Sofia Vergara said, and I quote, “Girls with large breasts have the most fun; I speak with experience”. But does that fun extend to wearing bralettes?

Full disclaimer: I used to HATE wearing bras. I found most clothes didn’t flatter my body simply because of the bra style that I wore. I always had to wear straps and underwire which at the end of the day limited my experimentation with new trends and fashion.

Don’t get me wrong, I most definitely enjoyed the lift and structure an underwire bra offered; at the same time, though, I couldn’t seem to stop drooling over something as comfortable and less painstaking as a bralette.

As blessed as I feel with my 32DDD bust, I sometimes feel extremely limited at the very same time. I’m sure all my sisters with large boobs can relate when I say that often women with small breasts appear to have more options when it comes to lingerie than those of us who have large breasts.

However, I’m here to let you all know that certainly is a myth. Your size most definitely does not define your choice in apparel – at least not as much as you think it does.

Now that I have overcome the misconception that bralettes are not an option for us, I can help YOU do just the same. The truth is, you can wear a bralette whether you’re a DD cup or even a G cup.

What is a bralette?

Don’t be embarrassed if you’ve yet to discover what a bralette REALLY is. After all, it’s absolutely natural for you to be unaware in this department given the countless new trends and, well, your bra size.

A bralette is basically a “soft” type of bra. It lacks any underwire or padding for that matter. These help offer your boobs that much needed break through sheer comfort. They are usually the type of bra that you pull over your head and shoulders rather than hooking it in the front or back, however there are some bralettes that have front or back closures.

Most bralettes feature straps, but you can also find them strapless. They can have racerbacks, criss cross straps, normal straps, halter necks, extra straps for appearance purposes, and so on.

They have recently become a staple among many young women’s wardrobes since we often dread wearing unnecessary underwire and padding when it’s not absolutely necessary.

They are basically everything you’ve been taught that a bra should NOT be. However, this game changer is here to stay and we’re all pretty ecstatic about it.

Bralettes look pretty damn good under clothing as well. You generally wouldn’t want your bra straps to be peeking through your clothes. Bralettes are so cute that you actually feel like showing the straps off instead of trying to get hide them as you normally would. They’re also sexy under button down and sheer blouses; they’re sexy enough for date nights, but they’re breezy and lightweight enough to lounge around in on the couch.

They’re so versatile!

Bralettes are also a blessing in summer and all the festivities in hot weather. Lace bralettes are the hottest trend for the summer and you have all the right to jump on this comfortable yet saucy bandwagon.

These undergarments are meant to be seen, regardless of whether or not you wear clothes over them. Whether or not you wear a bralette by itself or you wear a blouse that only allows people to see the straps, women WANT to show their sexy bralettes off, and people love seeing them.

Can Women with Large Breasts Wear Bralettes?

Finally, we have arrived to the much awaited question. And the answer is an absolute YES.

Once the bralette trend arrived, I was the least interested as I didn’t think trying out different lingerie was an option for large busts. However, I was intrigued to try one.

To my dismay, initially, I found that not a lot of companies were offering bralettes for large sizes such as mine. There were other stores that offered flimsy fabric for large sizes which wasn’t going to cut it for me. This was definitely frustrating. However, there are delightful brands out there, such as Torrid, which allow a great range of sizes to make use of this trend.

I noticed the bras were very appealing and force you to show them off in public. I’m definitely waiting for the holidays to do just the same. *wink wink*. Five different sizes were offered to me at the store ranging from XS to XL. It was definitely worth trying the different pieces on to find that perfect fit for my boobs. I found that the large size worked pretty well for me but it offered less support compared to the XL.

I could find three different colors in XL and that was a win win situation for me. Hot pink called out to me and so did the black one. I look forward to pairing these with my white tees and black deep-v-neck shirts. You too have the option of showing off ladder straps or a hint of lace peeking out of your tank or from a deep v neck t-shirt.

