Hollywood is a place for petite, picture-perfect women, and that often means no curves or large busts by beauty standards today. However, you might be surprised to find out that a lot of your favorite celebrities are closer to your real bra size than you actually think.

A lot of women, even famous ones in Hollywood, are wearing the wrong bra size. Sadly, it’s also due to that old narrative that if a D cup is big, a DD cup is huge, and DDD cup is for a porn star. Like most other women, even celebrities tend to overestimate their band size and underestimate their cup size, meaning most of them should be wearing cup sizes much bigger than their agencies claim they wear.

Even women who work as models and are constantly in lingerie and swimsuits might now know their true bra size, which may be why it is so hard for you to find your correct bra size. If these women can’t even figure it out when it’s their job, and their designer’s job to know, then it’s no wonder why we get it wrong so much of the time.

It is also no wonder that a lot of women feel badly about having curves and having a larger bra size. Of course, you shouldn’t ever feel like your size isn’t good enough, but it is a great feeling knowing that someone so successful actually wears the same bra size as you.

So, if you have ever wondered about REAL celebrity bra sizes, I’ve used my professional bra fitter skills to estimate what size I think these celebrities should be wearing. I have observed numerous photos of each of the celebrities listed and made my best estimate. Of course, these are only my opinions based on experience, but they are likely much more accurate than the range of A to D cups the media uses.

Read on to learn the REAL bra sizes of your favorite stars.

Kim Kardashian real bra size is 30G

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is, of course, no stranger to anyone on the internet. One more than one occasion, she’s said to have broken it! Having launched her career as Paris Hilton’s friend, her fame has grown beyond her hit reality show as she has become one of the most recognized women anywhere.

And there’s no doubt that Kim’s curves are her most distinct feature. At just 125 pounds, voluptuous Kim has the ultimate hourglass figure, but blogs have widely misreported her breast size as 34D. There’s simply no way that Kim’s band size is that wide considering her petite size, nor would her ample assets squeeze into a D cup bra.

Kim Kardashian bra size: 30G

Katy Perry

Katie Perry has been dominating the pop industry for quite some time now, and she has become quite the inspiration and star for her fans all around the world. She, like many singers, has also made some appearances on television shows and movies- which has sometimes brought a lot of attention to her large bust.

In fact, many parents made a big fuss about her appearance on Sesame Street because her breasts were way too big to be on the show. Her real bust shouldn’t be anything she should be ashamed of! So if you are around her size, don’t always feel the need to minimize and cover up.

Katy Perry bra size: 28G

Kylie Jenner

While a lot of people might claim that the Kardashians have zero talent whatsoever, they are actually a family completely filled with intelligent entrepreneurs. Kylie is a part of that family, and while she certainly got her start by starring alongside her family members on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kylie has gone her own way and become a successful high-end model.

She’s a petite woman with a bust slightly larger than average, but her bra size is surprisingly not too large. While she revealed her cleavage secret was augmented by an add-two-cup-sizes Bombshell Bra, she still has a relatively “large” cup size by Victoria’s Secret standards. My guess is a bra fitter at the mall would put her in a 34B, someone a bit better would try a 32C, but she’s actually a bit larger in the bust.

Kylie Jenner bra size: 30DD

Christina Hendricks real bra size is 32K

Christina Hendricks

As a former model who picked up quite a lot of fame and popularity from her role as an actress in retro-themed “Mad Men,” Christina Hendricks has always been known for her enviable breasts. She’s always been somewhat of a sex-symbol, one that has held that hearts of boys and men for years, and her large bust is certainly a large contributor to this.

Although there have been multiple false reports and allegations that Hendricks must have gotten an augmentation to have the beautiful bust she has, she says that there is absolutely nothing man-made about her all natural breasts. When will people learn that women don’t have to have surgeries to be naturally blessed in the breast department.

Perhaps we will never know that answer to that, but we do know that her thought to be 38DDD is nowhere near her real bra size. Christina has been known to fit herself into some pretty insane outfits to accentuate her boobs, but that bra size definitely isn’t one of them.

Christina Hendricks bra size: 32K


It’s the queen bee herself, folks. She is an international singing sensation and has been for years. She is truly becoming this generation’s Michael Jackson, and will probably have quite the cult following for many years to come. She has blazed a path for women of color, and she isn’t stopping anytime soon. She’s a true revolutionary, and she won’t stop for anything.

