Once again, the French seems to be a few steps ahead of everyone else when it comes to design, beauty and sensuality. Simone Perele’s bras are some of the most beautiful pieces of lingerie available in the world today but we all know that when it comes to bras, beauty isn’t all, but this particular brand seems to have it all figured out. Their products are not only beautiful, but also of the highest quality.

Why I like Simone Perele

I most admit I’m a hard-to-please customer when it comes to bras. I’m always searching for a better piece of lingerie, better quality, better prices and durability, but Simone Perele makes me want to stop for a minute and simply enjoy my body, my shapes and edges with their incredible products. Having large boobs means struggling through a long time to find a really good lingerie brand that offers all the support and comfort I need. Simone Perele not only offers these features, it also has a wide selection of products from which you can choose the perfect match for your body.

I really appreciate when a brand like this takes the time to design for curvy women too; curvy women who love to work out, feel sexy and feel comfortable during the day with a supportive bra which can really handle a large chest.

Simone Perele Bra Size Guide

Simone Perele offers all the sizes for all the different shapes that can be in a Women’s body. They use EU cup sizing of course and their bras are available up to H cup size, but the usual top is a G.

Simone Perele bras are generally available in:

30D, 30E, 30F, 30G, 30H
32C, 32D, 32E, 32F, 32G, 32H
34C, 34D, 34E, 34F, 34G, 34H
36C, 36D, 36E, 36F, 36G, 36H
38C, 38D, 38E, 38F, 38G, 38H
40D, 40E, 40F, 40G

The band size is the same as the one we are used to in America but there are a couple of differences in the cup size. The important thing for you to know is your exact cup size and simply make and adjustment following this simple chart:

  • If you wear an American DD cup, you’ll wear an E cup
  • If you wear an American DDD cup, you’ll wear an F cup
  • If you wear an American G cup, you’ll wear a G cup
  • If you wear an American H cup, you’ll wear an FF cup
  • All the other cup sizes stay the same and I most say they run true to cup size. I do have to point that the bands feel one size too big and after a couple of purchases I’ve decided to order them one band size down. Like I always say, the key is to know your correct bra size; if you still have doubts in this department read my ultimate guide to finding the perfect
    and learn how to get your measures right or if simply go to a department store and ask for one of the workers to help you find your size.

    The best Simone Perele bras

    Being one of my favorite brands, there are a lot of Freya’s models that I recommend.

    T-Shirt Bras

    Some of the best T-Shirt bras in the world are made by Simone Perele, and one of them (and my favorite) is the Eden 3D T-Shirt bra. It’s so comfortable and absolutely cute. My second favorite is the Muse Plunge T-Shirt bra, unlike the Eden 3D, this model only goes up to G cup size instead of H, but still there are plenty sizes available for big girls.

    Full Cup Bra

    The Wish Demi Full Cup Bra is a very sexy model that I love and gives and unbelievable lift, it’s so comfortable. And like many other Simone Perele models it features very pretty lace details with an impeccable finish.

    Full Coverage Bras

    Simone Perele’s Amour Full Coverage Bra has some of the best reviews from customers online. It makes me feel incredibly feminine and gives me all the support I need. This model is available up to G cup size.
    The Caresse Full Coverage Bra offers a great lift, the straps never full off my shoulders, it’s comfortable and for the beautiful lace details it features it’s very durable, another great model by Simone Perele and it’s also available up to G cup size.

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    Where to Buy Simone Perele

    I actually fit women into their bras and help them discover their correct bra size in a department store; and, in my experience, I can assure you that once you truly know your breasts, shopping online won’t be that hard anymore. You simply need to know what you’re buying and always check for reviews and blogs (like mine!) before placing your order to clear any doubts about the product.

    I personally choose Bare Necessities to buy my bras and I strongly recommend it to every women out there. I feel super confident with this online store, first and foremost because it’s run by women. And believe me when I tell you that they are experts on this matters, especially for DD+ sizes like me. The only thing I earn small commissions for each purchase you guys make on their website and only so I can keep doing bra reviews for you guys!
    Click here to shop at Bare Necessities

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