Glamorise is one of those brands that really make your body look great. If you are a full chested woman like me and sometimes you don’t feel quite like yourself because of the bras you need to wear and sacrifice the natural shape of your boobs for a little bit of support and comfort, let me tell you that Glamorise is here to change your life. With their magnificent bras you’ll be able to enjoy your silhouette all day.

Why I like Glamorise

Mainly because they have beautifully made bras, with tons of details that make your boobs and your body look great. The prices are very good, especially for the sports bras, which are some of the best available in the market. All the models they offer are especially designed for full-busted women and curvy figures, this means that they understand the needs of a plus size women (like me) and they make their products thinking about helping us. The support in these bras is remarkable, they really keep your boobs where they need to be.

They have many models available and it shouldn’t be hard for you to find one that fits not only your boobs but your personality too. I tried a couple of Glamorise Bras a while ago, and I wore them until there was nothing left of them. I bought them again and I’m still enjoying all the nice features this brand has to offer. Also, they all come in super cute colors, especially the sports bras. I think every woman would bought them just because they are very beautiful.

Glamorise Bra Size Guide

All their products are thought for busty women. Their bras are available up to H cup size. They use American sizing so you’ll only need to know your correct size and you should be fine. They are quite consistent when sizing their bras, I really appreciate this because there are few things that disappoint me more than buying a second bra from the same brand and same size and having to return it because it was a little bit to small or to big.

Some of their bras are available up to 44H. The usual sizes available in this brand generally only start at a 36 band size:

36D, 36DD, 36F, 36G, 36H
38D, 38DD, 38F, 38G, 38H
40D, 40DD, 40F, 40G, 40H
42D, 42DD, 42F, 42G, 42H
46D, 46DD, 46F, 46G, 46H

They have larger band and cup sizes available in some of their bras. Glamorise offers a wide range of sizes and this isn’t very common, another point for this brand. Glamorise cup sizes are very accurate, but the bands tend to change a little bit. You can find your measurements following the instructions in this blog: “ultimate guide” to finding the perfect fit.

The best Glamorise bras

This brand has different models that I really like, but the ones I love the most are these:

Sports Bras

Sports bras are one of Glamorise’s specialties. They are actually of great quality and at a very great price, too. And you can’t deny it: the colors they come in are GORGEOUS, I would just have them all.

  • The Motion Maximum Control Wire-Free Sports Bra. This a bras that offers great support and is extremely comfortable. It is difficult for us busty women to find that on a sports bras, but Glamorise is a brand that just nailed it!
  • HIGH-IMPACT Sports Bra. It keeps your boobs where they should be, I feel no bouncy boobs when I do my daily cardio. Support is unbelievable. The fabric is really nice and the colors they come in are super cute.

    Embroidered Wonderwire Bras

    This is a great bra that comes in different sizes, there’s a lot of variety in that department. Also, it comes in three different colors, two of them really cute ones: white, taupe, and purple. I love this bras because it gives lots of support without your boobs looking bulky. Also, they are no side boobs since the wires on this particular model are very long. This bra gives great shape and contour to my boobs, I like the way they look on it. It’s also very comfortable, you can almost forget you’re wearing a bra underneath your shirt.

    Wonderwire Front-Close Bras

    The reason why I like this particular model is because it gives full coverage to my breasts and it manages to lift them. This is a great bra to wear under t-shirts, but I wouldn’t recommend it with cleavage, because it covers too much of your chests. So, this is a great model to use everyday, it gives me support and it’s very comfortable. Also, the fabric is soft and nice.

    Where to Buy Glamorise Bras

    For years now, I’ve been helping women find their perfect bra. Knowing your bra size is important for your daily comfort, especially if you’re a busty woman like me. Having big breasts can become sort of a sacrifice if we don’t wear the bra that we should be wearing. The store I like the most to buy bras is Bare Necessities. I just love the variety they offer and the way they understand our needs when searching for a bra. I don’t get pay to run this blog, I just receive small commissions for every sale made on the website, this is the way I can afford writing bra reviews.

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