That is, of course, an ill-fitting bra. Although Queen Bey has blessed us with her magical voice and fashion sense, one thing always seems to be lacking because she’s always wearing bras and swimsuits that don’t fit her correctly.

Beyonce bra size: 30DD

Nicki Minaj

With a quick mouth, sharp ton and curves that go on for days, Nicki Minaj has been a trailblazer for the past few years in the music industry. As a member of Lil’ Wayne’s group, Young Money, she has released albums with rap, pop, hip-hop and more, and she continues to rise in popularity and fame. She has also always embraced her curves and is a woman to look up to as a busty woman.

Whether the speculations are true about her breast and butt implants, she still has a great body and an awesome bust, and her her bra size isn’t on the tiny side because she is a curvy woman. 32C? Heck no! Nicki’s assets are far bigger than a C cup.

Nicki Minaj bra size: 34F

Kat Dennings real bra size is 30J

Kat Dennings

As the quirky and sarcastic main character on Two Broke Girls, Kat Dennings is cute and charming, and also notorious for her large bust. Despite playing slightly more masculine and tom-boy rolls, Dennings has a lot going on in her bust, and she isn’t afraid to show it.
She hasn’t come out and stated to the media that she has ever had a breast augmentation, but she hasn’t actually denied the many speculations either. With a bust like hers, it is hard to escape scrutiny, and I certainly don’t blame her for playing into those rumors that I’m sure she gets all the time.

With a bust like hers, the known bra size for Kat is way too small for a woman like her. It is thought that she wears a 38 DD, which is far smaller than what she would ever be able to fit into! She is quite slim an has a narrow back, so while the volume of her cup is probably somewhere close to a 40DDD, she’s probably much larger.

Kat Dennings bra size: 30J

Katie Price

Katie Price has done nothing short of making a living off of her large chest. As a former television star in the UK and current glamour model, Price has gained stardom for her perfect beach body and her exceptionally large breasts. Price is speculated to have undergone as many as eleven procedures to get her breasts to where they are today, and she’s proud to show them off. She has commented about her “perfect boobs” built by breast augmentation, and she’s been spotted multiple times letting her assets show on topless beaches in Europe.

Several sources have claimed that Price’s bra size is a 36E, which nonsense. So is one tabloid’s recent report that she’s a 32GG. Katie Price is extremely petite, and is certainly not large enough to be wearing a 36-inch band. If I had to guess, her band size is much smaller, making her cup size larger.

Katie Price bra size: 26K

Holly Madison

Best known as Hugh Hefner’s favorite girlfriend during the Girls Next Door era, Holly Madison became famous for her desire to marry Hef and have his children. Now, Holly has gone beyond Playboy fame to start in her own hit reality show and is the author of two best-selling books.

Madison has been open about the fact that she has had several plastic surgeries, including breast implants and a nose job. The media has reported that Holly boosted her A cups into D cups, but even without the bunny outfit and push-up bras, there’s no way Holly’s ample cleavage is only a D cup.

Holly Madison bra size: 28G

Sofia Vergara real bra size is 28H

Sofia Vergara

Hilarious Columbian costar on America’s charming sitcom, “Modern Family,” Sofia Vergara went from watching people on the red carpet to becoming one. She started off small as a television reporter, but quickly burst into the acting scene and hasn’t looked back since.

In many of her shows and acting appearances, she’s portrayed as a saucy woman and is quite known for her stunning looks, which of course include her busty chest. While I certainly believe her when she claims that her bust is real, I just can’t agree that she’s a 32F.

Sofia Vergara bra size: 28H

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is an actress that has seemingly been around forever, and one of the lucky few who simply seem to get better looking as time goes on. She has performed in countless shows and movies, and her big-screen performances have landed her many awards for her terrific acting.

Of course, acting skills aren’t everything, and her gorgeous natural beauty certainly helps. Of course, fitting into the right size bra makes this all the more possible- considering she probably wouldn’t look half as great if she was trying to pull off the 36C bra that most sources claim she is. No way!

Halle Berry bra size: 30G

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco is perhaps one of the most successful women in Hollywood right now, considering that she makes a whopping One million dollars for every single episode that she films as the funny model and waitress in “The Big Bang Theory.” She has created quite the name for herself with this show, and is all about women-empowerment.

