Chantelle is a lesser known French full-figure bra brand for women with D-J and larger cup sizes. Though not advertised as a full-figure brand, Chantelle has bras that fit us busty ladies quite well. They don’t produce bras any smaller in cup size than a B cup, but provide lingerie that is sexy and alluring in design. I’m tired of big bras being blah. Chantelle does a great job of making even more basic bras feel luxurious and like a fine piece of lingerie.

Why I Like Chantelle

Chantelle is a French company specializing in lingerie, bras, hosiery, and panties. Their founding roots in France taken then back all the way to 1876, when women were still wearing corsets and dresses with long trains. They have adapted well to the changing demands of women over the past 200+ years, innovating new technologies and raising standards even higher.

Chantelle brand offers a variety of products. We like variety. Hosiery, panties, bras, lingerie, and sportswear. The overall look of the brand is one that focuses on light and airy style, with lacy accents for flare. Your needs will most definitely be satisfied with Chantelle bras. If you need a cute T-shirt bra, invisible garments, or lacy balconettes, Chantelle has it all.

Chantelle Bras Size Guide

Various Chantelle bras and swimwear are available up to a H cup size (with some exceptions) and use EU band and cup sizing. This means we don’t need to do any size adjusting before we buy. And if you’re confused, just use an online bra size calculator. The only possible difference in size if how the bra may be labeled. Just remember that DD = E and DDD = F. Note: Some larger band sizes were discontinued in late 2016.

Chantelle bras run very true to size, with reviewers generally loving their garments. What I would recommend regardless, is buying a couple bras in different sizes to see what fits best (if you are shopping online). That way, you can reap the benefits of free shipping, and be 100% sure you like the exact size you purchased. Just return the others that didn’t fit properly. Bare Necessities has great return policies.

Chantelle bras are typically available in:

32C, 32D, 32E, 32F, 32G, 32H, 32I
34C, 34D, 34E, 34F, 34G, 34GH, 34I
36C, 36D, 36E, 36F, 36G, 36GH, 36I
38C, 38D, 38E, 38F, 38G, 38GH, 38I
40C, 40D, 40E, 40F, 40G, 40GH, 40I
42C, 42D, 42E, 42F, 42G, 42GH, 42I
44C, 44D, 44E, 44F, 44G, 44GH, 44I

Chantelle lingerie is designed for a range of shapes and sizes. Generally speaking, their bras run from band size 32 up to a 44. Cup ranges are most typically found as being from B-I, but there may be a few exceptions. Some bras can be found in only B-G. Take a look around online, and filter your search by brand and size.

For the band sizing between UK and EU bras, it’s absolutely identical. Nothing to change or worry about there. The is no difference in the cup sizing either! The only possible discrepancy is in labeling. Just remember that a DD = E and DDD = F. If this seems confusing or too good to be true, you can use an online calculator and size converter to be sure. Or take a look below:

  • DD or E cup, you’ll wear EU E cup
  • DDD or F cup, you’ll wear EU F cup
  • G cup, you’ll wear EU G cup
  • H cup, you’ll wear a EU H cup
  • I cup, you’ll wear a EU I cup
  • J cup, you’ll wear a EU J cup

Your cup size stays the same, and your band size stays the same. Breathe a sign of relief. For general fit, Chantelle bras run pretty true to size, but if you’re unsure and want to play things on the same side, buy down one cup size and or one band size. If you can find these in a department store, try a few on to get a feel for your true size in a new brand.

The Best Chantelle Bras

Of the variety of styles that Chantelle brand has available, there are definitely favorites. Let’s check out a few of their best bras in a couple of different styles.

T-Shirt Bras

Comfortable and versatile, what more could you ask for? Here are a few highly rated options:

  • C Ideal Back Smoothing T-Shirt Bra. Plunging front panel for low cut tops, good coverage and simple.
  • C Essential T-Shirt Bra. Simple and cute, mid coverage bra for everyday wear. Highly reviewed.
  • Basic Invisible T-Shirt Bra. Super soft and smoothing, this bra is meant to be invisible.
  • Rive Gauche Full Coverage T-Shirt Bra. This bra is comfortable and simple, with cute lace accents.

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Strapless Bras

The Passionata plunge strapless bra by Chantelle is a great wardrobe addition. No frills, and very functional. It has a plunging front for added wearable versatility, and is very flattering to a full-figure.

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Sports Bras

Chantelle doesn’t offer a ton of sports bras, but I find myself really fond of their low and medium impact wire free sports bras. I would recommend the Chantelle medium impact wire-free sports bra for a versatile bra with a sporty look.

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Balconette Bras

The Merci Balconette bra is one of the cutest bras I’ve ever seen. Balconettes can be tough, because they don’t flatter certain shapes, or breasts that are soft. But I love lace, and this bra flaunts both lace and bright colors. Let’s face it, it’s gorgeous.

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Where to Buy Chantelle Bras

Buying lingerie online is becoming a more convenient and popular option for women. You have most sizes available to you, and can buy multiple sizes and return what doesn’t fit. Most sites have free shipping and unbeatable return policies.

My favorite store is Bare Necessities, which is managed by women and that understands the needs of larger chests. I don’t take a salary to manage this site, so I rely entirely on earning small commissions from each purchase to help support me writing new blog articles and doing bra reviews.

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