As much as women love our boobs, we all have to admit that they can really gross us out sometimes. Unwanted hair, embarrassing sweat, and stretch marks that seemingly came out of nowhere are just the tip of the iceberg for what women have to deal with when it comes to them and their perky accomplices.

We know how to take care of our skin, how to moisturize our faces, and how to deep condition our hair… but how do we keep our boobs looking young, beautiful and fresh? There is a lot of crazy and kooky things that can happen to our boobs, and where there are problems, there are solutions.

If you have ever found yourself wondering how the heck that got there, or how to deal with all the insanity that goes along with boobs, keep reading for some remedies to the most common boob problems.

1. Highlighter

One of the fastest ways to make your boobs look absolutely gorgeous is by applying some highlighter to them. If this sounds insane to you, hear me out. Highlighter is the perfect way to make your cheekbones stand out and gleam in the light all day long- what if your boobs could do that too?

Whether you are going out to a party with your friends, meeting a date, or simply going to the weekend farmer’s market, a little bit of highlighter on the tops of your breasts will give them a magical, unicorn-like glimmer all day long. If you want to get even more magical, you can even add a little bit of contour to make your cleavage pop. This look guarantees you won’t fade into the crowd.

2. Maternity cream

For girls who are a bit more on the busty side, it is almost impossible to escape the dreaded stretch marks that come along with having large boobs. While there’s truly nothing wrong with stretch marks, they can be embarrassing, especially if you have more than a few here and there.
One of the best ways to help fade away those pesky lines is by picking up some stretch mark cream from the maternity section of any drugstore. This stuff will always do the trick, and it will last you a pretty long time. Additional benefit- it will leave your skin feeling amazing.

3. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is your best friend when it comes to taking care of your skin! Most people don’t realize this, but you should almost always have at least one top coat of SPF lotion on your skin if you are going to be out in the sun, even if it’s not a particularly hot day. There is nothing that will destroy your skin faster than harmful UV rays, and that’s especially true for the sensitive skin near your boobs. Always make sure to lather up the goodies before spending the day outdoors.

4. Breast Massage

Massaging your breasts is actually a fantastic way to keep them looking young and beautiful. The amazing thing about massage is that it works the tissue in your breasts, and can actually help to tighten and tone that tissue when you massage for ten minutes or more.

If you’re lucky, massaging your breasts has even been shown to help you increase breast size! So, if you’re about to go out and you don’t quite fill out your dress, try giving massage a shot and see if it perks you up a bit.

5. Water, water, water

Keeping hydrated is the best way to ensure that your skin is going to look fresh, young and vital for years to come. Almost every woman knows that if you want to look younger longer, you need to drink plenty of water, and this is true for your boobs as well.

6. Proper attire

There’s nothing more painful that chaffing, and it can cause unattractive redness and dry spots on your breasts as well. Ick. If you ever experience redness on your skin near your breasts, or you experience dryness and chaffing, try examining the clothing you are wearing when it happens. Chances are, the fabric that you’re wearing or something coming off the clothing is causing the unpleasant reaction, and it can be easily fixed with a clothing change.

7. Shower tips

There are actually numerous ways you can help your boobs stay young-looking and healthy while you’re in the shower, which is the most convenient time to do that anyway!

One way you can help your boobs, and the rest of your skin, looking young and rejuvenated is by running cold water on yourself at the end of your shower. This helps to tighten the skin and tissue in your breasts and has a lasting effect, and also has the added bonus of helping to keep your pores tight and unclogged on your face.

8. No shaving

Those pesky hairs that grow around your nipple are the exact opposite of attractive. Every time you see one it’s like armageddon, and they just keep coming back. While it might seem like your easiest and pain free option is to shave them off whenever they pop up, this is actually potentially harmful and dangerous to your breasts.

Not only can shaving these hairs lead to painful ingrown hairs, but it can actually lead to much more serious issues as well since the skin and tissue that make up your breasts and nipples are extra sensitive, and shaving can lead to bad circumstances.

Instead of shaving, you can try plucking the hairs or getting them waxed. Yeah, it’s going to be more painful than taking a razor to them, but it’s going to be better for you overall. Don’t risk the health of your breasts for ease. You’ll be in far more pain if something were to go wrong while shaving.

9. Moisturize Your Boobs

It’s insanely important to moisturize your face to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful, so why wouldn’t it be the same for your boobs? Well it is… sort of. While you should be moisturizing your skin, including your breasts, to make sure it’s as hydrated and cared for as possible, you should be careful what you are putting near your breasts and nipples.

Chemicals that are put in moisturizers can be harmful to your breasts, and you should always check what are in the moisturizers before applying them. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t use harmful chemicals anywhere on our bodies, but be especially careful when it comes to what you use on your boobs.

There are a lot of wonderful products that use simple ingredients to make up their moisturizers, and you can always look at the list of ingredients they use. Technically speaking, natural products are going to be a lot healthier for you in general, so these will help your skin out far better overall.

10. Chest exercises

You can add as many products to your chest as you want, but there’s not really anything out there that is going to help keep your bust perky, tight and youthful the way that working out will. There are a lot of super simple chest exercises that you can work into your daily routine to make sure that sagginess is never an expression you have to use for your boobs.

Free-weight exercises like arm flies, rows and deadlifts are all wonderful chest exercises that help to keep everything strong and tight, and improves overall health to help keep you looking your best.

11. Wear supportive bras

There’s nothing harder on your boobs that running around in bras that don’t support them. As a former athlete myself, I remember just how painful it was to wear the incorrect bra while running, jumping and moving around, and it really takes a toll on your breasts.

That’s a lot of super sensitive tissue that’s taking quite a beating, and it hurts for a reason. Your body is telling you that your bra is ineffective! Make sure that when you’re being active and moving around a lot that your boobs have the proper support at all times.

12. Breast exams

There really is no point in moisturizing, hydrating, tightening and beautifying your boobs if they aren’t healthy. With so many harmful things that can lead to breast cancer in our world today, you would be crazy not to give yourself routine breast exams, and see the doctor regularly. Taking care of your breasts means keeping them around, so this is probably the most important item on this list.

It’s insane how simple and easy it is to give yourself a breast exam, and you can even go further up the list and turn it into a massage if you want. That’s true multitasking. You’ll be the first to know if anything is feeling out of place.

After following these tips, your boobs will have never looked better! To keep those assets youthful, beautiful and healthy, you have your conclusive list for years to come and your breasts and body will be thanking you.

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