This includes embracing who you are and being yourself, which she has definitely done a lot on the show with a big bust and bleach blonde hair that has people mistaking her for a ditz, when she’s got enough smarts to keep up with all the scientists on the show. There’s a lot of bust and brains in Kaley!

Kaley Cuoco bra size: 30DDD

Salma Hayek real bra size is 28H

Salma Hayek

Yet another lucky actress that simply seems to get more beautiful with age, Salma Hayek has been in the acting game for years, and we are all super lucky for it. She has taken on fun roles and serious ones- artsy pieces too, which has included showing off a lot more of her large bust than most women would ever dream of in front of a camera.

Her bust is one to envy, and chances are, you might be closer to it than you think!

Salma Hayek bra size: 28H

Tyra Banks

One of the most well-known names in the fashion industry, Tyra has done it all. She has been modeling since before she was out of high school, and she hasn’t stopped since. She even began her own modeling competition with its own T.V. show in the U.S. which has gained intense popularity in the years that it’s been running.

She’s someone who has fluctuated in weight over the years, which she has sometimes been scrutinized over, but I love her curvy! She has the perfect body for extra curves and has a naturally large bust.

Tyra Banks bra size: 32G

Laura Stone

This high fashion model has an enviably unique look, and has been showing women and girls that you don’t have to be a stick to be a model, and teaches women that unique is beautiful.While the large gap between her front two teeth is certainly her signature, Laura Stone is also of course known for her large bust.

She’s posed in countless bras and swim suits for ads, and she fits pretty well in most of those pictures, but what is her true size? Asking for a friend, amiright? The thing is, while Laura Stone’s bust is alleged to be a 32D, there’s no way such a busty lingerie model with such deep cleavage is only a D cup.

Laura Stone bra size: 30GG

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham has been modeling since she was barely a teenager, but she first came to our attention after starring in a 2010 Lane Bryant commercial in an attempt to re-invent the store’s image. Since then, Ashley has graced the covers of everything from Vogue to Elle to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, being the first so-called “plus size model” to do so.

As usual, the media is too busy focusing on the narrative of Ashley’s “plus size” and not enough on the facts. Her bust size has been reported anywhere from 38D to 42D, but watch her commercial and tell me those ample breasts are only four inches bigger than her band size. No way! I would put Ashley in a slightly smaller band size and a much larger cup size; four cup sizes larger, to be exact.

Ashley Graham bra size: 36G

Emily Ratajowski real bra size is 28G

Emily Ratajkowski

As an American model and actress, Ratajkowski has to be on her game 100 percent of the time, and that, of course, includes staying fit and looking great in just about any clothing (or lack there of).

She has done a lot of what people might consider ‘risky’ photo shoots by showing off her assets in extremely short crop tops, or sometimes nothing at all, and I say she should keep rocking it! When you are that well-endowed, you might as well use them to your benefit and show them off! What I can tell you for sure is that not only is Emily too thin to have the 32 band size she’s credited with by the media, there is zero chance her boobs are only a 32C.

Emily Ratajkowski bra size: 28G

Holly Willoughby

As a famous T.V. presenter in England and occasional actress, Willoughby is under the public lens quite frequently. For a woman with large breasts, we all know what that means. A lof of people like her and only watch her simply for her large chest, and a lot of people like to think that they can judge her off of this too.

However, Willoughby takes this all in stride and with a whole lot of class, I personally think, by saying multiple times that she is totally fine with people liking her because of her boobs. To be true, it is something that makes her, well, her, and why shouldn’t she be proud of that? Of course, this is no excuse to degrade her, and a lot of women don’t like the fact that she’s okay getting attention from her chest. Love her or hate her, she’s a busty girl just like the rest of us, and we totally understand her struggle.

Holly Willoughby bra size: 34DD

Kelly Brook

Another actor, model and T.V. presenter, this beauty from the U.K. is a curvy and busty woman who knows how to show her curves and keep it classy at the same time. This brunette has had her share of jobs in the public eye, and has done a lot in the fashion world to make it more realistic and accessible for us curvy women.

Because she isn’t super petite, she actually is probably about 34′ for her band size, which is slightly larger than most of the women’s band sizes on this list, so you might be closer to her size if you are curvy too.

Kelly Brook bra size: 30H

Ariel Winter real bra size is 34J

Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter started out fairly young as the youngest female Dumphy sibling on the hilarious sitcom, “Modern Family,” starring alongside another actress on this list, Sophia Vergara. Ariel had always been pretty busty, even as a young girl when she began filming, and has continued to be so as she has grown up on the show. So much so that Winter actually had to get a breast reduction just last year.

