Boob glue is exactly what it sounds like: it is a glue for your boobs! But, why do you need one and what is it even used for? Simple: it is designed to give your girls a “boob job like” uplift or a cleavage makeover. It is made both for natural and fake boobs, and large and small ones. No breast discrimination. Yay!

I know what you’re thinking: glue sounds icky, disgusting and smelly. If you want lift, why not just buy a good push-up bra… amiright? What am I going to do with this glue?

But don’t be so quick to dismiss a glue that improves your cleavage and keeps the girls riding high. It’s not disgusting at all, and it is a quick-fix solution to many of our busty chest troubles. But how does it work?

How Does Boob Glue Work?

This product comes in a roll-on, 3 oz. tube, intended to be applied to the skin of your breasts and then attached to your bra or clothing. What I love about that is that you can glue your breasts to an existing favorite dress or bra. If you feel that you are sagging as a large-chested woman, or if you have a flat chest and you need a lift, then this product is a simple, cheap solution to both types of problems.

It is easy to apply in a few simple steps. Like attaching sticky bras, the chest area must be cleaned of any dirt, body oils, creams, etc., prior to applying this glue on the skin. Holding the center of the breast, apply the glue all over the breast (one at a time) but make sure to avoid the nipple area.

Once the second breast has been glued as well, tuck your breasts into the clothing or bra that you want to attach your glued boobs to, holding breast and said item of clothing or underwear in place for a few minutes then let go and enjoy the glued-on easy uplift in seconds! Wow.

Because of its simple, “apply and go” format, this is not as complicated as the boob fashion tape, which is honestly a two-person job. Removing this product is also very simple: simply lean forward and peel off the glued-on item from your skin.

Then, wash both skin and clothing with soap and water right away. It is crucial that you wash the clothing right away as well (instead of leaving it for later), and don’t make the mistake of applying a second coating of glue on top of an existing pre-existing layer of applied glue because the glue might harden and stain the fabric.

If directions are followed properly, the glue is not supposed to stain fabric and it does not have a pungent smell either (in fact, it has an artificial fragrance added to it). Some more bonus points for the product include that it is non-irritating and has Vitamin-E and Aloe-Vera – which are good for your skin.

This glue is not just a cheap pushup bra alternative – it can be used for backless dresses, as well as employed as a braless tactic. Depending on the fabric, you might have to pair this with a nipple concealer to do so.

What started out as a Kickstarter project has gone on to attract celebrity endorsers. It has become a top-selling product with many positive reviews on the web. What are some of these reviews?

Boob Glue Reviews

An overwhelmingly positive opinion exists about this product. There are so many positives to it. Its simplicity, in particular, both attracts me as well as makes me a bit concerned. If it is that easy to simply peel off the glue from clothing by bending over slightly, then that means that if I had to bend down to get something (while out with glued-on breasts) then there is a likelihood that my boobs might pop out.

In fact, wearing this means that I would have to be more mindful of my movements. And, I would probably have to be paranoid about other people touching me (and pulling apart my boobs by mistake). I don’t like being paranoid, so yeah, a bit of a negative right there.

Back to some more positives, it does have a long staying power and hold ability for larger boob ranges. Awesome! It even manages to stay put despite sweat so it is good for all seasons then. Double awesome!

My Verdict

There are so many things to love about this product: it’s portable size, its price and availability as well as its easy application. Whatever negative feeling I have about this product is quickly gone when I think of the scenario: I feel my boob is falling off so, I quickly run to the washroom, apply some quick dabs and I’m good to go again! So, problem averted!

You don’t have to spend hours looking for the right bra because you can use your existing ones – another major bonus for this product. Honestly, there are not enough bad reviews to make me question this product. It will restrict your movement a bit but only if you are going braless, in which case, you should be more alert for things anyway.

Another thing I love about this product is that although it is not a well-known beauty staple as yet, but it is on its way to becoming one. It has already established itself as a Hollywood insider beauty secret or a red carpet trick so the product is getting more and more popular.

I absolutely cannot get over the flexibility that this product allows: you can wear it with a bra as well as when going braless so, my verdict: go out and buy the boob glue. It’s a small, little solution to a lot of our problems and I think it works!

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