Empreinte isn’t just another French lingerie brand (which is saying a lot already). This brand is gaining more and more ground in the US market and for a good reason. They make bras of the quality and long-lasting construction. Nowadays they aren’t hard to find in online stores, and in every one you’ll see nothing but great reviews and great things to say about them. The best reviews come from plus size women, like me and you just have to try one to understand why.

Why I like Empreinte

The first thing I like to mention about this bras is their durability. This bras tend to last quite longer than other good brands like Wacoal, Freya or Panche, brands that actually are very good, and they too, have great features like the high quality of their products. Another thing I absolutely love about Empreinte is how well their bras make my boobs look.

In my opinion, Empreinte’s give the best and most natural shape to your boobs in the market while giving very good support and keeping their coziness. I also need to mention the fact that they also manufacture beautiful swimwear – also available for plus size women – and other lingerie like thongs and panties. This brand is pricy, but once you try your first, you’ll start saving to buy your next.

I most say this is a brand for every type of women, in part because they have a wide variety of products and in a wide range of sizes (up to H cup size). But Empreinte seems to have some preference for busty women.

Empreinte Bra Size Guide

Empreinte bras and swimwear area available up to H cup size. The thing is that they use EU cup sizing, but you don’t have to worry, with some easy adjustments you’ll be able to convert your American size to European size.

Some models differ on the available sizes, but Empreinte bras are generally available in:

30E, 30F, 30G, 30H
32D, 32E, 32F, 32G, 32H
34D, 34E, 34F, 34G, 34H
36D, 36E, 36F, 36G, 36H
38D, 38E, 38F, 38G, 38H
40D, 40E, 40F, 40G

The band measurements is the same as the American, the cup sizes do change a little bit, like I said, with a little adjustment you should be fine. Trust me, learning this is totally worth it, this bras are amazing.

  • If you wear an American D cup, you’ll also wear a D cup
  • If you wear an American DD or F cup, you’ll wear an E cup
  • If you wear an American DDD cup, you’ll wear an F cup
  • If you wear an American G cup, you’ll also wear a G cup
  • If you wear an American H cup, you’ll also wear an H cup

  • I do need to point some important things about the fit. In my particular case (I’m a 32DDD) I’ve had to go up one size on the band and down one cup size (because I’m on the edge of my cup size). This means that the bands sizes are usually smaller than you would expect and the cups are a bit bigger. That’s why this brand isn’t the best reference to know your correct bra size, but this little detail is totally worth it because every product they make is fantastic.

    Still, it is important for you to know your exact size to be able to find a bra that truly fits. One way to find out is by going to a department store and asking a professional fitter to give take a look and get your measures. You could also get your own measures and find out which size you are: “ultimate guide” to finding the perfect fit

    The best Empreinte bras

    Empreinte makes very high-quality products and It’s a bit tricky to mention just a few, but I’m going to talk from my own experience.

    Seamless Bras

    The Melody Seamless Bra from Empreinte is magnificent. It really fulfills its purpose as a seamless bra, and it’s available in five different colors including rougue and pink rose. This model’s sizes goes up to H cup size and offers incredible support especially for busty women.
    The Kaela Seamless Bra is all about quality and comfort and it’s totally worth every penny. The curvy stripes design and the lace details in upper edge of the bra is very pretty. Seems like if every corner of this bra is designed to make us feel beautiful.

    Demi-Cup Bras

    Empreinte’s Mary Demi Bra is very beautiful provides a very natural lift that makes my breasts look really good. In this particular model the size runs true to size, I’m a DDD and my bra is DDD (or an F) and it fits perfectly. This bra is available up to G cup size.

    Full Coverage Bras

    The Grace Full Coverage Bra was the last Empreinte bra I bought. I had it in my mind for some time but the price was bit high for my budget but when I finally decided to get it I didn’t regret it. This is one of my favorite bras ever, and the price is totally justified with the quality of the product. I’ve been using mine for almost a year now and it feels and looks as good as new. I could write a whole love letter for this bra!

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    Where to Buy Empreinte Bras

    In all my years working as a professional fitter in a department store, I’ve came to understand that the main problem many women have is the fact that they’ve been using the wrong size for years. What I find more surprising is the fact that they have assured me that the size they use is because several sellers have recommend it for them. This really creates trust issues in every customer and In my day job and in my blogs I work hard to counter it. If you are more of an online buyer, I recommend Bare Necesitties. This store is managed by women who understand the needs of larger chests.
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