Fantasie brand is owned by Wacoal, which is an awesome company for a ton of reasons I’ll be sure to mention later. Wacoal is a wonderfully popular bra brand for women, with several lines offering DD and larger cup sizes. The company was originally founded in 1949 in Japan.

Many of Wacoal’s special lines of bras are designed specifically for busty women, such as Fantasie. For anyone who wears a cup size larger than a DD, you’ll be happy to know that some of their bra lines typically can’t be found in a cup size smaller than a D or DD. It’s sad but true, the majority of main stream brands available to women only cater to the few sizes around 34B… Which was the average bra size around the 1960’s. What are we supposed to do if we don’t fit such a narrow mold? Buy Fantasie instead, that’s what!

Why I like Fantasie Brand

Let’s start with what’s important, Fantasie is a brand that makes bras for busty women. But even more importantly, Fantasie designs lines of bras that actually fit busty women! Wacoal bras come in a large range of fits and cup shapes, so you’re sure to find a favorite regardless of your breast shape. Wide set, round, shallow, and beyond; there is a Fantasie bra out there for you.

What is really special about Wacoal brand is that they established the Human Science Research Center in 1964. The entire purpose of this research center is to gather as much information as possible on women’s beauty, health, and bodies for product development. Thus, women who want to wear attractive, adorable bras without comprising a supportive fit, can find exactly what they want. Wacoal brand has a variety of styles and unique designs. If you need a full coverage bra, a strapless bra, or any of their countless T-shirt bras, you’ll have plenty of options to browse through.

Wacoal is a flagship brand, overarching others such as: Freya, Goddess, and Fantasie. Freya, and a few others under Wacoal are lingerie lines designed for bigger breasted women. I love the variety available to the buyer with Wacoal. If you need active wear, sexy lingerie, conservative full-coverage, etc. they’ve got you covered!

Size Guide

Fantasie bras and swimwear are for the full-figured woman, and use UK band and cup sizing. This means we need to be sure to do a little size adjusting before we buy. But don’t worry; it’s super easy! If you don’t want to worry about calculating your wrong size, or are unsure of where to start, go to Her Room to check out a quick and painless sizing conversion chart.

Fantasie bras are typically available in:

30D, 30DD, 30E, 30F, 30FF, 30H, 30HH
32D, 32DD, 32E, 32F, 32FF, 32G, 32GG, 32H, 32HH
34D, 34DD, 34E, 34F, 34FF, 34G, 34GG, 34H, 34HH
36D, 36DD, 36E, 36F, 36FF, 36G, 36GG, 36H, 36HH
38D, 38DD, 38E, 38F, 38FF, 38G, 38GG, 38H, 38HH
40D, 40DD, 40E, 40F, 40FF, 40G

Of the more popular bras offered by Fantasie, band ranges are typically from 30-40, cup sizes D-H (UK sizes).

For the band sizing between UK and US bras, it’s absolutely identical. Nothing to change or worry about there. The difference is in the cup sizing. If you are a DD or smaller cup size, you’re an exception and your cups size will be the same, too. If you are a DD or larger, you’ll want to look at the following scale of information:

  • DD cup, you’ll also wear UK DD cup
  • DDD or F cup, you’ll wear UK E cup
  • G cup, you’ll wear UK F cup
  • H cup, you’ll wear a UK FF cup
  • I cup, you’ll wear a UK F cup
  • J cup, you’ll wear a UK GG cup

Up to a DD cup, your cup size stays the same, anything above and the letters change a little. For general fit, Wacoal bras run pretty true to size, but a few reviews claim to have problems with cups being a little large. If you’re unsure, buy down one cup size. Wacoal band sizes can also run a bit large, so try a couple different sizes if you can.

The Best Fantasie Bras

Fantasie is a brand that succeeds in combining comfort and style in their products. They design products that fit a range of body shapes and sizes, and make all bras look cute and classy instead of plain ugly.

T-Shirt Bras

Fantasie has a great selection of T-shirt designs, which I’m a huge fan of. Comfort and coverage, I just love it. Check out these highly rated options:

  • Grace Bra. Cute lacy top half cups, with conservative full-coverage.
  • Smoothing Underwire T-Shirt Bra. Simple and cute, creates a sleek silhouette.
  • Rebecca T-Shirt Bra. Ultra comfortable, available in flashy, flirty colors.

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Strapless Bras

The best Fantasie strapless bra is easily the Samantha strapless bra. It’s lacy and cute, and offers a surprising amount of coverage.

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Sports Bras

Though not specifically fantasy brand, Wacoal offers a bunch of sport underwire free bras, that all have great customer feedback, and are actually cute. For high intensity workouts, these will keep the ladies secure and supported. I’d recommend the Freya (a sister brand) core underwire sports bra.

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Balconette Bras

The Fantasie Mae Balconette bra in black is a adorably sleek garment. I love lace bras, even though they’re not the most practical at times. I can’t help myself.

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Where to Buy Fantasie Bras

Buying lingerie online is becoming a more convenient and popular option for women. You have most sizes available to you, and can buy multiple sizes and return what doesn’t fit. Most sites have free shipping and unbeatable return policies.

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