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Type of bra: Sports bra

Why I like it: This Panache sports bra offers the support you normally don’t find in regular sports bras, since it is specifically designed for plus-size wearers.

Where to wear it: Workout sessions, fitness and sports activities, gym, everyday wear

Recommended sizes: DD to J cups

Available sizes: 28B, 28C, 28D, 28DD, 28E, 28F, 28FF, 28G, 28GG, 28H, 28HH, 28J

30B, 30C, 30D, 30DD, 30E, 30F, 30FF, 30G, 30GG, 30H, 30HH, 30J

32B, 32C, 32D, 32DD, 32E, 32F, 32FF, 32G, 32GG, 32H, 32HH, 32J

34B, 34C, 34D, 34DD, 34E, 34F, 34FF, 34G, 34GG, 34H, 34HH, 34J

36B, 36C, 36D, 36DD, 36E, 36F, 36FF, 36G, 36GG, 36H, 36HH, 36J

38B, 38C, 38D, 38DD, 38E, 38F, 38FF, 38G, 38GG, 38H, 38HH, 38J

40B, 40C, 40D, 40DD, 40E, 40F, 40FF, 40G, 40GG, 40H, 40HH, 40J

Where to buy: BareNecessities

Why I recommend this bra

As someone who’s very passionate about fitness, I am well aware of the struggle plus-size wearers have to go through to find all that cute workout gear. Some may say that the workout clothes have no impact on the achievement, but I definitely have to disagree. For me, it is the whole package that decides whether or not I’m going to stick to my routine. I want the best conditions, from the location and the equipment, to the actual clothing.

Finding a fitting sports bra that actually suits a large chest is almost impossible. I’ve been there, and I’ve tried so many of them, until finding this particular Panache sports bra. For the longest time, I was forced to work out in my regular, everyday bra, which was by all means inadequate for this kind of activity. Regular bras simply don’t have the structure which won’t bother you when being physically active. Also, no matter how nice the fabric feels, it is still not ready for all the sweating that you’re about to experience.

This Panache sports bra is an actual sports gear item which fits the needs of an active busty woman. Its construction supports the girls and prevents them from bouncing around and getting in your way while exercising. The support system it provides keeps them in place so they wouldn’t feel heavy, especially when you’re running, or doing impact training. Finally, the special material allows the skin to breathe and not develop any undesired reaction.

All about the bra

This Panache sports bra promises to reduce the bounciness by impressive 83%. This is an impressive piece of statistics, and a rather accurate one. While we can’t confirm the numbers, I can definitely tell you that you will almost feel no bounciness, regardless of the type of your training. This sports bra will have the boobs tight and posted, but in a comfortable way.

This sports bra model was specifically designed for high-impact sessions, such as martial arts. No matter what kind of exercise you intend on doing, this bra can endure the impact, and make sure that there’s no slipping. Also, there’s no feeling of additional weight, or pressure.

Rather than attempting to create a flat structure, this sports bra has a rather innovative, more effective way of dealing with a large bust. The special encapsulated cups give individual support to each of the breasts, ensuring that there’s absolutely no movement in that area.

How does the bra fit?

It provides maximum security and protection against any leakage, since it is supported with an underwire. Also, the underwire is silicone-encased, which means that you won’t feel any poking while working out. This is extremely important for a sports bra, since the last thing that needs to be on your mind at that time is adjusting your top.

The design is flat and seamless, so you can definitely wear the sports bra underneath any kind of workout clothes. The appearance of a large bust is also minimized with this kind of texture.

I’ve had a 32K client test it out recently and she absolutely fell in love with it. I found her impression of this sports bra to be the same as mine. The bra is true to size, and it fits perfectly. It doesn’t feel tight or overpowering in any way. It prevents the bouncing, and offers an unmatchable support which can definitely be felt. At the same time, it doesn’t flatten the bust entirely, and it is definitely a piece of workout gear you’d like to be seen in.

I’ve had clients engaged in many different sports verify that this is by far one of the most supportive, trusty sports bras they’ve ever tried. I know for a fact that most of my physically active clients own this sports bra in every single color and design.

Is the bra comfortable?

This sports bra ensures that everything stays in its place, without any annoying bouncing and moving, and that’s the main factor in the comfort it provides. It is absolutely reliable, and it won’t make you question the position of your breasts while you’re working out. Also, it fits perfectly underneath any kind of workout top, so you don’t have to think too much about matching the outfit and making it work.

Having wide padded straps, it reduces the shoulder pressure, and allows you to move freely and effortlessly. There’s no worse workout clothing than the one which limits the movement. The best sports bra is all about allowing the person wearing it to let go and perform the activities without boundaries.

What makes this extremely comfortable Panache sports bra even more appealing is the fact that it comes with adjustable stretch straps, which you can customize any way you want, depending on your workout top. Also, there’s the J-hook converter for unlimited movement possibilities.

In words of my 36FF client, it is the most supportive comfortable sports bra for busty ladies out there. It feels great on the skin, and ensures that the girls stay in place.

How does the bra look?

The cups have a smooth exterior and interior design. The smooth exterior guarantees seamless blending with your workout gear, while the smoothness of the exterior takes good care of your skin, protecting it from irritation. The lightweight microfiber material of this sports bra keeps the skin dry, also making sure that there’s no unwanted skin reaction. There are also mesh panels which allow the skin to breathe, no matter how hot you get.

Besides having an extremely reliable, supportive structure, this sports bra also looks amazing. The designs are so unique that I find it hard to put anything else on top of it, so I choose to workout in it. You can get in in black, white, and grey, but also in two eye-catching colorful patterns: cyber print and kaleidoscope.

Where to wear this bra

Whenever you feel like going hiking, jogging, or working out, regardless of the intensity of the training, this is a bra you should opt for. It is the perfect sports bra for busty girls who need undisputable support and protection, in mixture with comfort. It is up to you to decide whether to wear it underneath your workout gear, or on its own.

Since it is extremely comfortable, I don’t mind wearing it around the house from time to time. I also know women who are perfectly comfortable with wearing it as an everyday bra.

My bra review

It is the ultimate choice when it comes to a sports bra which combines all the needed components: security, comfort and fit. If you’re a busty girl looking for a trusty sports bra which also has a great design, look no further.

How to buy this bra

You can check the price, read reviews, and order on BareNecessities.

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