Hey all you busty girls, this one is for you!

Let me ask you something: if someone told you that you could wear a bra without an underwire, a bra that still offers comfort and support, for your DD+ breasts, would you believe them? Chances are, you would probably laugh in their faces.

A bra without an underwire? This really hasn’t been an option for women above a C cup in all the years that bras have been around, and I myself didn’t believe this was possible until a few months ago when I purchased my first wireless bra.

Of course, if you’re a bustier girl over a DD, you already know that just any bra will not do. Even if a bra has an underwire, it doesn’t mean it will magically fit, and that’s even more true for wireless bras. However, with all the boob-tastic innovations that have been hitting the market in the past few years, it is possible to find a bra without an underwire that can fit you beautiful, busty boobs.

If being able to join the lucky few that have been able to wear wireless bras for all these years, here is how you too can finally be in bra heaven with your own wireless bra.

How to find the best wireless bra

To begin, here are some of the biggest things to look for in a wireless bra:

Long-line Bras

What started as a cute swimsuit trend has really busted into the bra industry (pun intended), and these bras have the wonderful advantage of getting rid of that horrible underwire without compromising style and comfort. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

This is probably my overall favorite type of bra on this list is the long-line bra. This style of bra is a relatively new design, and I am in love. The longer bands offer a unique design, and even if no one sees it, you will be feeling sexy and supported all day long. The additional fabric allows for such unique options, and I am sure this trend is going to continue to grow massively in the next few years as more people begin falling in love with them the way I have.

If having a larger band sounds like a hindrance, trust me, it’s not. Not only are these bras super cute and offer more fabric to incorporate pretty lace designs and details to the bra, but they are also quite comfy. They go down just far enough to offer additional support, without going down so low that they feel bulky or awkward.


If you are like me, you might have a negative picture in your head of what full-coverage bras look like. When I say negative image, I mean old lady bras that are in no way cute or sexy. These are the kind of bras that you wait until laundry day to wear… at least they used to be.

With beautiful new designs and styles of full-coverage bras become options, these bras are a far better option than they used to be just a few years ago. The idea of full-coverage bras are that the material in the cup covers more of your breast and offers more support and coverage so nothing will have a chance of spilling out. With new designs, there are many adorable and comfortable full-coverage bras available, and some even offer plunging cups so your cleavage isn’t completely covered. Breast of both worlds.

Contour Styles

Probably my personal favorite are contour-style bras. This is because these bras look like the tradition underwire bras, and still fit similarly, without actually having the wire. They have the same shape and cup size, so it helps to take the guess work out of what size you need, and they still have the same amount of cushion and padding that help to make them extra comfy.

I wouldn’t recommend these for going-out clothing, or anything that requires a pushed-up look, because these are more of a relaxed option. If you want a little volume, adjusting the straps can always help, but these really make the perfect lounge day t shirt bras, and you’ll be hard pressed to find something comfier.

Tighter Bands

This is the best option for you to look at the greatest variety of underwire bras. There are countless bras out there without underwires that are absolutely gorgeous, but you have to pay attention to the band. Without the wire, the band of a bra works as your main area of support, so a loose band isn’t going to offer you anything.

Find a band that fits as tightly as possible without being uncomfortable, and you will be pleasantly surprised that you have a lot more options for bras that you may have thought.

Excited to try out some of these underwire-free options? I hope so.

That said, I know that fitting room catastrophes happen, so to leave you with some words of encouragement, here are some helpful things to keep in mind when shopping for an underwire-free bra:

Try Them On

If you have been wearing underwire bras your whole life, chances are you already know what size you are. You may have bra shopping down to a science, to make it as quick and painless as possible, but this is a whole different ball game. Because underwire-free bras call for different designs and shapes, you may go up or down a size (or a few sizes) when you try out underwire bras. It might take a bit longer than usual, but it will be worth it when you find that perfect bra.

Don’t Be Discouraged

We all know how hard bra shopping can be. Like I said before, it might be even harder to find a great bra without an underwire. You might have to try many different styles and sizes, and there may only be a few bras out there that work the best for you. However, with all the new designs and styles out there right now, there is a bra out there for you, so keep searching and don’t be discouraged!

Be Realistic

Of course we all want the cutest, sexiest bras in the store- I know I am drawn to delicate lace far before I ever pick up a plain, skin colored bra. However, don’t let those beautiful designs cloud your vision. If it looks great but feels horrible, don’t lie to yourself; you just aren’t going to wear it. Find the style that works best for you and stick to that- a beautiful option will be available.

Now go out there and find yourself that perfect, underwire-free bra you’ve been dying for!

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