You can simply add flair to your dull camisole with these light weight supports. It all depends on how you see the trend and what interests you the most.

Bralette Sizing

As I briefly hinted above, bralette sizing is tricky because they come in vague sizes such as XS through XL.

Luckily for women in the busty community, more retailers have recently started offering bralettes in sizes all the way up to a 4X, but unfortunately these are still not exact sizes.

It’s one thing to purchase a blouse that’s an XL and another to purchase a bra that’s an XL. A bra has to actually hold and stick to your breasts, which makes vague sizes more complex than what others might realize.

While it would be ideal to purchase a bralette in a real size – like 34D, 36DDD, or 40G – it might not be likely anytime soon, unfortunately. (This is because bralettes are made much quicker since their sizes are not exact, which allows manufacturers to spend less money making them while offering more colors and style variations; in some ways it’s nice and in others it’s an inconvenience.) It is possible to find a bralette with specific sizing, but those bralettes are few and far between. Here’s one from bare necessities that does come in sizes 32C through 38G!

With all that being said, it’s extremely important to pay attention to size charts since you’re unlikely to find a bralette with an actual band and cup size listed. If you choose a bralette that’s the wrong size, you’re risking discomfort that could have been avoided had you known the brand’s size chart. (It also might make more sense to purchase a bralette online since size charts are available on websites and not in stores; women with small breasts have more luck finding a bralette in person than we are.)

A DD cup might fit in a large with one company but might require an extra large at another company. Also, some size charts might say for example that a large holds D-DD cups while an extra large holds DD-DDD cups. If you wear a DD, it might be smart to go for the extra large so you’re not risking the bralette fitting uncomfortably.

I have learned from extensive research that bralette sizes are very different among different retailers, so you MUST check their size guide upfront.

I also want to advise you to check into a store’s return policy before you purchase a bralette from them. Since you probably have no way of knowing the band measurement on a bralette before purchasing it, it could be too tight or too loose depending on how proportional your breasts are to your body. This is especially important because some stores, like Forever21 for example, absolutely will not accept a return if the item was on sale when you bought it. I wouldn’t want you to be stuck with a bralette that you can’t wear!

What about breast support and coverage?

When it comes to smaller sizes, breast coverage and support is a piece of cake with most lingerie trends. However, this is a huge concern for us large breasted ladies out there. I am here to tell you that not only did the bralettes ace the support without any use of wiring but at the very same time, they made me fall in love with the comfort.

Sure, these are not the perfect choice when you’re looking for that additional “oomph” and push-up, but a good bralette designed for larger busts definitely do the job as far as support and coverage is concerned.

What I found most delightful about bralettes was their ability to prevent your breasts from being squished with one another. This is most common with “comfortable” bras which end up being a nuisance instead. These are comfortable enough to be worn to sleep. Not that I do that, but you get the picture.

Do not expect a bralette to be appropriate for all occasions, though. Since there is no underwire in a bralette, it will not meet all of your needs every single day. There are some occasions unfortunately that require our breasts to be lifted and supported (like if you are going to a job interview, for example).

As far as coverage goes, that’s kind of something that is up to you. Some bralettes are made to show off parts of your breasts while others feature cups that completely cover your boobs. It is very important that you know ahead of time if you want more of a “skimpy” bralette or if you’re looking for something more mild that makes you feel more secure.

Once you know what you need from a bralette, it should be very easy to find one that provides you with the coverage you are looking for.

What’s the perfect bralette for you?

When I first tried on a bralette, it made my breasts appear downright flat. It took some time and several bralettes to make me realize that I wasn’t trying out the perfect one. Don’t give up on your first try and explore a little more with your choices. Each breast is unique even in the same size. You simply cannot compare a young girl’s firm bust with a breastfeeding mother. They might have the same size but they require different kinds of support, separation and coverage for their breasts.

