worthy voluptuousness.

If you think your large breasts don’t have a comfortable minimizer on the market, think again. You simply don’t know where to look. Let’s discuss our top five minimizer bras for large breasts.

1. Chantelle C Magnifique Minimizer Bra

Chantelle bras are known for offering great levels of comfort and this one holds up to that set standard. The fabric is very thin and about four layers have been used to create the coverage. The best part is that your nipples are least likely to show despite such a thin fabric.

Having tried my share of minimizer bras (and having helped my customers do the same), THIS one is my absolute favorite. Your large breasts stay in one place and are offered sufficient lift as well. The straps, in my opinion, are just the right size. Neither will you face issues of slipping nor will they feel bulky. The C Magnifique minimizer bra helps in minimizing your bust-line by at least one inch.

The material has a delicately feminine floral print which flatters the skin. The underwire cups are lined and without any padding. It offers a seamless feel and you are able to maintain the natural shape of your busty doubles. You get the perfect nudge with the support offered by the inner slings. These are built-in and high on functionality. The leotard straps at the back are adjustable for perfect size and fitting.

You can minimize that dreadful bulge using the smoothing wide sides and the back. The comfort and support offer the right kind of shrinkage to your overly-bulging breasts without flattening them. A huge range of band size starting from 32 and leading up to 44 is offered. You are most likely to find your perfect size given the broad range of cup sizes starting from C and going up to I cup.

I love that these come in various colors. You have five exciting colors available. My personal favorites are “noisette” and “cotton candy”. Basic colors of black and ultra nude are up for grabs as well. You might experience confusion when it comes to the sizing of the bra. The measurements are in EU and you will have to convert them to your US size prior to ordering your favorite for a perfect match.

You can find the top-notch bra at BareNecessities.

2. Wacoal Visual Effects Minimizer Bra

When you’re naturally enhanced, you require additional help when it comes to keeping your girls perky and upright. We, busty girls, are most certainly not looking to increase the attention we already receive. The visual effects minimizer bra by Wacoal definitely made the cut for me.
The bra offers minimal padding to offer you the most natural coverage and the material used feels great against the skin. It’s high on comfort and it stays true to what it claims especially with the minimizing.

With this bra, you can FINALLY start wearing those tee shirts you have been saving up for so long. The support is just right and your breasts are not going to be squashed together for the purpose of minimizing. It’s the best minimizing bra when it comes to daily wear especially for women with disproportionately huge breasts. I felt in balance with the bra despite my relatively small frame. You most certainly don’t have to worry about the straps being stretched out thanks to the thickness.

In terms of size, I felt that the bra ran smaller than my usual. I had to go for a 34G instead of my usual, 34 E. However, the fitting was just perfect and I felt my bust reduced to at least one inch. The style is particularly effective if you have issues of visibly different sized boobs. You will love the sheerness of the mesh lining, especially in white.

The smooth lace brings a fashionable touch to the intimate. Four unique colors are available in black, minimal grey, sand and white. I love the sexy lingerie feeling that the white one gives. You have great range in cup sizes with the availability of DDD along with G and H. Band sizes from 30 to 44 are offered which means you will most definitely find the perfect fit tailored specifically for your large breasts.

You can shop for the minimizer at BareNecessities.

3. Triumph True Shape Sensation Minimizer Bra

As impossible as this might sound, but I actually felt average sized after trying out the true shape sensation minimizer bra for the first time. Don’t believe it? Let’s do the breakdown.
For starters, the biggest relief was when the bra was super supportive without padding. I for one, most certainly don’t need any and I know it’s the same with all of us “blessed” girls looking for best minimizer bras.

Moreover, the additional padding sort of just kills the entire point of getting a minimizer bra in the first place. The straps are padded for premium comfort so you don’t have any marks from them at the end of the day.

There is no spillage and the cut is perfect which offers an overall natural shape. You can get that streamline stylish look without feeling too conscious about your breasts. It’s very rare to land upon a bra that is THIS comfortable and offers full coverage as well. Definitely one of my top picks for daily wear. You will get that dreamy fitting and your waistline is going to shine through.

It stays true to its claim of reducing your bust’s appearance to one cup size. The beautiful design is European. It’s a shame the bra is available in only two basic colors of black and nude. While these colors are rather perfect for everyday wear but I would love to spice things up with my intimates as well. Looking forward to more colors but till then I’ll be making most of the basics. You have band sizes of 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40 which make it easier to find your perfect match. The cup sizes include C, D, DD, F, and G catering to most full figured women.

You can find this seamlessly beautiful bra at BareNecessities.

4. Wacoal: Seamless Minimizer Bra

If there’s one thing that will stick by you during times of weight shifting, it’s this seamless minimizer bra by Wacoal. We all have had our share of weight changes and it really helps when you know where to find the next bra size from. The various bras that I have purchased in terms of sizes have NEVER disappointed. As you can tell from the tone, I’m a total fan.

The minimizing quality is effective and the bras give you great support whilst making your unusually large breasts appear smaller. You will find the underwire to be well lined in order to offer you that additional comfort without any issues of sharpness or poking through. The shaping is very firm and you don’t have “uni-boob” issues with this one. These are definitely worth every penny spent and will last you for a very long time regardless of frequent washings.

The uneven situation of breasts is managed quite well by the styling of the bra and you will find it to be the most natural bra to be worn underneath those cute fitted tee shirts. You might not consider this for your deeper and low necklines as the cut is relatively on the higher side. You will be reducing the “girls” to appear at least one inch smaller in size and the smooth stretchable microfiber will help you achieve the desired look.

The bra accommodates us DDD sizes as well which is a huge plus for most. It offers cup sizes in C, D, DD, and DDD. The band size starts from 32 and go up to 40. I would love to see more colors in this particular style but currently you have the basic black and a flattering nude.

You can find this highly functional bra at BareNecessities.

5. Simone Perele: Andora Minimizer Bra

No matter how many new minimizer bras I try, I always seem to go back to the Andora minimizer bra by Simone Perele. I have three essential needs with bra and this one happens to meet all of them.

The first and foremost priority is, of course, support and you will find it quite effective in the department. I don’t want my breasts to experience additional movement and the bra ensures that they ladies stay in place. The third and rather important need is of a weightless feel on the shoulders. Yet again, the bra meets expectations in offering additional support without creating the extra burden on your shoulders.

The bra is seamless underneath and offers a rather decent shape, making it my go-to bra for daily wear. You’ll find the shape to be perky and youthful; definitely an ego booster. The coverage is good and fitting will be perfect as long as you’re fully aware of your measurements. For women looking for large bust coverage up to F, this is IT ladies. You will not find the bra compressing on the top and neither will you experience that flat feel. Spillage is another issue this style keeps in consideration.

The material is ultra smooth and will feel great against the skin offering you a pain-free experience. It offers higher appeal with intricate embroidery on the sides and the straps. If you’re looking for a more feminine look then you are bound to like this one. The French designed bra is in EU sizes and you will have to go through the conversion process prior to ordering.
You will find the band sizes in 34 to 40 and a huge range of cup sizes starting from B and going all the way up to G. It comes in five colors. Caramel, blush and summer sky are definitely worth trying.

You can purchase your favorite colors in this minimizer at BareNecessities.

These five great bars are all-around perfect for everyday wear. Not only are they highly functional when it comes to minimizing to an inch but they do so with utmost comfort and seamless fashion. The lacy cups offer attractive appeal to the overall look and the bras work really well under all kinds of clothes particularly the dreaded T-shirts.

These bras are worth the investment and are a must have for any of us who want to “shrink” the girls from time to time. So go get that minimized silhouette today!

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