This bra at a glance

Type of bra: Demi bra
Why I like it: Very pretty, sexy, comfortable and supportive
Where to wear it: Being one of my go-to bras, I’ve used it with many different outfits and in different occasions
Recommended sizes: D and G cups
Available sizes: 
30E, 30F
32D, 32E, 32F
34D, 34E, 34G
36E, 36G
38E, 38F
Where to buy: BareNecessities

Why I recommend this bra

It’s impossible to make a review about an Empreinte bra without talking a little bit about how great the brand is. From all the European brands, I most say that Empreinte is my favorite. Women (specially curvy women!) have a lot to thank to the French for taking in consideration all our needs and creating beautiful pieces of lingerie.

I’m a full busted women (34DDD) and I use full cup bras all the time because of the support they provide, but whenever I feel like mixing things up a bit I wear other models like demi bras and balconettes, and I most say that one of my favorites is the Mary Demi bra from Empreinte. The design is gorgeous and trust me, it looks even prettier in person; it’s also very comfortable and supportive like every Empreinte bra and its extremely durable. I love how it reshapes my boobs giving them a perfect lift, the right amount of flattening and the rounded form I’ve always wanted.

I’m married with this brand and I recommend it to all my clients every time they ask for my advice. I know their products are pricey but they are worth every penny because if you take good care of them, they will last for years. You also need to know that all their bras are made for DD+ women, which means they understand how our boobs work and what they need and that’s something I really appreciate because only a handful of brands in the world are like this.

All about the bra

This beautiful 3-part demi underwire bra features elegant satin trimmed cups made with some of the softest and smoothest fabrics you’ll ever feel. The embroidered mesh in the upper panel gives it a very sexy look and that’s something I really like because I’m tired of using boring bras only because they are comfortable. The Mary has a flawless combination of silky fabrics, microfiber and mesh, and all very high-end, high-quality so it can last for a long time without it loosing any of the great features it provides. The straps front straps elasticity has been reduced a 30% compared to other Empreinte models to prevent too much bouncing and to make sure your big girls stay in place even during the most physically active days. The straps are wide enough to support even the largest breasts and they are narrowly set to avoid them sliding down your shoulders and having to readjust in the middle of the day. This feature is particularly necessary for women with a narrow back and shoulders because sometimes the bigger cup sizes forget about small ladies with big breasts.

The Mary Demi bra comes in black and white and the price is very reasonable for an Empreinte bra (even more if you get it at Bare Necessities!). I’ve read many good things about it online and this bra is quickly becoming one of Empreinte’s best-sellers.

How does the bra fit?

The fit is very important for busty women because if it isn’t adequate the support and comfort won’t be the same and as it would be if you had a perfect fit and you might misjudge the bra. To get a perfect fit, first you need to know your exact size in both American and European bras. Second, you need to understand your boobs and how they behave with the different type of bras available and third, you should read some reviews about the product and learn how the bra fits in other women with your size before buying. That being said, I’m here to help you get a perfect fit so I’m going to talk to you about my experience with Empreinte and the Mary Demi bra. Like I said above, I’m a 34DDD (34F – EU) but Empreinte’s cup sizes sometimes run a little bit too big on some women. This means that if you are between sizes you should order a smaller cup size, for example: if you usually wear a 34G but you don’t fill the entire cup, you should order a 34F instead. However, with the Mary Demi bra the situation is slightly different, the cup size runs very similar to some Chantelle and Freya bras, which means that you could use your usual cup size.

Is the bra comfortable?

It’s very comfortable, supportive, lightweight and smooth so it will actually feel like if you weren’t using a demi bra but an extremely versatile full cup bra. It really holds up everything in place without having to adjust the straps every few hours.

I simply can’t use an uncomfortable bra if I want to be at my 100% capacity at my work and at school. That’s why I take this matter very seriously and I’m always talking about comfort and I’m always searching for new models with this feature. I love how I can use this model all day without thinking about getting home to take it off. I even leave it on while I’m in my apartment until I go to bed.

How does the bra look?

I feel really good in it and I have to admit that it looks amazing on and under all my clothes. You have to remember that this bra is seamed and it might show under some outfits and in that case i’s only a matter of tastes and style. Every detail in this bra (including the little bow in the center panel) is very pretty and its overall design will make your entire body look so much better. That’s something only a few brands can do and that’s why I love Empreinte and I’m going to keep trying their bras.

Where to wear this bra

I don’t recommend you use this bra under tight, transparent t-shirts because the 3-part cup will show. I’m not saying that it will look bad, but like I said, it would be a matter of taste. I love cozy sweaters and winter clothing and with those outfits this bra is usually my first choice. I wear it to go to work, school, stay in, go out and even under formal dresses. It’s quite versatile and I’m very happy with it. This bra is a must-have in every busty women wardrobe.

My bra review

Empreinte bras are some of my favorites and the Mary Demi bra is winning a special place in my heart because of its wonderful features and specially because of how good I feel whenever I’m wearing it. In the department store where I work as a professional fitter, many women ask me which models I recommend apart from full cup bras and I always suggest that they try demi bras like this one. It’s definitely another home-run from Empreinte and I’m sure that you guys will love it too.

How to buy this bra

You can check the price, read reviews, and order on BareNecessities.

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