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Type of bra: Balconette bra

Why I like it: This balconette bra is as versatile as it can be. Giving the maximum in different aspects, it is an overall go-to bra.

Where to wear it: Special occasions, parties, everyday wear if you don’t mind the bra showing underneath tighter clothes.

Recommended sizes: D to K sizes

Available sizes: 28D, 28DD, 28E, 28F, 28FF, 28G, 28GG, 28H, 28HH, 28J, 28JJ, 28K
30D, 30DD, 30E, 30F, 30FF, 30G, 30GG, 30H, 30HH, 30J, 30JJ, 30K
32D, 32DD, 32E, 32F, 32FF, 32G, 32GG, 32H, 32HH, 32J, 32JJ, 32K,
34D, 34DD, 34E, 34F, 34FF, 34G, 34GG, 34H, 34HH, 34J, 34JJ, 34K
36D, 36DD, 36E, 36F, 36FF, 36G, 36GG, 36H, 36HH, 36J, 36JJ, 36K
38D, 38DD, 38E, 38F, 38FF, 38G, 38GG, 38H, 38HH, 38J, 38JJ, 38K

Where to buy: BareNecessities

Why I recommend this bra

Balconette bra doesn’t offer much coverage, so the focal point of the look is definitely the cleavage. It is, therefore, appropriate for special occasions, when your intention is to sweep people off their feet. Being busty most certainly can create discomfort when it comes to bras which are supposed to enhance the boobs. However, what I particularly love about this balconette bra is that it gives you that amplified look, without jeopardizing the fit.

Having a wide band, this type of bra creates a solid foundation for your bust that comes from the bottom. There isn’t a better placement for the support center, since any other adjustment can create the feeling of tightness. Since the uplift comes from the bottom part, the most prominent parts of your boobs are the middle and the top. This kind of placement prevents the saggy look which is common among busty ladies, and we all want to avoid.

The underwire in combination with the wide band gives more support than numerous other bra categories. In addition, the straps contribute to the supportive aspect of the balconette bra.

All about the bra

Let’s get more into the construction of this Panache Envy balconette bra. First of all, it contains an element which is a must when it comes to bras for bustier girls. Nothing will give you more support and control than an underwire. It makes sure that the girls stay in place, and that you’re able to control the cleavage placement. This means that you’ll be able to adjust the cleavage accordingly to your outfit choice.

There are other additions which contribute to the support system of this balconette bra. The 4-part cups, as well as side slings, are a guarantee that there will be no slipping, moving, or falling out. Your girls are definitely safe and sound in this model.

D-G cups have a 2-hook system, which is more than enough to provide the stability you need with this kind of bra. When it comes to GG-K cups, there are 3 hooks, since bigger sizes do require more support.

How does the bra fit?

There’s definitely no better testimony of the fit of a bra than the experiences of the girls who actually wear this bra on a daily basis. Since I do work with a lot of busty girls who are always on a hunt for a perfect bra, I happen to know a lot about different categories of bras which are adequate for this target audience. That being said, I have no intention of giving you general, factual reviews which have no connection to the subjective experience of my clients.

When it comes to balconette bras, they’re certainly one of the most loved bra categories out there. They owe their popularity to the versatility they provide for different wearers. A 32FF cup wearer I work with replaced all of her bras with this particular style. She says that this bra gives her a narrow positioning of the breasts, thanks to the wideness on the shoulders. It balances the décolletage, while feeling comfy at the same time.

The only potential setback of this bra is that, due to its design, it is visible underneath tight clothes. However, since it is more of a special-occasion bra, no one really expected it to be completely invisible. If you want a bra that is more of an every-day item, you should maybe opt for a t-shirt bra.

Is the bra comfortable?

One of my recent clients, who wears 32E, found the bra to be very comfortable, even after hours of wearing it at work.  During this time, she didn’t have to adjust it or touch it at all. It remained in its position, without poking or causing any irritations. Normally, certain bras which have lace detailing can cause redness, especially if you have sensitive skin. However, this isn’t the case with this particular balconette bra.

The material is very light, and it allows your skin to breathe for hours. It gives an uplifted, sophisticated cleavage, which is comfortable and wearable at the same time.

If we were to discuss the setbacks, there are two minor “flaws” that deserve a mention. As I’ve previously stated, this isn’t a bra you’d normally won’t to wear underneath a regular t-shirt, since it is textured. This means that its contour will show up on the surface of the t-shirt. The second “problem” regards the lace on the underwire, which tends to fold up sometimes. However, my clients haven’t found any of these factors to be a deal-breaker. In general, it is a comfortable bra which can help you achieve statement-making looks.

How does the bra look?

This balconette bra screams glamour and sophistication. If you’re leaning more towards simplicity when it comes to bras, I wouldn’t suggest this model for you. It is a bold statement piece which is extremely luxurious. The floral lace adds a signature touch which will definitely make it one of the prettiest inclusions in your bra collection.

The cups are sectioned, which allow the bra to lift the girls up, without the additional padding. The satin bow gives the final touch, like a cherry on the top.

An overall picture of this bra is sophisticated, feminine, and extremely glamorous.

Where to wear this bra

Due to its textured design, sophisticated detailing, and unusual vibe, this balconette bra isn’t exactly your everyday bra. It is appropriate for special events, such as parties, when you don’t mind the design showing. Also, it does create a breathtaking cleavage which will definitely lock some eyes. If you want your bust area to go unnoticed, this bra can’t do the job.

On the other hand, being as comfortable as it is, if you like dressing up on everyday basis, or you simply don’t mind the texture showing through, I wouldn’t discourage you from wearing it whenever you feel like it. After all, sexy lingerie is like your intimate confidence boost source that never fails.

My bra review

I’m always here for glamour, and over-the-top looks! I love dressing up and flaunting my curves. If you want a bra which gives the support you need, but escapes the dullness, this is the best choice for you. You can definitely get the best of both worlds, and a balconette bra is definitely the perfect blend.

You shouldn’t have to compromise the beauty of the design to get the comfort you need, or the other way around. Find a bra which will meet your needs in every single aspect, because life is too short to wear dull clothes, remember? Enjoy your outfit, and feel good in your skin.

How to buy this bra

You can check the price, read reviews, and order on BareNecessities.

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