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Today I’m going to review the highly anticipated Ahh Bra. It’s a product I have been curious about for awhile now but have not actually tried out until recently. I’ve put together an account of my own experiences with the Ahh Bra and compared them to other busty ladies to create a reliable review of the popular product women on TV swear by.

Fair warning: I don’t have a lot of personal experience with the Ahh Bra, so this blog is largely based on comments of other busty women who have tried it. Let’s get started.

The Origin of the Ahh Bra

Rhonda Shear, an incredibly successful and gorgeous actress, is responsible for the creation of the Ahh Bra. Rhonda acted on two great shows, “Happy Days” and “Married With Children” before becoming a stand up comedian and working as a host for the USA Network’s “Up All Night”. After falling in love with her high school sweetheart, Rhonda and Van decided they wanted to shift the direction of their lives. Rhonda’s breasts had grown consistently over the years and she was tired of underwire and bra straps cutting into her – and that’s when the Ahh Bra was born.

I love Rhonda’s idea to make a product that caters to busty women. When it seems like there are thousands of products that fit women with smaller busts perfectly, it’s very exciting when we hear about a product that will work for us, too! Like many “As Seen On Tv” products, it’s one of those things where you’re not really sure what you’re buying until you get it home and take it out of the package. Is it too good to be true or is it worth every penny? This should give you some insight on everything there is to know about the Ahh Bra.

Where can you purchase the Ahh Bra?

The Ahh Bra is available for $18.00 here.

How does the Ahh Bra fit?

The Ahh Bra size chart is a little different from others I’ve looked at in the past. The sizes range from XS to 4X and the easiest way to calculate your size is to pick according to your bust in inches. For example, a bust of 32-33 inches is considered an XS.

34-35 inches = S
36-37 inches = M
38-40 inches = L
41-43 inches = XL
44-46 inches = 1X
47-50 inches = 2X
51-54 inches = 3X
55-58 inches = 4X

Please remember you are looking for the inches for your bust, not your band. To find the measurement of your bust, make sure you are wearing a sports bra without padding and wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your breasts.

The Ahh Bra is a pullover bra that has no wires, no padding, and has wide straps, making it a very comfortable alternative to most other bras. This is why women with large breasts are so eager to try the Ahh Bra. While these are all fantastic advantages to the product, it’s not 100% luxurious.

Many women say that the Ahh Bra fits very comfortably. It’s perfect to wear at home when you have company and want to be comfortable. It’s perfect for all your home activities, making trips where you don’t have to get out of the car except to get gas, and for anything leisurely.

I cannot recommend that you exercise in it, though! While taking a nice walk along a walking trail will probably feel good, to avoid embarrassing bouncing, refrain from running, jumping, or doing anything to jostle the girls around. Walking up and down stairs are fine, although I personally will not quickly run up and down them unless I know I’m alone.

The first thing I noticed when I wore the Ahh Bra is that it feels great. I can bend, squat, twist, lie down, walk, etc. and I’m not physically uncomfortable at all. The material is thin enough that my breasts can breathe and they don’t get so hot.

I like that there are no hooks to mess with and I can pull it over my head to take it on and off. I also like that the straps are not adjustable because it helps keep everything in one place, but that can be a con, too.

I can lift my arms, do the bounce test, and stretch without feeling any discomfort. This is golden for me because some of my other sports bras dig in and expose me just from doing the jump test. I’ve noticed with other sports bras that the band will eventually dig into my rib cage and leave me sore, therefore I don’t sleep in them or wear them unless I have to be in public.

It’s time to talk about what’s not so great about the Ahh Bra, though.

First I want to talk about something I’ve already hinted towards: the Ahh Bra does not provide very good support for your breasts. If you have to do anything that will force your breasts to be jostled or bounce around, I absolutely would not recommend you to wear it around others. I repeat: It does not provide you with support!

I mentioned that it’s nice having a bra that’s so thin because my boobs don’t get so hot and sweat as much, but this can also be a problem. If I decided to wear my Ahh Bra to the lake, the beach, or outside to do yard work, I would have to double up and wear two of them because they are completely see through!

I did see another woman who said she wears two of them when she wears them without a shirt; personally, if I’m purchasing a product that’s supposed to be the answer to my prayers, I don’t want to have to wear two of them. I want the first one to live up to the hype and be enough by itself!

Also take into account that if you wear only one Ahh Bra and have large nipples they’re likely to poke through, making you look like an adventurous, free girl underneath your top!