Because of the back pain she was facing because of her large bust, she took a leap of faith and got a breast reduction, and has seemed pretty happy with it so far. It really seems like it has made some improvements for her, especially considering she was dealing with back pain on top of filming for such long hours. While she’s still busty now, her former bra size was much larger.

Ariel Winter bra size before reduction: 34J
Ariel Winter bra size after reduction: 34G

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera really gained the attention of the public eye when she landed the role of sassy cheerleader on “Glee”, and she’s been gaining popularity every since. She’s appeared in many other acting gigs, as well as modeling, and she is a blessing to the entertainment industry. Her talent and hard work is of course what got her to where she is today, but she actually also claims that her boobs helped her out as well.

Rivera actually got an augmentation when she was jus 18, and she still claims that this was one of the best things she has ever done- for her career and simply for herself. If that’s not empowering, I don’t know what is! Perhaps the only thing better is knowing that you might be her size as well.

Naya Rivera bra size: 28G

Martine McCutcheon

Martine first burst onto the British music scene in the 1990s as part of the pop group Milan, but her big break that led to celebrity fame was her role in the BBC TV show EastEnders and her future role in the movie Love Actually. These days, she’s often discussed in British tabloids as she struts her stuff in a go-to black one-piece swimsuit and for even giving her husband permission to fool around during her tough pregnancy.

Martine is also the victim of celebrity bra size speculation on the internet, with most websites suggesting she wears a D cup bra. In reality, I’d estimate Martine’s band size at a 34 and her bust size as a G cup. Suggesting that she wear a 37 band size is entirely unfair.

Martine McCutcheon bra size: 34G

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan has done just about everything in the entertainment industry. She has worked, and still works, as a model in the U.K., and she has also been a television presenter and famous actress. She is especially well known for her role is a famous U.K. soap opera, and is another woman known for her beach-blonde hair and large breasts.

As a woman who is on the more petite size, Flanagan’s breast size can range a lot, and even Flanagan herself claims that her breasts can get larger at times depending on what she eats; and girl, we’ve all been there. She definitely doesn’t need a large bra band, so we would put her on the lower end, making her cups go up a bit.

Helen Flanagan bra size: 30DDD

Charlotte McKinney real bra size is 30H

Charlotte McKinney

As a famous American model and actress, Charlotte McKinney has found her place and landed her dream job, and finally feels comfortable in the body that she was born with. Unfortunately, as is true for so many curvy or busty women out there, McKinney has stated that she used to be teased and made fun of for her large bust growing up. That’s something that can scar anyone, and it’s awesome that she can let the haters know they were wrong.

While there have been speculations that she had gotten a breast augmentation to achieve her look, she has denied this claim, and her modeling agency promotes her large bust as something to be proud of, as it should be.

Charlotte McKinney bra size: 30H

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl has been known to create quite the buzz and drama in Hollywood. She has starred in many famous movies and T.V. shows, but her longest and most notorious role yet probably still remains to be Grey’s Anatomy. While on the show, Heigl played a hopeful doctor who modeled her way through school to pay for medical school, and is teased about it for not being serious enough. Ugh, we feel your struggle.

While she may have lost that job for creating a stirr with the writer and creator of the show, she is now a mother and has taken a few steps back from filming. Her breast size might be larger now due to this, but we will go off original size.

Katherine Heigl bra size: 30F

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson might not be known for being a wonderful actress, or for choosing jobs with depth or a ton of meaning, but she has had a successful career in the entertainment industry in America, and a lot of her work is funny, charming and sexy of course. Jessica’s father became a bit famous for telling the world that his daughter has “DDs”, but her breasts are actually much larger than that.

She is blessed with quite the impressive chest, and it is a focus point in a lot of what she does. A few years ago, she was under close scrutiny by the media for gaining a lot of excess pregnancy weight, a bogus thing to shame a woman for if you ask me, but she gave everyone the middle finger when she lost it all. She’s looking better than ever and her breasts are in the same boat.

Jessica Simpson bra size: 32F

Alexandra Daddario

Best known for her totally kick but role in the “Percy Jackson” series, Daddario is a young actress who is well on her way to become a renowned star. She has appeared in movies and shows from a young age, and has only fairly recently grown into the busty breasts that she now has. This has led to a lot of speculation on whether or not she got a breast augmentation or not.

