I know I’ve said that if you’re a large-breasted woman like I am, then you should avoid all things bralette. Well. I’m here to tell you that my seemingly hard fast opinion actually has a few exceptions. Actually, 5 exceptions. Bralettes aren’t typically designed with a curvy figure in mind, or even a small-breasted broad-shouldered figure in mind. They’re really everyone’s favorite thing to want, but least favorite thing to shop for, I think. Lucky for us, brands like Wacoal have our busty builds in mind, and have created functional bralette masterpieces that work with us instead of against us. Here is my brief list of bralette styles that rock because of their versatility, functionality and fit.

1. Freya Fancies Bralette

The first beautiful lace bralette on our list is a bralette by Freya. This bralette is the next best thing to going without a bra. It is minimally supportive, without underwire and padding. The double layered stretch front panel smooths breasts, and shapes discretely. The fit is customizable with two sets of stretch adjustable straps. There is no closure on this bralette, it just slips on over your head.

Sizing isn’t in traditional bra sizes, it is sold in sizes XS-XL, which accommodate bra sizes 28-38 B-HH (UK). Reviewers admit they were skeptical when buying, but the bra turned out to be a wonderful and comfortable addition to their wardrobe. It’s also available in 5 colors: black, chili red, candy pink, petal, and lime punch. This style of bralette is perfect if you’re looking for a lazy day bra, or an extra layer for a gauzy festival top.

My favorite application of this style of bra is for sleeping, or for a casual Friday outfit at work. In a bralette, I don’t feel confined with padding, a tight band, and underwire. Relief! To top it all off, the candy pink and lime punch (my two favorite colors) are one sale for as little as $9.99; that’s 75% off. Such a deal.

Remember, the sizes listed are in UK sizes, which are very similar to US sizes but slightly different. You can click here to see your UK size equivalent. Your band size will remain the same in both systems, however the cup size will change if you are larger than A-D.

If you like what you’re seeing, Buy now on Bare Necessities! Skeptical about sizing and returns? Don’t be. This site has free shipping on exchanges, free shipping on orders over $70, and a no questions asked return policy for 60 days. Awesome, right?

2. Le Mystère The Perfect 10 Bra

The second bra on our list is one of my favorites. It has a natural fit and feel to it, and I love versatile strap configurations. If I need a halter bra, a conventional configuration, or even  a sporty criss-cross back set up, a strapless, or more, I’m covered! The lacy exterior can be removed for a strapless padded bra, instead of a lacy bralette if you are wearing a texture sensitive top over it.

Though $80 might seem a little pricey, you have to check out all of the functions this design has to offer. The bra has endless possibilities, well maybe 10 completely different possibilities! But let’s be real here, that’s an incredibly versatile design. You absolutely have to check this design out.

The Perfect 10 bralette accommodates a 32-38 band size, and cup sizes C-G (UK). This bra has a back closure, unlike the last model we discussed. One of its fantastic secrets is that it utilizes magnets to provide security and support, and is available in two colors, black on black, and pearl (with a nude bra under white lace). Microfiber mesh wings and stretch lace will give you the support you want, while maintaining an adorable bralette look. Silicon lining and side boning keeps the bra in place, even when you decide to go strapless.

It is noted that anyone wearing a pacemaker or any magnet-sensitive device should consult a doctor before wearing this bra. The magnets could alter or interfere with the function of those electronic devices.

These sizes are in UK sizes, which are very similar to US sizes but slightly different. You can click here to see your UK size equivalent. Your band size will remain the same in both systems, however the cup size will change if you are larger than A-D.

If you appreciate what the Perfect 10 bra has to offer, Buy now on Bare Necessities to pick out one of your own!

3. Wacoal Halo Lace Wire-Free Convertible Bra

Mildly versatile, but adorable is design is the Halo lace convertible bra by Wacoal. With a wire free design and side boning for shape and support, this bra is a cute addition to any woman’s closet. The straps are fully adjustable, and include a J-hook to allow for a racer-back strap configuration. A closure in the back makes band adjustment possible, as opposed to fixed band bras.

You will fall in love with the bold and feminine look of the semi-opaque stretch lace this bralette is made of. Comfortable design, and fabric make this bra easily wearable in any situation. The price is low, making it an easy decision to buy two of your favorite colors instead of just one!

