Your big day is one to remember. All of the time and energy put into making everything perfect isn’t something that will soon be forgotten. In case your wedding day is around the corner, and you’re afraid of dress and bra hiccups, I’ve scoured the internet to find the most recommended and positively reviewed bras for bridal gowns. One less thing to worry about in your preparations! The bra should fit the dress, and not the other way around, right? So here is my compilation of 5 bras that are the best of the best.

1. Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra

There’s few bras that are as smooth in lines and texture as the Red Carpet bra by Wacoal. The entire bra design is seamless and extremely smooth under any clothing. Wearing this bra under a bridal gown will go unnoticed, and your look will be naturally shaped and organic. A padded under-band and foam lined cups ensure maximum comfort for hours during wear. Underwire and side boning give the bra shape and discreet form, while still maintaining the utmost comfort. Everything will stay exactly where you want it to thanks to a built in Mobilon® strip. No need to worry about constant adjustment or wrestling with your bra all day.

Available in 3 colors, naturally nude, gardenia, and black, you’ll surely find the nude and gardenia will work for almost any dress. In combination with the variable strap configurations. This bra can be worn with a strap over one shoulder, criss-cross, strapless, or as a conventional strap bra. Band sizes available are 30-42, and cup sizes range from C-H (UK sizes).

One of my favorite things about this bra is the fact that it’s super comfy and undetectable under any kind clothing. In addition to this, the reviews about it are amazing! Almost 100 reviews on the Bare Necessities website, and an average rating of 4.75 stars out of 5. That’s pretty good. This bra fits so many different body shapes and sizes, it’s almost a guarantee that it will fit you like a dream, too.

If you think this bra is perfect for you on your special day, or if you just want one for everyday, Buy now on Bare Necessities. This bra has the perks of free shipping on all orders, and Bare Necessities has a wonderful hassle-free exchange policy.

These bras are in UK sizes, so be sure to check out your UK size here to see your UK size equivalent. Your band size will remain the same in both systems, however the cup size will change if you are larger than A-D.

2. Le Mystère Soiree Strapless Bra

This convertible seamless bra is sure to be a favorite of many. The Soiree strapless bra converts to strapless, halter, and criss-cross strap configurations. It definitely fits tight and stays in place, however there have been a few complaints about the sizing running a bit on the small side. Other than that, reviewers note that the product is of particularly high quality, and is a well-made garment.

There is a supportive shaped underwire component, in combination with a foam-lined balconette neckline, which flatters natural cleavage lines. Side boning reinforces the bras structure and helps it remain snug against your body. A mysterious “slip free technology” claims to additionally help keep the bra where you want it.

This is a design that will have you forgetting about your bra, in a good way. The soft stretch microfiber is comfy, and holds its shape well for hours and days of wear. There will be no battling this bra back into place, or tugging at it when it sags or slips down around your navel. That would be a terrible thing to be preoccupied with, especially on a wedding day. So don’t take chances, get a bra you know will stay put!

This bra is available in black and natural. The band size range is from 32 up to 40, and based on reviews I would size up a bit. Just in case. The cups are said to fit true to size, and accommodate sizes B-H (UK sizes).

If you believe the Soiree bra is what you need to pair with your beautiful gown, or even as an everyday bra, go here. Buy now on Bare Necessities. Don’t forget, these bras are in UK sizes, so make sure you convert sizes and order accordingly.

3. Dominique Longline Smooth Strapless Bra

If you need a backless bra setup, with a bit of push up, and a little shaping, the Dominique Longline Smooth strapless bra is your winner. This strapless longline underwire bra is sure to be perfect for any low cut back dress. In case you need straps, matching fully-adjustable stretch straps are also included. These straps can be configured traditionally, as a halter, and criss-crossed to fit almost any outfit or dress you need it for.

The cups of this bra are lightly padded for comfort, and accommodate cup sizes A-DD (UK sizes) with ease. Side boning helps maintain shape and smoothness for band sizes 32-44. The garment is also available in nude or white, whichever color matches your dress the best!