If she did, good for her because it is definitely working. If not, is it really such a shock that she was a late bloomer and didn’t have large breasts until later in life? They are small until they aren’t, that’s kind of how it happens, folks! Either way, she is definitely a fellow busty girl.

Alexandra Daddario bra size: 30G

Kate Upton real bra size is 32G

Kate Upton

Probably the woman on this list with the most famous bust at the moment definitely has to go to Miss Kate Upton. As an underwear and bathing suit model, it is really quite clear what she became famous for- far beyond her bubbly personality and obvious talent to work her angles behind a camera. She seemingly pulls off everything with ease.

However, even though her job entails her to be in lingerie all day, it is rare that she is ever in a suit or bra that truly fits her.

Kate Upton bra size: 32G

Heidi Klum

As an avid watcher of “Fashion Runway,” I’ve loved Heidi Klum for a while. Originally from Germany, this model and actress has accomplished so many things in her career, and it’s super impressive. She has appeared in television shows, hosted her own show, is a personality and judge and has also modeled for the likes of Victoria’s Secret and others.

While she doesn’t walk the runway as an Angel or do so much modeling anymore, she is still an amazingly beautiful woman with a larger bust.

Heidi Klum bra size: 28F

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley, now a very successful model in England, began her modeling career a bit later than most. The renowned cosmetics company that she still represents, Estee Lauter, gave her the first gig she ever landed as a model with their campaign when she was 29.

Despite being slightly older than most models we see today, you would never guess that Hurley isn’t still in her early 20’s, and the same goes for her busy chest. While there are speculations that she may have gone under the knife for small cosmetic touch-ups like lip injections, her breasts are all natural, and look great.

Elizabeth Hurley bra size: 30F

Brooklyn Decker

As a famous American model, Decker has made a name for herself and has become an extremely successful model worldwide. She’s perhaps most famous for her appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but she has also gone on to do many more campaigns, runways and collaborations with other companies and brands.

With a busty girl like Decker who is constantly under the spotlight, there have been allegations of breast augmentations. If she has had one, it is truly fantastic, because her bust really fits her frame well, and they look perfectly natural.

Brooklyn Decker bra size: 30G

Scarlett Johansson real bra size is 28F

Scarlett Johansson

From playing the voice of famous “Jungle Book” villains to being a sexy heroine as the beautiful and deadly Black Widow, Scarlett Jo has been very active in her acting career for the past few years and has really made a name for herself. Whether it is because she chooses roles that put her skimpy, tight fitting clothes, or simply because she has a large bust, Johansson is one of the more famous ‘sex symbols’ of this generation.

Of course, none of her notorious Marvel outfits would be half as memorable without her well-endowed bust, and it’s exciting to see a heroine who can kick butt and take names and still look sexy doing it… even if she does use a lot of push-up bras and boob tape. Still, no woman can kick butt in a bra that doesn’t fit.

Scarlett Johansson bra size: 28F

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson is another strong woman on this list who has tried and succeeded at many careers and business ventures. She’s a business woman, a model, television personality and even an author in America, and is quite the all-around star.

Whatever is is that you see her doing, she is always doing what she can to show off that amazing bust, of course in a classy way, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kendra Wilkinson bra size: 30G

Chantel Jeffries

Born in San Diego, Chantel Jeffries is perhaps most famous for her on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber. However, Chantel is also a DJ and model that frequently ends up on the gossip pages for putting on “busty displays” and showing her “ample assets” on the beach.

Chantel is also really young and her Instagram is full of her doing cringe-worthy things to her boobs. Of course, their her breasts and she can do as she pleases, but she’s often seem jamming her oft-publicized cleavage into bras and clothing that’s way too small. She is quite fond of push-up bras and it’s to say her exact cup size, but she’s no 32C as is reported. Like most women, she’s wearing too large a band and too small a cup.

Chantel Jeffries bra size: 28DDD

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has just about done it all: she’s a renowned and accomplished Country singer, she’s starred in movies and television shows, and she even has her own theme park and show in Tennessee. She’s notorious for her large breasts, achieved through breast augmentation, and they have stayed large and an integral part of her even as she reaches older and older ages. Dolly has never been one to deny her plastic surgeries, and says that it is more for her than her fans because her fans deserve for her to look her best.

