For busty women, there is perhaps nothing more important in a bra than great support. A great bra will make you feel confident, sexy and most importantly, comfortable. It will also look good and fit correctly. We all know the pain of finding a bra that looks great, but feels horrible, or feels like a cloud but makes your boobs look lopsided and squished together. Support has a lot to do with making all of these things come together into one great bra.

If you don’t find a bra that is supportive enough, your boobs might end up hanging loosely in your bra, and your shoulders are certainly going to suffer for the entire time you wear it. Support is everything, but it is surprisingly hard to find bras that are completely supportive, and ones that can work for busty women.

Even if you do happen to find something supportive, it might just be an old-looking full coverage bra that was never designed to look good on a woman’s body.

If you are someone who is constantly looking for a cute bra that can support your busty girls, then you should really consider a side support bra. These bras are designed to support an area of the breasts that is constantly looked over in most bras. I myself have a problem all the time with my boobs spilling out the side of my bra.

This is sometimes a fit problem, but it usually comes down to the design of the actual bra. If you have never tried a side support bra, or if you have been giving it some thought, here are all the important reasons you should try one out!

They Have Side Panels

One of the best aspects of side support bras is that they have extra side panels that most bras are lacking. Along with this, the cups are sectioned, so you never have to deal with the horrible uni-boob that frequently happens when cups are too close together.

Having the side panels added onto these bras is really what gives you the extra support as compared to other bras. These panels not only help with your breast projection, and will make you fill out your cup more, but it will offer much more support.

You will never have to deal with spilling out of your bra again, and side boob with be a thing of the past. I have dealt with side boob for so long that I thought it was just natural to have a little spillage in bras. With a side support bra, this is a thing of the past.

They Offer Medium Coverage

Another wonderful aspect of side coverage bras is that they offer medium coverage for women who wear them. This is awesome because it is a great balance of full coverage bras, and regular demi-cup bras.

I know there are a lot of women who shy away from full-coverage bras because they just aren’t sexy enough. While I feel like comfort and support should come first, I can still definitely understand this. We need to feel great in a cute bra sometimes!

Medium coverage allows you to have a super cute bra that still gives you some cleavage, without taking away all the support. You will never feel like you are spilling out of these bras and they are a great option for any busty woman.

Now that you know what side support bras are all about, we don’t just want to leave you here. These bras are a somewhat new design, and it may be difficult to find the exact one you are looking for, especially if you have never tried one out before. If you are looked for a great brand for side support bras, we definitely recommend Fantasie.

The Best Side Support Bras

Here are a few of my favorites I think you should check out:

Freya Hero Side Support Plunge Bra

Like I mentioned earlier, side support bras do not have to be frumpy. The Freya Hero is clear evidence of that. This vivid cobalt blue bra is not only a side support bra, but a plunge bra as well. For a busty woman that needs support and a little bit of added cleavage, this bra is really the best of both worlds.

This bra will fit will and offer wonderful support and is also super sexy and intriguing. With a sheer added top and beautiful lace detailing, this is a wonderful bra for any occasion.

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Fantasie Darcie Side Support Bra Ink Floral

Probably my favorite bra that Fantasie carries is this beautiful Darcie bra. I truly can’t say enough wonderful things about this bra. It’s dark enough to be worn with anything and not show through an outfit, but it has a super fun floral print that will give you Spring vibes all year long. If you are looking for a side support bra that looks as great as it feels, this is the bra for you.

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Fantasie Lois Side Support Range

The last bra on our list is the Lois bra, which is a simple and cute bra for an everyday look. The design of this bra is sweet and simple, but with pinstripes and a seafoam green background, it isn’t too simple to be boring. It is the perfect everyday bra, and has unique ribbon and lace detailing that adds a little flare to a simple bra. It is a great option if you aren’t really looking anything fancy, but are way too tired of mono-colored, flesh-toned bras.

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It is incredibly hard to find supportive bras that aren’t frumpy looking. Side support bras are the answer to this. You can get wonderful support from a medium coverage bra, and at Fantasie, you will be treated to a variety of wonderful options that are sexy and beautiful. If you are a woman who is constantly spilling out of her bra, or are sick and tired of boring full-coverage bras, then thse are the perfect choice for you.

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