This bra at a glance

Type of bra: Minimizer

Why I like it: It visually reduces the size of your breasts, without jeopardizing the sexiness and femininity of your bust.

Where to wear it: Formal events, everyday wear, special occasions

Recommended sizes: D to G cups

Available sizes: 32B, 32C, 32D, 32E, 32F, 32G

34B, 34C, 34D, 34E, 34F, 34G

36B, 36C, 36D, 36E, 36F, 36G

38B, 38C, 38D, 38E, 38F, 38G

40B, 40C, 40D, 40E, 40F, 40G

42B, 42C, 42D, 42E, 42F, 42G

Where to buy: BareNecessities

Why I recommend this bra

It can be so frustrating not being able to wear your favorite shirt just because you can’t zip it up. Also, you may not be able to button up the top if you have larger boobs. We’ve all been there, and it can be pretty discouraging. Giving up your favorite outfit because of this issue? I don’t think so. There’s a clever, yet sexy way to make it work, and it is the minimizer bra.

Forget about all those annoying gaps on your shirt. I promise you, you can make every single outfit work with the adequate bra. This Simone Perele minimizer bra is literally the answer to your prayers. You no longer have to let the size of your boobs dictate your outfit choice. Be in charge of your style thanks to the transformative power of the minimizer bra.

What I love about this minimizer bra is that it reduces the appearance of your bust, without removing it out of the focus completely. You get to wear whatever your little heart desires, while having a balanced, beautiful cleavage.

All about the bra

Just like the name itself suggests, a minimizer bra is supposed to minimize the size of your bust, so you can easily and comfortably fit into tight tops, t-shirts, and dresses. This particular Simone Perele minimizer bra can reduce the size of your bust up to 1 inch. Even if your bust has a wide placement, this bra can create a balance which will not only look good, but feel comfortable, too.

Made of stretch microfiber, it will feel like your second skin. Since it is ultra-smooth, you won’t even feel it throughout the day. Therefore, it is great for occasions when you know you’ll be wearing it for hours.

If you’re going for an over-the-top, exaggerated look, this is not the bra for you. Its main purpose is to create a subtle, seamless look, thanks to the unlined underwire cups. Basically, it won’t let the shape and the size of your boobs stand in your way.

How does the bra fit?

In my experience, you shouldn’t encounter any significant issues regarding the fit of this minimizer bra. Most of my clients told me that the straps fit perfectly, since they don’t slip during the day. Since it doesn’t have any padding, it will not feel heavy or overwhelming. Being busty, we can often feel as if our large bust was a burden. I have even experienced back pain, back when I wore bras which weren’t the right fit for me. This is something that this minimizer bra will not cause.

It doesn’t put any pressure on your shoulders, or chest. While being supportive, it also gives an attractive shape to your boobs. Many of my plus-size clients feel that it certainly does minimize their bust, but just enough. It doesn’t entirely flatten your chest, like many other bras of this kind do.

It is smooth, comfortable, and it gives a nice shape which isn’t too aggressive.

Is the bra comfortable?

The term “minimizer bra” may sound a little bit intimidating at first. You don’t want your girls to be ignored, so the minimizing effect may scare you off. Also, you shouldn’t associate the minimizing feature to the tightness and discomfort.

Having no additional padding, the bra is very much lightweight and smooth-feeling. The last thing you need when having larger boobs is dealing with additional weight. I assure you that this top is comfortable enough to even workout in, if you’re not a fan of sport bras.

Another important thing when it comes to the comfort aspect is that it is true to size. Your size will never be too tight, or too wide with this minimizer bra. Of course, the size is very important, since it determines the fit.

It is important to mention that the minimizing effect doesn’t involve any tugging, pulling, or tightness. The same thing applies to the fit of the straps.

How does the bra look?

Bras with a specific purpose such as this one usually disregard the aesthetic factor. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with this Simone Perele minimizer bra. It does its job well, while still keeping the edgy, feminine vibe. You can choose from five unique color choices: black, blush, caramel, slate (which resembles navy blue), and summer sky blue.

The sides, as well as the straps, have embellished detailing which make the model very fashionable. The cut isn’t very low, which is understandable with this kind of bras. Since you want to even out the wideness of your boobs, the focus isn’t on cleavage. If you’re looking for that Beyoncé type of cleavage, perhaps you should consider another model.

The quality, sleek material adds a luxurious vibe which is one of the most prominent characteristics of Simone Perele line. The little bow in the middle is yet another cute addition to this girly model.

Where to wear this bra

Since this minimizer bra is all about the reductive effect, you can literally wear it anywhere, depending on the outfit. I find it very appropriate for formal events, where you can’t afford any gaps, wardrobe malfunctions, or exaggeration. It creates a subtle, moderate look, which is what we’re usually going for when attending a formal event.

Since it is extremely comfortable, I’d suggest it for everyday wear, too. Any occasion which doesn’t require an exaggerated cleavage is the adequate time for this bra. It minimizes the appearance of a wide bust, which can be rather bothering. Sometimes, you just have to tame the girls and go for a more minimalistic approach.

The supportive structure, including the non-slipping straps, is also a great choice for weddings and similar events. If you know that you’ll be active, you want this kind of security in your bra. It is versatile enough to be combined with all kinds of outfits. Since it doesn’t show through your shirts, it is a fit for tight clothes, as well.

My bra review

A lot of my clients deal with the disproportion of their breasts. It can cause discomfort, and even embarrassment, when you’re wearing a revealing outfit. This minimizer bra can balance out the size and the shape of your boobs, creating an even cleavage.

You don’t have to worry about your boobs stealing the show if you want to shift the focus to something else. For instance, you may want to show a bit more of your legs, or tummy. Having large boobs makes it harder for us to make them less noticeable. I’m not saying that you should bandage them and keep them under layers and layers of clothes to achieve the desired look. It can all be so much more comfortable, and attractive at the same time. Why disregard the feminine, sensual aspect?

Achieve a balanced shape and even cleavage, no matter what bra size you’re wearing.

How to buy this bra

You can check the price, read reviews, and order on BareNecessities.

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