The sizing for this bralette is based on band size, so finding your perfect match might be a little difficult. It comes in band sizes 30-40, and according to their sizing chart, 30-32 accommodate A/B cups, and 34-40 accommodate C/D cups (UK). Reviewers all say that the sizing is pretty spot on, so you shouldn’t worry too much about sizing up or down. Black, conch, ivory, button blue, and nude colors are available, making it easy to match one to almost any outfit color scheme.

The only worry that I have about this design is in the J-hook racer back design. I’ve always felt that this configuration is a little haphazard and sloppy. The straps on the back of the band are pulled in a funny way, and the bra never wants to sit correctly on my body. Looking closely at the model picture with the criss-cross configuration, I’m not sure this bra is any different from ones I’ve tried. The fabric looks like it’s pulling and stretching a bit… But the reviews are still great, so perhaps it’s worth a try at such a low price point? If you have tried this bra, please leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Is the Wacoal Halo Lace bralette your style? If you want to see more of it, Buy now on Bare Necessities. Bare Necessities has a wonderful return policy, and plenty of options to get free shipping and exchanges.

4. Wacoal B-Smooth Bralette

Simple and smooth in its design, the Wacoal B-Smooth Bralette may perhaps be the most comfortable bra on this list. This bra is not adjustable at all. Some may interpret this as a potential downside, but I think it is brilliant. Let me extrapolate. The material used in this bra design is super stretchy and soft, accommodating a variety of shapes within a particular size range. This makes fitting a little less complicated for more rigid bras with cups, wiring, and boning. If you want more shaping or nipple coverage (or less) foam pads are completely removable, and can be easily inserted back into the bra. The design is seamless, and can smoothly be worn under any top. No worrying about bunching, or bumpy lace showing through your T-shirt.

Across the board, reviewers loved this bra, confirming it’s comfortable design and how well it fits. For sizes 32-38, the sizing scale isn’t like a bra, but it will accommodate cup sizes A-D with the respective band size. Available in Nude and black, and only $34 with free shipping, why not just get both colors? For it’s simple design and little to no padding, it’s surprisingly supportive. The majority of reviewers said they would recommend this bralette to a friend for sure.

The sizes on the chart are in UK sizes. Remember, the UK sizing system is very similar to US sizes but slightly different. You can click here to see your UK size equivalent. Your band size will remain the same in both systems, however the cup size will change if you are larger than A-D.

If you want a comfy fit, and ultimate simplicity in your bralette, Buy now on Bare Necessities to get a Wacoal B-Smooth Bralette of you very own.

5. Pour Moi Mia Convertible Bralette

This model bralette is by far the most glamorous looking of them all. Its lacy full-coverage look is both conservative and scandalous in style. It comes in Black, with a nude bra base underneath the lace. So classy! Straps for this bra are versatile and can be configured conventionally or as a racer-back bra. The bra provides ample support and shaping with foam lined cups and an integrated underwire system. The scalloped stretch lace fabric and mesh lined wings keep everything where you want it. No fear of bulging breast tissue around the cups, or the band. The coverage this design has to offer gives a wonderfully slimming effect and accentuates the waist.

The sizing range for this bralette is a band size from 32-38, and cup sizes B-G (UK sizing). I love the fact that this design has bra sizing, as opposed to a dumbed-down XS-XL sizing system. Mush easier to confidently find my perfect fit.

My concerns surrounding this bra are the long lace sides that come down below the support band. My fear is that they don’t hug all torso shapes as they should. If you have an extra narrow torso, but have a big bust, maybe this bra style isn’t for you. But don’t let me stop you from giving it a try if you love the design! My other concern is the tugging of the straps when in the racer-back configuration. But I always worry about that!

The sizes on the chart are in UK sizes. The UK sizing system is very similar to US sizes but slightly different. You can click here to see your UK size equivalent. Your band size will remain the same in both systems, however the cup size will change if you are larger than A-D.

If you love the sultry style of the Pour Moi Mia Convertible Bralette, then you can catch it for $46. Buy now on Bare Necessities.

My Personal Favorites

Overall, my absolute favorite from this list is the Perfect 10 Bra, because it is so crazy versatile! A very close second favorite is the super simple and comfortable Wacoal B-Smooth bralette. It’s a tough choice between the two, but why not just try both? Bare Necessities has a great exchange and return policy if you aren’t satisfied with an item you purchased. Happy bralette hunting! Leave comments below if you’ve tried any of these items, or if you have other favorites to bring into the spotlight!

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