There’s no question that her boobs have become a famous part of her, but while it’s advertised everywhere that Dolly is a 40DDD, you can tell that’s wrong just by looking at her!. A 40-inch band would slip right off of her! It’s more than cup size people.

Dolly Parton bra size: 30J

Kourtney Kardashian

When she isn’t starring on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” alongside her now-famous siblings, Kourtney sure knows how to keep herself busy. She has made guest appearances on television shows, does modeling once in awhile, is a business woman and has three kids.

With all of that going on, Kourtney still somehow manages to keep her beautiful figure and stay out of the tabloids far more than her other sisters. This might be why no one seems to have the correct information when it comes to her bra size! She surely isn’t as busty as her other sisters, but she does have a small figure and enough cleavage to be enviable, so this is my best guess.

Kourtney Kardashian bra size: 26DD

Khloe Kardashian

This Kardashian sister has certainly been through a lot in the past few years; so much so that it is pretty crazy that she’s been able to keep up her public image for her reality television show with the rest of her family.

She recently split from her now ex-husband, Lamar Odom, because of his continual drug abuse, and she’s looking forward to better and brighter things.
With all of that going on in her life, I can’t imagine that finding the correct bra size would be something on Khloe’s mind, which might be why it’s always guessed terribly wrong. She’s curvier than most of her sisters, and she’s got cleavage to boot, so her bra size reflects that.

Khloe Kardashian bra size: 34DD


Rihanna has come a long way since her first big single, Pon De Replay, was released, and the world has continued to grow in their love and support for her ever since. Originally from Barbados, this world-famous popstar still had a thick accent and a pretty mundane fashion sense when she first began gaining popularity.

Now, her sound has completely changed; along with her unique style that many young women often refer to as #goals. However, it’s hard to reach those goals in a bra that doesn’t fit, and the many sites that guess Rihanna’s bra size as a 34B have it way wrong. She is petite and doesn’t need anywhere near a 34’ band, meaning that cup’s going to have to be a little bigger.

Rihanna bra size: 26D

Farrah Abraham

Former “16 and Pregnant” star Farrah Abraham is one of the your women who starred on the show that continued to stay in the public eye as much as possible even after her season wrapped. With her sex tapes leaked and a failed music career attempt, and sometimes even going so far as using her daughter to gain popularity on Instagram, Farrah seems she will stop at nothing to stay relevant.

One of these attempts happened to be taking her already pretty busty breasts even bigger when she decided to get a breast augmentation. Still a very petite woman with a slight frame, this put her at a much larger cup size, without changing the bra band length.

Farrah Abraham bra size: 28J

Jennifer Lawrence

Hollywood’s sarcastic and crass sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence, knows how to keep it real and is one of the few actresses in the industry that speaks her mind with almost no filter, which might be why she has gained so much attention in recent years. That and, of course, her wonderful acting in movies like “The Hunger Games,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” and more.

JLaw is a woman to admire because she is real about her size and even though she’s curvier than most women in the industry, she doesn’t let anyone tear her down about her size. It’s amazing that she supports women being comfortable in her own skin, even though she really isn’t large at all. She is actually relatively small, apart from her breasts, making for a quite small band size and larger cup size.

Jennifer Lawrence bra size: 28H

Abigail Ratchford

Abigail is among the most buxom Instagrams stars, flaunting her incredible curves to more than seven million followers. She has also quickly become one of the most popular busty glamour models on social media alongside BFF Lindsey Pelas, even earning a spot in the pages of Playboy where she flashed her ample butt.

It’s hard to tell Abigail’s exact bra size because so many of her Instagram posts are of her augmented breasts spilling out of a bra or bikini many cup sizes too small. That or underboob. Sometimes, even her poor nipples are falling out of these way-too-small bras. That said, my boyfriend thought I was choking to death when I started laughing at reports that she is a mere 36DD. She is, of course, far thinner and bustier than that.

Abigail Ratchford bra size: 30K

Blake Lively

Former “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively has a lot on her plate right now! She recently had her second baby with hilarious “Dead Pool” star and hubby, Ryan Reynolds. This, and she managed to get back in shape in no time to film her new movie, “Shallows.” Seeing her new beach body sure made me wish I could have a personal training kicking me back into shape!

