Wowza… this question makes my blood boil! There are quite a few things that are really inappropriate, and totally off limits to ask women. Questions like, “are you pregnant?”, “is your hair real?”, and “what color is your underwear?” all fall into this blanket category of things you should never ask women. Yet people still seem to do just that.

If you have big boobs, you can add “are your breasts real?”. The pain is real.

You would think that people have a little bit of tact and respect, or at least the decency to mind their own darn business, but this doesn’t really seem to be the case as supermodel Charlotte McKinney recently highlighted in this epic video:

The reason this question bothers me so much, and the reason that it bothers the women who get asked this question, is because of three main issues associated with it.

It is deeply personal

This is a part of someone’s body here, and it really shouldn’t be up for discussion. Ever. I think the reason that this question really offends women is because it isn’t only people that they know asking it.

The same way that people just assume that a pregnant woman is up for having strangers putting their hands on her stomach, there seems to be a similar stupidity gene that makes people think that someone who just so happens to have large boobs is a walking invitation to ask her about them.

Um, no. Not only is this stranger approaching a woman they don’t know and asking them a question that is truly none of their business, but they are also admitting to her that moments before, they were just ogling her chest. Creepy? Yes. Inappropriate? Definitely. Nonexistent? Nope; it still happens to busty women all the time.

It’s a negative question with no good answer

Another reason this question annoys me personally is that it has a lot of negativity behind it, and it generally leaves the woman being asked this question feeling uncomfortable, violated and ashamed.

On one hand, there is an immediate alternative meaning in this question that basically means that, if a woman has undergone a breast augmentation, they automatically become ‘unreal,’ and are seen as less than and practically invalid. The person asking this question can immediately feel better about themselves by telling themselves that the only reason they were ogling was because her breasts were ‘unnatural,’ and for some reason, that doesn’t count.

First of all, it is no one’s business if you want to get a breast augmentation. People have done a lot worse to their own bodies, and if it makes you happy, then by all means go for it. A woman shouldn’t be shamed or have to feel less-than simply because she chose, for whatever reason, to undergo a procedure.

You never know someone’s reasons

You also never know; was this surgery really what the woman wanted? Perhaps she suffered from cancer or something else that required reconstructive surgery. It is a horrible disservice to women to make them feel like they aren’t as much of a woman if they have had an augmentation.

This is also a really negative question if the woman in question truly is just on the larger size of breasts. It singles her out and makes her feel uncomfortable and different, and may even make her feel like there is something wrong with her.

The question itself is basically stating “I can’t believe those are real.” It also might make her feel like she has to cover up more when she goes out, which should never be the case. No one has an excuse to look at your breasts, so women shouldn’t have to worry about people calling them out in this way.

What to say when asked if your boobs are real

Whatever the answer to this obscene question is, one thing is for sure- you shouldn’t let the person asking it get away without giving them a little crap. It is completely inappropriate for anyone to ask you this, so without further ado, here are some of the best comebacks you can throw at these ignorant jerks to let them know what you really think.

1. Yep, they’re real! But don’t worry, I’m sure there’s a doctor out there who could help you out.

I like this one because you can use it whether you want to actually answer them or not, and it is a real zinger. Like I said, there shouldn’t be any shame in getting a breast enhancement- though, they obviously think there should be, so you might as well take full advantage of that. I would pair this one with a sickly sweet smile and a whole lot of sarcasm to have them blushing for days.

2. Nope, just got them done! Where’d you go for yours?

Similar to the last option, this one works in any situation, whether you actually want to answer the question or not, and it really turns it back on them. How will they feel when you put the same amount of pressure on them? They asked the wrong lady.

3. How about you buy me dinner first before admitting to checking out my rack?

This is a great time to turn on your heel and walk away… but personally, I would wait to see what their reaction is.

4. You know, I would tell you, but I don’t know you and it’s none of your business.

Probably my favorite option, I would certainly be enticed to take the blunt approach. Don’t worry about the swearing either- they had the nerve to ask you this question, so you can use whatever colorful language that comes to mind.

Sadly, none of these responses will stop stupid people from asking this stupid question. However, it might just make you laugh when you are in an uncomfortable spot, and you may even save a fellow woman from this same fate by putting someone in their place. Do it for all of us, so we can finally put this question to rest!

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