Women’s breasts are not just of two categories: big and small! Did you guys know that there are two other factors known as projection and fullness as well? I bet you hadn’t heard of these terms beforehand either, right?

Breast projection is actually a very big concern and projected breasts affect women with larger or fuller figures… but what is it and why does it matter?

Shallow vs. “In Between” vs. Projected Breasts

Breast projection is the amount of breast tissue you have in or around your breast root. The root is part of the bone in your chest.

Projection is of two sorts; breasts can be shallow or projected. Shallow breasts are ones that are spread out closer to the breast root whereas projected ones extend outward and away from the breast root.

Imagine a wide-rimmed mixing bowl with little depth as shallow breasts and a tall cone-shaped drinking glass as projected breasts. There is a third type of projection, wherein the breasts are neither shallow or projected, they are in-between.

The greater chunk of the breast in projected breasts is pointing outwards away from the body, wherea, shallow breasts are clustered closer to the bone and the body. Because the majority of the breast sits outside of the body with projected breasts, it is easy to understand that projected breasts lead to a bit of sagging.

How to Test for Projection

You are likely to be projected if your bra’s cups or the underwire crease at the bottom, or if you have a double-breasted problem (aka: the dreaded quadra-boob) wherein half your boob pops out of your cups.

Projected breasts are usually common in women with cup sizes above F or amongst women with augmented breasts. Shallow breasts are usually common amongst E cup size or lower implants.

A simple test for projected breasts is to lean forward, braless, and in so doing, if a big chunk of your breasts jut out outwards towards the ground, then you are projected. Another method to test for projection is to measure your bust.

You have to measure your bust in three separate ways, recording the measurement each time: first, you have to lean forward and measure your bust, next you have to stand up straight and measure your bust and last, you have to lay down and measure your bust.

If there is a big difference in the measurements between the figure obtained when you were “laying down” versus the other two measurements, then it is likely that you are projected.

If you have breast implants, then you are very likely to be projected as well. In fact, you are more than likely to have immediate projection. This type of projection creates a sharp inclined slope at the bottom end of your breasts when supported by a bra. Think of the slope as a sharp 90-degree plane created from the bottom of your chest to the middle part of your breast. This gives cause to quad-boob in the top part of your breast.

Other types of breasts that suffer from immediate projection are downward sloping, pendulous-looking, large breasts that are clearly jutting out of the body.

The slightly concave or cone-type shape that the breasts take the shape of because of projection makes it that much more harder to finding the right bra size and fit, as if we didn’t have enough problems already (I got 99 problems and breast projection is another one!).

Okay, so now that you know what it is, what does it mean? Having projected breasts means that you need more support extended outwards for your projected breasts. You need to pick the best bras for your condition.

Best Bras based on Projection

Because of projection, we do not always find the right fitting bras. Depending on if you are smaller busted but highly projected versus being larger busted and highly projected, your bra needs will vary.

The worst type of bras for projected breasts are ones that are of the mindless pushup variety that just push the breasts together which will make your breasts look ridiculously fake and balloon-y. You need bras that give you a more rounded and natural look.

Being smaller busted and projected means that you probably just need a good gore support so that the underwire does not fall off you so opt for bras with narrow gores and taller cups. You can opt for padded or unpadded breasts with the unpadded kind giving you a more rounded shape.

There are specially crafted bras for larger busted and highly projected breasts as well, and the best type of these bras include balconette ones such as Curvy Couture’s Tulip Lace Push-Up Bra that is specially designed for fuller cup sizes and figures; you can buy it on BareNecessities.

Remember, breast projection refers to the volume of your breasts and it is an added complexity to your breast shape and size. So, it is important that you factor that in instead of blindly trusting bra sizes. Good luck making the right choices for your projected breasts.

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