This bra at a glance

Type of bra: Seamless bra

Why I like it: The fabric is super cute and it is a very versatile bra to use.

Where to wear it: Seamless bras can be worn with almost any outfit to almost any occasion, from parties to every-day activities.

Recommended sizes: D to H cups

Available sizes: 
30E, 30F, 30G, 30H
32D, 32E, 32F, 32G, 32H
34D, 34E, 34F, 34G, 34H
36D, 36E, 36F, 36G, 34H
38D, 38E, 38F
40D, 40E, 40F
42D, 42E

Where to buy: BareNecessities

Why I recommend this bra

The Empreinte Melody Seamless bras belong to the top bras from the busty industry. This is not only a very fancy and high-quality bra, but it’s also extremely comfortable and supportive. The durability and fit are amazing. You haven’t met the perfect bra for busty girls until you try a Empreinte Melody Seamless bra. I love the quality of the product and how long they last if taken care properly. I know it’s a bit expensive, but it’s worth every cent. It’s best to spend a bit more on a bra that you know will last for years, rather than wasting small amounts on different bras that you will have to throw away in short time, or even risk a one time wear because it broke or it doesn’t quite fit you well.

This bra also provides a perfect fit and the way it shapes your boobs will make you want to buy more of these. If you have ample busts, the Empreinte Melody Seamless bra will not give you bulk. It will push your boobs forward and will keep them there all day long. No side spillage and your boobs will look really pretty when wearing this bra.

All about the bra

This is a seamless bra with lace cups that provides a very natural shape. The fabric is so soft that you can even wear it as a t-shirt bra because it won’t show even under the thinnest fabrics. This bra gives you a more slim silhouette, so when feeling sassy, just wear this for the best effects!

The Empreinte Melody Seamless bra has seamless cups with lace that’s so thin that it won’t show. It’s completely seamless, though the pictures might make you think differently. The straps on this one are cushioned in the front and they are 30% less elastic than other straps to offer even more support. They are still adjustable on the back, so don’t worry, you’ll have them on your size.

This bra has no padding, nor lining or support panels. It is extremely comfortable, beautiful, and the fit is perfect. The fabric is made of polyamide, elastane, and polyester, and it is very soft to the skin. If you have very sensitive skin, this soft and smooth material won’t hurt you at all. After trying one of these, you’ll never want to buy another bra again.

How does the bra fit?

This bra has full and deep cups, so your boobs will be mostly covered. However, some women had said that they have had to use nipple covers to avoid any unwanted exposure. If you’re looking to bring breast tissue from your sides to the front, then this bra is a perfect match. It will bring your breasts to the center, without loosing their natural shape.

Regarding sizes, some women have recommended to go one size down since the cup is so deep. So, even if you have your bra size alright, still try with a smaller one since they tend to go bigger than most brands for busty women. The cups on this one are slightly higher than balconette bras, so try to avoid deep cleavages.

This bra also provides great lifting. Some reviews said that this bra was somehow a minimizer, but that it doesn’t flatten your boobs, it only makes you look like if you wore a size smaller. Plus, this bra is perfect for eliminating back fat.

Is the bra comfortable?

The Empreinte Melody Seamless bra is so comfortable that I can wear it all day long without noticing I am in fact wearing a bra. It feels like if I should have been born with this bra already attached to my body. I don’t have to constantly re-adjust it, this bra will just stay in place for as long as you decide to wear it. If you have a very active job or lifestyle, like being a therapist or a preschool teacher, this bra will come to hand at working hours. Your breasts will stay firm and you will have enough support to do your job without feeling uncomfortable.

The straps on this one are really comfortable (they won’t dig your shoulders nor slip) and the fabric is reaaaally comfortable. The lace is very soft and it provides a lot more support than most bras out there. The fabric is really soft and light, which makes this bra a very nice one to use all year long, even in summer’s hot weathers. It is a fabric that will allow your boobs to breath and feel fresh.

How does the bra look?

This is a very beautiful bra. The colors and the fabric used for this bra are just too cute. The Empreinte Melody Seamless bra has lace on the cups, but worry not, this is not a see-though, but a seamless, bra. The cups are also surrounded by satin trim, just as the straps. This gives them a more glamorous touch. At the center panel, the bra has a cute bow made of satin or tulle, which matches the bra’s color. This bra comes in different colors, all with lace on the cups. These colors are: black, blush gold, caramel, galaxie, and rose. They all come with the cutest floral design! You will love how you will look on this bra.

Where to wear this bra

The Empreinte Melody Seamless bra makes a very nice everyday bra. It is very comfortable and the support is amazing, so you will feel very safe all day long. It is a bra you can wear with almost any outfit, unless you’re wearing a strapless top or a very deep cleavage. Also, if you’re having a hot date, this might be a perfect fit since it’s such a beautiful bra and it will make your figure look even slimmer.

My bra review

After writing this blog and reading all types of reviews, I can assure you that the Empreinte Melody Seamless bra is one of the highest-quality bras on the market nowadays. Though it might seem a bit expensive, you will want to invest every single penny on this particular model. It is extra comfortable, the support is amazing, and the fitting is remarkable. Plus, it is a very sexy bra. Seamless bras tend to come in very dull colors and fabrics, but this one offers a very nice pattern in a great variety of colors. You will want to buy one of each once you get your first one.

How to buy this bra

You can check the price, read reviews, and order on BareNecessities.

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