It might seem counterintuitive to want to make your boobs smaller, especially when so many bras in stores today are aiming to do the exact opposite. Walk into any lingerie store and you will most likely be smacked in the face with countless products claiming to double, or even triple your current cup size.

There are also even people out there on the internet teaching women tips and tricks on how to make your boobs look bigger. There is one group of women that may not feel the same- busty ladies.

Don’t get me wrong, being a busty woman absolutely has its advantages. You never have to wear push up bras, you can go without bras sometimes, and creating cleavage is rarely a problem.

Plus, body positivity is a must, and the sexiest accessory in the world is confidence to be happy with the skin you’re in. However, that doesn’t change the fact that having big boobs can be a real hindrance sometimes, and it is totally normal for busty women to sometimes wish away their large bra size.

This video explains a few of the reasons why, and why making the girls look smaller is harder than you might think:

Before I continue, let me put my bra fitter hat on and say that the girl in the video is NOT a 34DD as claimed. I see this all the time when busty women try to fit into conventional bra sizes without a proper fitting. While I don’t mean to say that she doesn’t know her body, her boobs are far too large to a DD cup, especially with a 34 band. She is relatively thin, so her band size is more likely a 30 and her overall bra size is probably closer to a 30G, similar to Kim Kardashian without a push-up bra.

Now, back to minimizer bras…

There are many reasons we busty ladies might want to say goodbye to our large breasts. Sometimes it is silly things, like getting food caught in our shirts and not being able to tan on our stomachs. However, it can be more legitimate problems too, like back and neck pain, not being able to sleep on our stomach, and constantly looking like we have way more cleavage than we actually want.

Well, if you are one of the women out there who would kill for the chance to have a smaller bust every once in a while- or at least the appearance of a smaller bust- then minimizer bras might be the thing for you. These bras help to make your bust appear smaller, and if you have ever wanted to try one, a woman took to Youtube to review some. Here’s what she found.

Not all minimizer bras are flattering

The same way that full-coverage bras sometimes aren’t the cutest because their main focus is to keep your breasts in place, most minimizer bras aren’t going to be super cute or glamorous either. These bras have one job and one job only: to support your larger breasts while making them look smaller at the same time. In some cases, they really can help your breasts be smaller than usual to help you fit into clothes better.

This means that the designers of these bras were focused on creating something that would help you, not something that would look super cute under all your clothes. So, if you are looking for a lace and satin decorated bra, a minimizer might not be for you.

They are generally pretty comfortable

You might think that a bra made to make your bust appear smaller would be uncomfortable. It certainly sounds like there would be a lot of squishing and squeezing involved. However, the girl giving all these bras a try stated that she could hardly tell they were there. Every single bra that she tried on actually ended up being extremely comfortable for her- even the strapless minimizer bra that she tried on.

Plus, none of them ever looked like they were pushing or pulling anything in uncomfortably. These bras are simply designed with their purpose in mind, and make the bust look smaller without actually affecting it in any way. So, if you are worried about comfort, you may be in luck.

There are many different styles

If you are anything like me, you might think that minimizer bras are simply a single, stand-alone style of bra. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Of the bras that this girl tried on, none of them looked the same. One was a full coverage type bra, one was strapless, and one was very similar to a bralette.

These bras also all came in a variety of colors and sizes, which really opens up the door to find whatever you are looking for. So, whether you are looking for a strapless minimizer to wear with a summer dress that shows off your cleavage too much, or a full coverage bra to wear under a t-shirt, you are going to be able to find what you’re looking for.

The bras were all found online

Perhaps one of the more important things to note is that not only were these bras found online, but they were also low in price. One bra came in a pack of three and was less than 15 dollars. What a steal!

Obviously, this girl didn’t try on any high-quality minimizer bras, but they worked for her which means they could work for you too! I always get excited when I can do some online shopping, so why not check out some minimizer bras while you’re there?


Yep, you heard me right. In a world where finding a single bra that fits can take hours, this girl found three minimizer bras that all fit and all did what they were supposed to do. As soon as she put these bras on, her bust was noticeably smaller. What’s even better- her cleavage wasn’t nearly as big as it was before putting on the minimizer bras. So, next time you’re heading to that fancy outing, you don’t have to worry about covering up the whole time.

All in all, I would feel comfortable saying that minimizer bras do, in fact, work! They make your bust appear smaller without compromising comfort or fit, and you will finally be able to wear low cut tops and cute outfits without worrying about showing off too much chest.

Would you ever try a minimizer bra, or have you ever tried one? Tell us about it in the comments below, then check out my favorite minimizer bras.

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