Another feature I like about the Ahh Bra that can be a problem, too, is that the straps are not adjustable. I don’t like adjusting straps and I don’t like it when adjustable straps become twisted and turned inside of their clasp, creating a nightmare to correct. However, a bra without straps poses concerns for plenty of women.

The same women who have painful indentations in their shoulders from uncomfortable bra straps are likely to have a similar problem with the Ahh Bra. A woman with a long torso or whose breasts weigh more than most women’s are likely to feel discomfort with non adjustable straps, meaning that the Ahh Bra is not as comfortable as it’s supposed to be.

Since the bra does not provided much support, your boobs won’t look very perky if you wear it under your clothes. They’re likely to look flat, saggy, or even lopsided.

That does not necessarily mean this bra is not worth the money.

There are great reasons to have an Ahh Bra handy:

Unless you’re one of those women who somehow never gets tired and dresses up even on her days off at home, there’s a great chance you just want to be comfortable when you can be. That’s where the Ahh Bra comes in.

Where to wear your Ahh Bra

Just a few examples:

For many women, the best way to wear the bra is when going to sleep.

It’s your day off and you’re not comfortable being naked, but you just want to feel good.

You’re cleaning your home and don’t want to wear anything fancy.

Your child is having a friend over and you don’t want your boobs to smack him or her in the face when you walk by.

You’re having a beach or a lake day.

You’re a breastfeeding mother; the fact that the Ahh Bra is so thin should help your agitated nipples breathe! It should also be easier to slip your breasts in and out to feed your child if you don’t have a bra specifically for breastfeeding.

You’re having tests done at the hospital – such as an MRI or an xray – and you can’t have metal of any kind anywhere on your body.

You’re making a trip late at night to Walmart and you don’t want to get dressed again, so you put on your Ahh Bra and go in your pajamas.

You’ve recently had surgery.

Should you buy the Ahh Bra?

Whether or not the Ahh Bra is worth the money boils down to your personal life. If you’re a stay at home mom, if you work from home, or if you’re unemployed, this is probably a great product for you to invest in! You probably don’t have to stay dressed up as much as others and you can afford to be comfortable more often than some.

If you generally live a sedentary lifestyle, I absolutely recommend this product. Prop up your feet, binge watch shows on Netflix, and let your girls rest comfortably in the Ahh Bra!

If you live a busy, professional lifestyle, odds are you can’t afford to be comfortable as much as you want to. You can still invest in an Ahh Bra to wear when you come home at night or on weekends when you’re off the grid for a few days.

If you’re so busy that you would only get to wear your Ahh Bra when you go to sleep each night, it might not be a necessary purchase for you. If you’re that busy, you’re probably so tired at night that you fall asleep with nothing on! (Can’t blame you there.)

How does the Ahh Bra work for DD+ cup women?

There are a few ways the Ahh Bra is specifically great for busty women and not just women in general:

A concern with a lot of busty women is back fat.> It often makes women feel uncomfortable when it pokes under or over their bra and pokes out under their blouse. With the Ahh Bra, you are very contained, and there’s enough fabric around your under arms and back that a lot of the pesky bulges should be pushed in or flattened for the most part.

The Ahh Bra has two spaces in the front, rather than just one piece of fabric that covers your whole chest. It is recommended that women who wear a D cup or larger have two spaces for their breasts instead of a shared space because it provides more comfort and support for your breasts – which is important when you take into account all the problems that can accompany large breasts, like back pain, shoulder pain, and yeast infections or heat rashes on your breasts.

The Ahh Bra allows your boobs to breathe because it is lightweight and gentle on your breasts. This keeps excessive sweating and irritation at a minimum. When our boobs are squished together in a thick sports bra, we’re more likely to develop rashes, dry skin, and overall discomfort.

It also has wide straps, which is very important for busty women. The wider the straps, the more weight they’re able to carry. When our straps are too thin, that’s when our breasts begin to pull down on the straps, causing shoulder pain, permanent marks, and the bra itself will try to scoot down away from your chest.

Another great feature with the Ahh Bra is the how easily it stretches and conforms to your body. It’s no secret that if the band isn’t stretchy enough, there’s no way we can wear it for any long period of time. This puts a lot of pressure on our rib cage and our back and can cause pain when lying down and even breathing.

How does the Ahh Bra compare to other Rhonda Shear bras?

Rhonda Shear has many other bras to choose from, including the pin up bra, the seamless bra with adjustable straps, the zip front bra with padded straps, the seamless bra with lace overlay, the racerback seamless bra, and the seamless bandeau bra.

