You either love them or you hate hate them, but as women, we all have them. Boobs, the most mysterious and often most frustrating thing we women have to put up with. Why do some bras fit in a certain size but others don’t?

Why do some sports bras still leave you walking out of the gym with a sore chest from the complete lack of support? Why is it so hard to find proper bras and swimsuits that actually fit the way they are supposed to? They have been around for all this time and somehow are still shrouded in mystery.

I don’t know about you, but I’m am so done with being confused by my boobs. Thankfully, we may no longer have to be.

You would have thought that something like this would have come out years ago, but women around the world can celebrate because we finally have a conclusive list of the nine most common types of boobs! Not excited yet? Let me tell you why this is amazing. Not only have lingerie experts found these nine different breast types, but they have done the impossible and identified the best bras for each of these breast types.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Your boobs have their own, unique style, which means they have their own, unique bra type that fits them perfectly. This could be the beginning of a beautiful bra revolution, and hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll be rushing to the store and finding that perfect fit for your not-so-mysterious friends.

Breast Shapes

So, without further ado, here are the most common types of breasts, and the best bras for your boobs.

East-West Boobs

If your nipples face outwards in opposite directions (e.g. your left nipple pointing out towards the left and your right nipple pointing out towards the right), then you’ve got East-West boobs. Ladies with these breasts will probably notice that their boobs are centered more on the sides of their chest than the center, even if only by a little bit.

Because these types of breasts tend to be fuller and the bottom and less so on the top, and because they fall into the more relaxed section where tissue in the breasts tends to be less firm, t-shirt bras and push up bras are the perfect option for East-West girls.

Both t-shirt bras and push-up bras are going to help bring your breasts more to the center of your chest, adding a little cleavage if that’s what you are looking for, and will help give additional lift since these breasts aren’t as full on the top. Whether your breasts are on opposite sides of the compass, or just slightly to the side of your chest, there are bras out there to make them look fantastic.

Side Set Boobs

Extremely similar to the previous breast type, side set boobs are the voluptuous cousin of East-West boobs. Similar to their outward facing counterpart, side set breasts tend to be a little more spaced out from each other, and more towards the sides of the chest, rather than the center.

However, unlike East-West boobs, side set usually tend to be fuller and rounder overall, and generally have nipples that face the center of the body. For this reason, it isn’t completely necessary to have a push-up bra for these already-full breasts, unless you want boobs up to your chin (which no one here is saying is a bad thing, per say).

For a normal, everyday look, plunge bras tend to be the best choice for these types of boobs. Because you don’t need the extra padding and push that push-ups offer, a regular plunge bra is going to show off your assets, bring them closer together and hold them up to the perfect position on your chest. What more could you ask for?

Asymmetrical Boobs

Asymmetrical boobs are breasts that vary slightly from one another. One might be larger, rounder, or more relaxed than the other, or could even have a slightly different nipple than the other. While this might sound strange, this is actually very common for women to have slightly different boobs!

In fact, sometimes the difference is so small that you may not even realize it. Sometimes this can certainly be frustrating when bra shopping, but ladies with asymmetrical boobs should never be embarrassed- it just makes you more unique!

Finding bras when you have asymmetrical boobs can be a bit of a challenge at times, especially if you breasts are noticeably different sizes. The good news is, there are multiple things you ladies with unidentical breasts have a lot of options! There are certain bra companies that actually produce bras with different cup sizes- how crazy is that? However, if you don’t want to shell out the extra cash that comes with creating your very own, unique bra, you can always simply opt for bras with removable padding (so you can adjust on your own), or you can purchase fillers that you can add to cups to fill in a gap. Easy peasie!

Round Boobs

Perhaps the most coveted type of breasts, you ladies out there with round breasts can revel in the fact that your boobs are truly unrivaled. Because they are equally full on the top and bottom, are centered in the middle of the chest and relatively close together, round boobs are what most women have to add a lot of additional padding just to achieve.

Of course, none of us women out there without round breasts are less than, but women who are lucky enough to be blessed with these beauties will most likely find that bra shopping is a little easier than for most.

Because round breasts are already full, additional padding isn’t usually required for bras. The downfall to round breasts is that it may be a little harder to find bras that don’t make you look like you’re going up a cup size. Bras with extra padding certainly aren’t needed for round boobs. While anything that shows off the ladies will do, you may want to invest in something with a little more support.

All the fullness means that if you are a bustier women, round boobs are going to be a lot to contain, so full-coverage bras or something that offers a little more support is always a good choice.

Teardrop Boobs

Similar to round boobs, teardrop boobs tend to be full and round. However, as is the case with teardrops, these boobs are rounded much more so on the bottom than on the top. Just picture a raindrop or teardrop and you have got in your head what these breasts look like.

While these boobs are not as rounded and as equally full as round boobs, ladies with teardrop breasts are pretty lucky, because these are just about the lowest maintenance boobs on the planet. Because of their shape and fullness, teardrop boobs fit into just about any bra, and and can look great in a pushup, t-shirt bra, and more.

Because of the shape that goes so well with this sort of bra, women with these breasts may be the most successful with demi-cups. The shape is nearly identical, and the bra will feel like it’s made just for you and your best assets!

