From personal experience, I know exactly how difficult it can be to choose a bras when buying one. I remember the day I decided to stop wearing sports bras and buy new, grown-up bras. I thought it would be like buying a t-shirt: measuring a couple of sizes and then getting the one that fitted the best. But, we all know, it’s not even close to it! I ended measuring about 15 different types of bras until I finally got the perfect brand, band size and cup size. It was an exhausting day.

Today I know exactly what and where to look for, and Vanity Fair is definitely on my top-5 list of favorite bra brands of all times. If you wear bras with big cup sizes as me, then Vanity Fair is one of those brands you should go directly to when shopping new lingerie.

Why I like Vanity Fair bras

When people ask me what is the most important thing a bras should offer, I never know what to answer between comfort and support. Good thing is, Vanity Fair bras offer both of them! They are made of very soft fabric that is perfect for those who have more sensitive skin and the straps are pain-free, so your shoulders will appreciate this.

However, what I feel is one of the most iconic features of this brand is that these bras adapt perfectly to my breasts: forget about sideboob!

But, I know comfort and support are not exclusively what we look for on a bra before purchasing one. That’s why Vanity Fair makes sure to offer cute models and colors. Most of them come in the classic colors: black, beige, and white. However, there are some models that come in red, blue, grey, peach, and even cute fabric designs. So, you can choose out of the ones available according to the model you’re looking for. I believe Vanity Fair offers lots of variety that adapts to the taste of each one of use.

Vanity Fair Bra Size Guide

Vanity Fair’s bras do not come in very large sizes, most of them go up to DD cup size and 44 band size. The plus side of Vanity Fair’s sizes is that they use the American system, so you don’t need any conversions to find out which size you have to buy, just click on yours and that will be the perfect decision!

Vanity Fair’s most common sizes are:

34C, 34D, 34DD
36C, 36D, 36DD
38C, 38D, 38DD
40C, 40D, 40DD
42C, 42D, 42DD
44C, 44D, 44DD
46C, 46D, 46DD

Nevertheless, remember to check your exact cup and band size before purchasing a model to make sure it’s available. Also, if you’re in between sizes, I would recommend you to purchase a smaller one. If you already know your bra’s size, then stick to it. Vanity Fair’s sizes are very precise and they won’t go too small nor too big.

The best Vanity Fair Bras

Being on my top-5 list of favorite bras brands, I’ve tried almost every model and purchased several of them. Deciding which are my favorite ones is not an easy task, but I’ll give you a list of the ones that best suit my body’s needs.

Sport Bras

My #1 favorite exercise is hiking, so I NEED a bras with amazing support to avoid back pain and bouncy boobs, which it’s pretty uncomfortable, to be honest. This is why I must say that Vanity Fair’s wire-free sport bras are the best ones I’ve tried on. First, the bra’s straps won’t hurt your shoulders; second, they are made out of a very delicate cotton that will prevent your skin from irritating; third, straps are completely adjustable according to your needs.

T-Shirt Bras

  • Flattering Lift Wire-Free T-Shirt Bra. The wire-free part makes this bras a very comfortable one, since it still offers lots of support. It’s available in four different colors; two of them are very cute patterns, which makes them very elegant and sexy.
  • Flattering Lift T-Shirt Bra. This bras is available in rose beige, white, and black, so it’s very classy. What I like the most about this bras is that it has lift pads to give your boobs a perfect shape.
  • Comfort X3 Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra. This is my favorite one of this list. It comes in 5 different colors, being sweet nectar the one I like the most. The fabric with which this bras is made up is very soft and helpful if you want to avoid perspiration.

    Smoothing Bras

    This bras is amazing for its great variety of colors. It comes in champagne, black, white, toasted coconut, red, and blue, and it has a very cute lace detail around the wire. This is an extremely comfortable bras and the straps are adjustable to every kind of body. When wearing it, I feel like if it were an extension of my own skin. I eagerly recommend this model!

    Convertible Bras

    If feeling hot is one of your main problems in life, then this convertible bras will make your existence a lot nicer. This bras is made of WinCool fabric, which will provide you an extra-comfortable day by keeping you cool. Also, this bras will give your boobs a perfect shape and you can adjust it according to your personal preferences regarding back straps.

    Where to Buy Vanity Fair Bras

    Buying a bras is one click away from you. Once you have overcome the trying-15-different-bras-sizes stage, then you’re ready to buy online! Good thing is, if you have large breasts, then you’ll find all of Vanity Fair’s top-rated bras models on Bare Necessities’ website. It’s just as easy as searching the model and looking for sizes’ availability, this is actually a great way for me to find the perfect bra! Also, you should know that from every purchase you make on this website, I receive a small commission, which is the way I can keep myself writing bras reviews for you.

    Click here to shop at Bare Necessities

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