This bra at a glance

Type of bra: T-Shirt

Why I like it: The seamlessness and versatility of this bra is amazing. This is one of those bras that will never let you down.

Where to wear it: You could use this bra anywhere. It’s perfect to be your everyday bra. 

Recommended sizes: DD to H cups

Available sizes: 

30DD, 30E, 30F, 30FF, 30G, 30GG, 30H
32DD, 32E, 32F, 32FF, 32G, 32GG, 32H
34DD, 34E, 34F, 34FF, 34G, 34GG, 34H
36DD, 36E, 36F, 36FF, 36G, 36GG
38DD, 38E, 38F, 38FF, 38G
40DD, 40E, 40F, 40FF

Where to buy: BareNecessities

Why I recommend this bra

The Rebecca Lace T-Shirt bra is perfect for curvy ladies. As you can see in the size chart, it’s only available in DD+ sizes, which means that this bra was made exclusively for busty women. This is something to take in consideration when buying a bra because many models simply size up from the standard C cup without adjusting the design for larger breasts. The seamlessness of this bra is unparalleled, it’s almost unnoticeable even under the tightest shirts and it’s full coverage without being dull.

Fantasie is one of my favorite brands; they offer a variety of products for curvy women, but without a doubt is favorite is this model. The price might seem a bit high but trust me, this bra is very high quality and durable. The pretty design of this model is secondary next to all the comfort and support it offers. I’ve read many reviews of this bra online and almost every women agrees that this bra is a must-have in every busty women’s wardrobe.

The fabrics used in this product are very fresh and its design is quite breathable, it felts like a second skin and you’ll even forget that you are wearing it while you are on your daily routine. Another thing I like about Fantasie bras, is how well they fit. Their sizes are very accurate and they don’t usually change that much between their products.

All about the bra

Every woman needs a comfortable, seamless, durable and supportive T-Shirt bra. The Rebecca Lace offers all of this and more, making it one of the most versatile Fantasie products available. It’s available in two colors: sand and cherry. Its underwire cups are seamless and have light, breathable spacer foam padding. What I like about the underwires is that they are wider for full-busted comfort. The straps are adjustable in all sizes, they have a lace detail sewn to it and they feel very comfortable even after a long day of wearing it. The center panel is arched so women with high tummies can also feel comfortable with it.

Finding a great bra in a DD+ size is not an easy job, but brands like Fantasie understand the struggles we go through and design models with all the features that we need. This bra will reshape your boobs under your clothes in a very natural way and it will also enhance your figure like few other bras in the market will. I’ve used this bra for long periods of time and the support never fails, the straps stay in place and my breasts feel in place every second.

How does the bra fit?

Give it a few days to stretch. It will feel a little bit tight at first but in no time it will adapt to your figure. The cup sizes are very accurate, I’m a 32DDD and I ordered the equivalent 32E and it fitted me perfectly. I’m on the edge of my cup size and unlike other bras, this model keeps the girls right where they need to be all day long. I’ve recommended this bra to many clients over the past months and they’ve all thanked me. This is the perfect bra to know your exact size. Of course, I recommend you go to a professional fitter to avoid you the trouble of reordering your bra because you had your sizes wrong.

Being a DD+ is not so bad once you find the bras actually made for your figure. I dare to say that this model makes me look a little bit skinnier and that’s something I very much appreciate and I know you guys will too. This is of the best bras that I own and after almost a year using it and it’s holding up just fine.

Is the bra comfortable?

Yes, it is very comfortable, and as a busty woman I know a few things about discomfort. I used the wrong size for years until a professional fitter got my measures right and I went from a C cup to a DDD. Many of us have gone through the same situation and I remember the very first time I used a bra with my size.. It felt like heaven. Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I first tried the Rebecca Lace T-Shirt bra.

I know T-Shirt bras are very popular, especially among busty women, but still, they aren’t that easy to find in the colors and designs that we would like. Thankfully for us, Fantasie made this bra so we could finally throw away our old and boring T-Shirt bras that made us feel insecure because they simply weren’t pretty.

How does the bra look?

Under your clothes? It’s invisible. How does it feel? Like if you weren’t using it. Does it look pretty on? Absolutely, the design is simple with a few romantic touches of lace, all with smooth fabrics that will make you feel comfortable all day. This bra is more about how does it make feel than any other thing: protected, sheltered, supported and beautiful. This bra has it all!

It´s important that you remember what I told you about how stretchy it looks and feels the first time you wear it. It will adapt to your shapes in the blink of an eye.

Where to wear this bra

T-Shirt bras are full of possibilities. I love using mine at work, and since I´m a professional fitter in a department store, I´m always recommending it to my clients. Like I said before, this bra feels like a second skin and it´s the bra I always use with my tightest shirts and blouses. It looks amazing with pretty much everything I throw on it.

I remember using it all sort of occasions like birthday parties, weddings and traveling. I’ve danced with it, clean up my apartment with it, and I’ve even slept with it on after a long day. The amazing support it offers combined with its versatility will make this bra one of your absolute favorites. I can also say that I´ve used it while exercising (low impact exercising!) and because of its coverage it has worked for this too. To wrap it up, this is a super bra created especially for super women!

My bra review

Every women needs to feel supported and confident, especially curvy women. The Fantasie Rebecca Lace T-Shirt bra is the bra that we´ve all been looking for. A piece of lingerie that will work in any occasion, under any outfit, and during long periods of time. Comfortable and beautifully made, this bra have been at the top of my list for over a year now. I´m definitely going to buy another soon!

How to buy this bra

You can check the price, read reviews, and order on BareNecessities.

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