Slender Boobs

Just as their name suggests, slender boobs tend to be smaller in size (so bustier girls may have a lower probability of having this breast shape), slightly fuller at the bottom, and noticeably longer than they are wide.

While this may sound slightly like the teardrop boobs, the thing to look for with slender boobs is the length, which is usually a telltale sign that these are the beauties you’ve been blessed with. Of course, this may sound like a disadvantage to some girls, but there are many bras out there to help with this.

As with side set boobs, one of the best bras you can try out for slender boobs are plunge bras, and for the same reasons too. These bras help to pull your breasts together and bring them up higher on your chest, which is an especially wonderful aspect since slender boobs tend to be longer. No matter what, you’ll be able to find something to give your slender boobs the proper treatment.

Bell Shaped Boobs

Bell shaped boobs are ones that are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom. This is similar to slender breasts, though these boobs tend to be fuller instead of being longer, and there really is no telltale size that bell shaped boobs come in. Petite girls all the way to bustier girls may find that they have these bell-shaped beauties.

Because of their fullness, these boobs definitely call for a lot of support, so make sure you are looking for something that is up for the challenge! Bralettes and other bras with no semblance of structure probably aren’t going to be your friend, and you’ll certainly want to give a jump test to any sports bras you’re thinking of buying, or you may have to pay for it later.

There really is no ‘perfect’ bra for bell shaped ladies, which is good and bad. A little bad because you may have to play around with different sizes and styles, but also kind of great because you aren’t totally limited to one kind of bra. You win some and you lose some, right?

Well, hopefully now you know where you and your breasts fall! Knowing what shape your breasts are is a huge advantage for you, especially while shopping, because it is going to take out a lot of the confusion of finding the perfect fit for you! If you are lucky, this list will be able to help you get out of the fitting room with your dream bra in no time.

However, boobs being the mystery that they are, we all know that there is a lot more to boobs that just their shape. So, if you are still struggling to find bras that are working for you consistently, here are a few more things you should know about your boobs that will help you to find that perfect bra.

Keep Your Fullness In Mind

Every breast is a full breast, in some sense, though no breast is the same on this level, as is evident throughout all the different types of breasts that are out there. The fullness of your boobs are definitely something you should pay attention to, because it really is a game changer when it comes to fitting into your bras.

For example, most women tend to have breasts that are more full on the bottom than the top- as is true with the bell shaped breasts, teardrops, and more. While fullness is never a bad thing, it is something that can hinder you in finding the correct bra when your breasts aren’t equally as full throughout.

When your breasts have more fullness on the bottom, make sure to look for bras that offer more support. The reason for this is because your boobs are not only going to be heavier towards the bottom, but they are going to fill the bra out more. Try to find bras that have cups that will support the entire boob equally, and won’t cause gapping.

If you have breasts that have their fullness to the side more than anything, like East-West boobs and side set boobs, this is another story. You probably don’t need to focus so much on support as you do on the overall placement of your breasts.

Chances are, if you don’t purchase a bra that pushes your boobs closer together and places them more in the center of your chest, the bra may feel strange and your clothing may not fit correctly. Pushups are usually a good choice for this reason.

If you are a bustier woman, or someone who happens to have round boobs, you will most likely experience fullness in your entire boob, instead of in just one area. This can certainly be a blessing as well as a curse, as busty girls may already know.

Having busty, full breasts are something that a lot of women are hoping to achieve, but it can be extremely difficult to find a bra that correctly fits these boobs. You really don’t need any more lift or configuring added to boobs like this, so you’re probably going to want to stay away from push up bras, or anything with extra padding, you’ve already got that covered. For the added support, full-coverage bras and bras with longer bands are a great option for these boobs.

Breast Projection

The final thing that you should consider is something that most ladies might not be aware of. In fact, breast projection is something that I have lived my whole life without knowing about, and it now makes a lot of sense to me why my bras haven’t really fit correctly no matter what I do.

Breast projection is pretty simple to understand. An easy way to discover if you have breast projection or shallow breasts is to look at a side-view of your breasts. Do they come far off of your body? Or does their profile not show as much? If you have breast projection, chances are you belong in the former category, and this can help you a lot to keep in mind the next time you go shopping for bras.

Women with projected breasts tend to have a lot of common problems with looking for bras, including gapping, having the cups of the bra come down over the band, and not really being able to fit comfortably into contoured bras. Considering that these are some of the most frustrating problems to have with bras, it is great to know that it may just be your breast projection, and there are ways to combat this!

There are special bras that have been created by multiple different companies to fit women who have boobs that are more projected than not. However, you have to keep in mind that this is, again, a specially-made bra, and you will end up having to sacrifice a little more of you wallet on these than normal.

If splurging on a specialty bra isn’t within your budget, balconette bras are something you should try. Instead of lifting up breasts, or having cut-away cups that lead to gapping and spillage, balconette bras let your breasts sit naturally into the cup. It’s a comfortable option that is going to allow your boobs to feel fantastic.

Now that you have the complete guide that your boob shape, fullness and projection, I am positive that you are going to have a far better fitting-room experience the next time you go bra shopping. Hopefully this has helped you uncover the mystery that are our boobs, and, even though it may never be a walk in the park to find the perfect bra, now it can be a little easier.

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