Focusing on the production of leggings and shaping briefs, Spanx is an American underwear manufacturer you’re sure to see in any store, from my beloved Nordstrom to countless other stores.

Spanx specializes in foundation garments, which offer slimming effects in the legs and torso. While I have less experience with Spanx bras (we don’t carry them at my store), I’ve checked out dozens of reviews on Spanx products for you. I’ve also brought the most useful sizing information for you to see.

Let’s compare the Spanx Pillowcup line versus the Spanx Bra-llelujah line.

Pillowcup Signature T-Shirt Bra

Reviewers claimed that this bra added half to one full cup size, while not suffocating them with too much padding. The support rating was average, not too much but not too little. As for sizing accuracy, there was a general consensus of a perfect fit. With a couple fringe reviews, the majority didn’t mention the bra being too large or too small.

Specs for this T-shirt bra reveal it has a U-back design, which hides bra lines effectively. Breast tissue migration and bulge is minimized with the specially designed wings and back. The cups are 3D designed, and offer a fully concealable comfort fit.

You’re likely to love the fabric the bra is made out of, and maybe it’ll be your new favorite. One person claims to have been converted to this bra from the Spanx Bra-lleluja line for a number of reasons. The overall feel of this product is high quality and a wardrobe must-have item.

VERIDCT: Based on all the reviews I’ve heard and read, I’d definitely give the Pillowcup T-Shirt line my vote.

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Pillowcup Signature Full Coverage

Reviews for this bra are a little more rocky than the T-shirt bra. You’re sure to feet extra support and security with the full coverage design, but it may be small. Sizing seems to be a little small with this design, and reviewers all seem to agree that it runs pretty small in general. The full-coverage can definitely be described as a comfy fitting bra, and you won’t be suffocated by padding or lining. Consensus of reviews indicates that this bra has very little padding.

It is available in soft nude, and very black and has a size rang of 34B-38DDD and is unlined. It’s unique design is in the second-skin double-layer cups and super soft microfiber fabric. These cups take the shape of your body, instead of the other way around. You can feel secure and fully supported with the bulge minimizing wings and back. It also has the U-back design, which minimizes bra lines through the back of your favorite T-shirt.

Although the bra claims to have a smoothing effect under the shirt, reviews complained of the fabric bunching funny in the cups and causing all kinds of wrinkling. This could be due to breast shape differences, but doesn’t give me much confidence in this particular model.

VERDICT: Because the reviews were a little mixed, I’m not sure I would recommend this bra for its intended T-shirt bra purpose.

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Pillowcup Side Smoother T-Shirt Bra

The Side Smoother T-Shirt Bra is available in a 32C to a 38DDD and two colors: soft nude or black. The sizing is spot on, not too big or small. However one major complaint customers seemed to have about this style design is the strap adjustment mechanism.

Though the straps are adjustable, they’re only adjustable in the front and have a serious problem with slipping loose. A frightening number of women complained about this fatal flaw. One in particular claimed the bra would be a 5-star rating if it would only keep her boobs held up instead of at her waist.

With this design of Pillowcup bra, you’ll enjoy the support and comfort and versatile wear that every T-shirt bra should have. The 3D technology of the Pillow cups™ gives great subtle lift to your bust with the help of invisible side slings, which lift naturally. The smoothing tulle wings and back will make bulge non-existent for a smooth figure under your top of choice.

The U-back design keeps bra lines hidden, and straps are easy to reach, stretchy, and front adjustable. Made of soft stretch microfiber and floral patterned tulle, this bra’s fabric should be easy to both wash and wear!

VERDICT: Based on the reviews about strap slippage, I would not recommend this bra. Unfortunately that is a huge issue for any kind of bra, especially a T-shirt bra.

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Bra-llelujah Racerback T-Shirt Bra

This irresistibly comfy T-shirt bra comes in sizes 32A-38DD and is oh-so comfortable. The bra is an elastic-free underwire racer back T-shirt bra that would make anyone happy. It gives all the support you could ever want with its thick band construction. You won’t have to worry about show-through with this bra; memory foam-lined cups contour the shape of your breasts.

The material covering the bra is silky-smooth, and the cotton lining provides additional comfort to the wearer. Shape is well maintained after many wears, you won’t face a limp and floppy bra anytime soon. You will appreciate even more versatility in the neckline of tops you can wear thanks to this bra’s plunging front line.

Visible bra lines and back bulge will cease to exist with the hosiery back design of SmartStretch™ criss-crossing straps. Being a racer back bra with thicker strap support, shoulder grooves, strap slipping, and strap digging will all be issues of the past.

Reviews are mixed about the amount of support the particular material could offer. Many were not keen on the limited adjustment options, and I would have to agree. If you are a D cup or larger size, the adjustable design changes in your favor. It offers a front closure with no band or strap adjustment offered.

Bands are made out of stretchy and synthetic material. This material will often break down when it is exposed to detergents, sweat, perfumes, and general wear over time. The no adjustment issue here seems like a recipe for disaster. Also, if you are petite, you may find these straps to be a little too thick and constricting.

VERDICT: I can not confidently recommend this bra.

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Bra-llelujah Front-Close T-Shirt Bra

The second Bra-llelujah bra we are going to take a look at is the front-close t-shirt bra. It is a very similar design to the racer back T-shirt bra previously described. Made of the same satisfying ultra-fine stretch microfiber material, it is such to be comfortable. The seamless design and smoothing characteristics of all the wonderful features are made possible by a hosiery back, plush cups, and Spanx’s SmartStretch™ technology.

The bra features underwire, front closure, and a seductive plunging neckline in sizes 32A-38DD and three colors: watermelon, very black and naked. For the same reason as the racerback T-shirt bra, I believe the straps would be too much on a petite frame.

VERDICT: I would recommend this for women with moderately large breasts – say, a DD cup – seeking comfortable straps with a minimally padded bra and prioritize comfort over shaping. However, I would not recommend this design if you do not like full coverage bra, are seeking lots of padding or lift, or if you are petite and curvy.

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My overall Spanx bra review

The general and overall review of various Spanx products reveals an above average rating. For the most part, reviewers gave an average of 3.5 to 4 stars for any product I viewed online. Not the best, especially for bustier women who depend on five-star quality for proper support and comfort. That said, it’s pretty solid considering the range of product types available and variability of body type per customer.

The Pillowcup bras typically outperformed the Bra-llelujah line in how easily a bra could be adjusted, and in overall versatility. These bras performed on many levels and did a range of things, without limiting the quality of the product offered or design.

Bra-lleluja bras were more successful in satisfying customers in the way of comfort, but that is really about it. These bras were surprisingly limited in their application as well as their adjustment. I’m amazed they had as good of reviews as they did. People claim these bras are a wonderful choice for a less padded and more comfy approach to the T-shirt bra, but for many women, that just isn’t enough.

If I had to choose one line over the other, I would go for the Spanx Pillowcup line for sure. I enjoy both comfort and versatility in my bras whenever possible.

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