The pin up bra provides just as much coverage as the classic bra. There’s not much of a difference between the two other than the pin up bra is a little sexier. This bra would be a great option if you plan on being intimate with someone but want to avoid the discomfort of a bra that has underwire. It’s slightly more expensive than the classic bra, selling for $22.00 on Rhonda Shear’s website.

The great thing about the bra with adjustable straps is that the straps are adjustable, convertible, AND removable, which we know is not the case with the classic bra. For the convertible part, you have the option of wearing the straps as you normally would or you can wear them so they’re criss cross, which will make us look perkier. The downside for us busty ladies is that this bra has thin straps, which are more likely to dig into our shoulders and cause pain throughout the day. The price for this bra is $18.00, the exact same as the classic.

The zip front bra with padded straps should support your breasts better than the classic bra. It’s a thicker, full coverage bra that appears to cover even more of your back than the classic, which should really smooth and flatten uncomfortable back and under arm fat. Because it zips in the front and has thicker, padded straps, bouncing should be minimum. It is more expensive than the classic, selling for $29.90.

The seamless bra with lace overlay is gorgeous! It’s basically the same as the classic bra, but beautiful lace is covering the front. I think this bra would be perfect to achieve a layered look underneath a v-neck blouse in the fall and winter. There’s only a $6 difference between the lace and the classic bra making it a total of $24!

Whether or not I recommend the racerback leisure bra depends entirely on your body type. I know we’re all busty here, but are you slender with a small frame, bigger with a little more flab, or somewhere in the middle? If you’re slender or somewhere in the middle, this is a nice choice for you! It’s very similar to the classic bra except for the back. If you are bigger or have a little back fat, I would recommend the classic bra over the racerback.

The way the back of the racerback fits around the shoulder blades is going to force your fat to stick up further than the bra, which a lot of women find extremely uncomfortable, including myself. I personally would rather wear the classic and know my body is contained where it should be. The racerback is available for $19.95.

The last Rhonda Shear bra I’d like to mention is the seamless bandeau bra. This is probably the most comfortable of all the bras because there are no straps, but that can also be the biggest drawback for women with large breasts. Because there are no straps,there’s nothing holding the bra up. I’ve heard of people using tape specifically for holding bras up, but I’ve yet to find one that works. If you have a suggestion, please let me know in the comments! The bandeau sells for $25.90, and while it does have more padding than the classic bra, I just don’t see it providing more coverage or support than the classic.

How does the Ahh Bra compare to its rival?

Have you ever heard of the Genie Bra? The genie bra and the Ahh Bra have a lot of similarities, but the Genie Bra has more padding, so the likelihood of you having to double up with the Genie is slim. The Genie Bra is originally $19.99 on their website but right now they’re on sale for $9.99, as opposed to the $18.00 on the Ahh Bra website. Although I have never personally used a Genie Bra, my research has shown more positive reviews for it than for the Ahh. The two look very similar.

In Summary

I really like the variety available for the Ahh Bra. Many other bras are likely to cost you upwards of $50 and only come in nude, black, or white. The Ahh Bra is available in aqua floral, beet red, black, blue curacao, confetti pink, crimson lace, dark nude, dove gray, eggplant, ethereal blue, honey suckle pink, hot pink, Icelandic blue, ink blue, mauve, melon, Merlot, mint, nude, orchid smoke, royal blue, salmon, slate, strawberry ice, truffle, turquoise, white, and yellow. What an overwhelming array of colors!

If you do ever decide to double up, the unending amount of colors to choose from should never get old. I think that’s very special and brings a unique feature to the Ahh Bra that many other companies do not offer.

I also like the price of the Ahh Bra and I like that it can be machine washed. Even if you purchase sports bras or undergarments at a cheaper store like Ross or Burlington Coat Factory, you’re unlikely to find a product you like for much cheaper than this product.

I love that it’s so comfortable and that it doesn’t crush me half to death while lying down. I also love how cool my breasts stay while wearing this.

Overall, yes, I would recommend this product to others! It’s perfect to wear when you’re not doing anything special or fancy.

Just remember before you purchase one that it’s not a great bra to do moderate to intense exercise in and it’s not great to wear in public if you have large breasts. It will not provide you with much support, so it will not take care of your everyday needs. For daily wear you want something with wide, adjustable straps, an adjustable back closure, and at least a little foam padding to rep your nipples from getting irritated and chafed.

If you have an experience with the Ahh Bra, the Genie Bra, or any other similar bra you would like to share, please do so in the comments! Help your fellow busty friends make the right choices when it comes to supporting that rack!

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