In order for you to enhance your curvaceous figure simply make sure to know your measurements to the dot. Use a measuring tape and go with full coverage if you’re looking to prevent sagging. I have a few bralettes for you that might interest you regardless of your bust size:

Soft Cup Bralettes

You can find the “Wacoal Halo Lace Wire-Free Convertible Bra” online for about $30; you can buy it on BareNecessiries. The bra is convertible and offers a sexy plunging neckline. Plus, you’ll get the option of ten cute color choices from pretty pink to sky blue.

Stretchy Racerbacks

Consider the “Cosabella Never Say Never Racerback Bralette (Sizes S-XL)” for this. You can find these in a price range of $30 to $50 on Barenecessiries. The bralette comes with a supportive band to offer ultimate support to hold everything comfortably.

Full Coverage Bralettes

The “Pour Moi Cherish Bralette” is a great bralette which will solve all your bust coverage issues while offering a sexy, lacy long-line finish. It comes in traditional bra sizes as high as a G cup, and the lace overlay helps you deal with the lack of underwire.

Adjustable Bralettes

These let you customize your fitting by adjusting the straps. Those with larger busts will definitely fall for this type. You can have your desired adjustment and additional support from the wide strap comfortably placed right under the bust. Check out iLoveSIA Seamless Wirefree Comfortable Everyday Bralette (Sizes S-XL) on Amazon for a whooping price range of $9 to $15.

Bralettes with Secure V-Necks / Halter Bralettes

You can rid yourself of the worry about spilling thanks to the secure fit offered by these stylish bralettes. The sizing is smartly accurate and the V-neck might be a little too deep for many but those looking to avoid spillage issues should definitely give these a go. SPANX Lounge-Hooray Bralette (Sizes XS-XL) is a good example of such.

Halter bralettes are ideal for any woman who wears a lot of halter tops and wants to feel sexy in her clothing. They provide a sexy, lacy, halter layering underneath your halter top and give your style a little more personality.

Sporty bralettes

Not every woman is into lace. Some women are more into sporty looks and other women need sporty looks for special occasions.

Luckily for you, lacy bralettes are not the only option! There are plenty of sporty bralettes that look similar to a sports bra; they’re great for casual wear, yoga, light exercise, or any other low activity event you need it for.

These bralettes are typically available in solid, neutral colors and are not see through as many of the lace options. Here’s a cute and sporty bralette by DKNY that’s simple and features a racerback.

It’s important that you do not completely replace your sports bra with sporty bralettes, though. Always remember that the reason we need sports bras for moderate to intense exercise is because they keep our breast tissue from tearing and our backs and breasts from aching unnecessarily.

My Favorite Bralette for Busty Cup Sizes

It’s called Freya Fancies, and TRUST me when I say this: when it comes to big boobs, Freya’s range has you covered.

Not only do these bralettes firmly hold your breasts in place, but they offer such comfort that you will feel like wearing them all the time. Yes, it really is THAT good. The bralettes are available in all five sizes and let’s not forget their very reasonable price tag. Freya Fancies is what a good bargain bra looks like.

Do not forget to experiment with different colors; neon and hot shades of pink and blue are the latest trend and will definitely bring the spotlight to you. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you can always go for a full coverage bralette with lace details and pair it with a pair of pants or jeans. It really boils down to how comfortable you feel in it and how bold are you willing to get.

Final Verdict on Bralettes

Ladies, it’s about time you let go of your reservations regarding bralettes. Give these beautiful inventions a try and you can thank me later.

Your daily routine will definitely be more interesting with a fresh change in style. It’s time you try out those outfits you’ve been storing for so long but have yet to wear because you don’t know what to wear as an undergarment!

Bralettes allow you to rediscover some of your old outfits whilst bringing new and exciting styles. They also allow women with large breasts to wear things we never thought we could wear before.

Of course, you don’t have to completely shift to bralettes, but there’s no harm in altering your style and comfort zone once in a while. Plus, it’s the hottest trend this summer and you can always put your own curvaceous spin into it. Good luck!

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