Reviewers all agree that the item is well-made and high quality, as well as a complete wardrobe must-have. Many comments revealed that plenty of others purchased this exact item specifically for their weddings or other formal events. This bra appears to have a pretty good track  record as a wedding dress garment!

The overall appearance of this bra is appealing to the eye. It has a slimming shape, and a flattering yet conservative amount of cup coverage. The wings of this bra also hug the torso instead of squeeze it, for a relaxed and natural look. The height of the front of the bra is about 11″, and the back is about 6″, for a design that is not too dramatic, but bold enough to be worn with low back dresses.

I you think the Dominique Longline Smooth Strapless bra is your ideal wedding dress bra, Buy now on Bare Necessities to claim one for only $70. Remember, this bra is in UK sizes, so be sure you know what your UK size is. Just in case, Bare Necessities has a fantastic exchange policy in case the size you purchased isn’t exactly what you want.

4. Fantasie Smoothing Strapless Bra

If a medium coverage, versatile bra is what you are hoping for, then the Fantasie Smoothing Strapless bra is for you. Wearing a bra like this is like wearing you favorite T-shirt bra, comfortable and invisible under whatever outfit you choose. The straps can be taken off completely, or configured in 4 other different ways: traditional, halter, one shoulder, or criss-cross. Options!

Many would agree that this bra is a must have item because of its super support and comfortable ease of wear. The underwire is integrated seamlessly and manages a smooth and shapely breast form with especially contoured cups. Additional support comes from boning and silicone lining on the wings of the bra, making sure everything is captured and secure.

This bra is rather basic in its design overall, and isn’t terribly flashy or sexy for a wedding night bra, but it certainly gets the job done during the day. No nagging at undergarments, and trying to be discreet about pulling your bra back into place. That’s embarrassing. For a long day, pick a garment that can take a beating!

This bra is offered in band sizes 30-42, and cup sizes B-G (UK sizes). Nude and black colors are available, too. If the Fantasie Smoothing strapless bra is what you’re after, Buy now on Bare Necessities. Don’t forget that you may need to go here to see your UK size equivalent. Your band size will remain the same in both systems, however the cup size will change if you are larger than A-D. Her Room is a fantastic online bra and panty resource that every woman should check out!

5. Le Mystère Soiree Low Back Bustier

Sometimes bras just don’t cut it, and you need a bustier instead. If so, you should check out the Soiree low back bustier. This garment is ultra versatile in what it can be worn with. The demi bra cups allow it to shape and support to the maximum while the trim of the garment nips in at the waist and accentuates an hourglass figure. The sleek low-cut design is unique and stays hidden under almost anything you wear. It hugs your body, instead of squeezing it, for a natural and slimming look.

The short line design is intended for a modern woman’s wardrobe, and maintains the same cup design as the Soiree strapless bra mentioned earlier. If you know the Soiree strapless bra fits you, then sizing this bustier will be a breeze!

If you are wearing thin or gauzy fabric, you may be afraid of lumps, bunching, or wrinkles from your bra showing through. Lucky for you, this bustier is a seamless design, and the foam-lined cups are undetectable under almost anything you decide to wear. Of course if you need straps they are included. The straps are fully adjustable, stretchy, and can be worn in a variety of ways.

This bustier will fit a range of body shapes and sizes with bands from 32-40 and cups B-G. This bra only comes in the natural color, so it isn’t a flashy addition to your lingerie collection, but it’s still flattering to the figure and classy.

I’d recommend this bustier if you have a longer torso. If you have a shorter waist, you may have some issue with the boning digging into your hips and generally being a pain. If this design sounds like it would be fitting for your wants and needs, Buy now on Bare Necessities.

My Favorites

Overall, I would highly recommend the Red Carpet bra for almost any application. However, for a wedding dress, I really want to be sure that I don’t have to rearrange my bra or dress throughout the day and evening. In this case, I think I would recommend the Soiree bustier for those with a longer waist and torso, or the Dominique longline if you have a shorter torso. This way, you can be sire to avoid potential discomfort during wear.

If you have tried any of these garments, or would like to give a shout out to your favorite brand please do so in the comments below. I’d love to hear what bras you have worn on your wedding day, and the pros and cons you have surrounding them!

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