Her body doesn’t all come from working out, though. Blake definitely in shape and has the perfect flat tummy and toned body, and is also blessed with a big booty and large bust. It is no surprise that people get her bra size wrong a lot, because she can sometimes look like a fairly curvy woman, even though her band size is probably still a lot smaller than most would assume.

Blake Lively bra size:28DD

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Now that she has kids of her own to care for and give her undivided attention to, Jennifer Love has been pretty absent from the Hollywood scene lately. Of course, most know her from the many years that she played a medium on “Ghost Whisperer,” and the other movies that she has starred in, and that’s enough to keep her a bit relevant.

Hewitt has always been a beautiful, busty woman, but she is embracing her new curves even more so now that she is a mother. Surprisingly, if you have seen her bra size posted somewhere online, most places get it right! She’s a slightly curvy woman with large breasts, so her bra size fits that.

Jennifer Love Hewitt bra size: 30H

Amber Rose

Amber Rose has tried a little bit of everything in the entertainment industry, and with a boo like Wiz Khalifa, why not? She’s modeled, has a singing career including an album where her boy toy is featured, and even made is on to Dancing with the Stars.

Because of all this, Rose has had to keep her shape and work out a lot, so she has a great figure and has still managed to keep her curves. She’s got curves in all the right places, and about an average sized torso and back, so her bra band isn’t super small or large.

Amber Rose bra size: 30K

Bella Hadid

Bella has been rocking the runway with her equally gorgeous sister, Gigi, for years now, and the pair are unstoppable. While the Hadid sisters sure know how to work a runway and blow everyone out of the water, Bella has her own accomplishments apart from her sister, like being named Model of the Year and more.

Keeping up with the industry standards can’t be easy, but Bella perfectly fits the bill. From what I can only guess is half pure luck and half an insane amount of time in a gym, Bella is a tiny girl with a bust that isn’t truly what most would call busty. However, because her band size is so small, she makes it into the higher cup sizes.

Bella Hadid bra size: 28C

Eva Green

Eva Green hadn’t received the most attention from fans in the U.S. for most of her career, considering that she is a model and actress in far-away France. However, the French talent recently made her way oversees and onto the big screen when she starred in the critically acclaimed and long-anticipated movie “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.”

Green plays a charming and mysterious mother figure in this instant classic, so it might be hard to imagine that she’s really quite busty and sexy under that older, motherly facade. She too is a smaller woman with a somewhat larger bust, so her cup size is slightly larger than what it might first appear to be.

Eva Green bra size: 28DDD

Chrissy Teigen

A now extremely successful model, T.V. personality, and mother of one with her singer hubby, John Meyer, Chrissy Teigen has had a lot of experience in the entertainment industry throughout her life. Even though the gorgeous and curvaceous babe has everything to be thankful for now, things always weren’t so easy.

You have to have a pretty unreachable body standard when you’re a model, and Chrissy actually got kicked off a shoot for Forever 21 once because, despite being a super slim woman, they stated that she was too fat for the job. Ouch! Wrong move by them because Teigen is raking in the cash doing what she loves and still has her beautiful curves, which has given her a uniquely large bra size.

Chrissy Teigen bra size: 30F

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has had quite the tumultuous and eventful career, especially in the past few years; and I’m not just talking about her infamous tendencies to be a total diva 100% of the time. She had children, left long-time hubby Nick Cannon, and has released music and continued to perform all through it.

From her famous holiday albums that we all belt out when they’re played on the radio, to the vocally impressive hits that she has produced, there’s one thing for sure: she’s got a whole lot of talent. Talent and beautiful curves that make all women proud to be curvy. She’s one of the curvier women on this list, and her bra size reflects it.

Mariah Carey bra size: 34G

Pamela Anderson

From her very first role, Pamela Anderson became a sex symbol in America and has remained the same in most people’s minds for all these years. Even though her glory days have long passed her and she continues to slip from the public eye more and more each year, her sudden new makeover has had the media buzzing about her all over again.

Notorious for a golden bronze and intense amount of makeup as her staple look, Anderson hit the red carpet this year in a very understated makeup look and people lost it, and it’s clear why: she looks gorgeous naturally and doesn’t need anything to hide it! This includes her beautiful beach bod too, of course, with her famous bust as well.

Pamela Anderson bra size: 32H

Eva Mendes

I really feel for Eva Mendes right now as she struggles to work it out with her celebrity hubby, Ryan Gosling, especially for the sake of their child. Even in Hollywood it’s not always rainbows, sunshine and happily ever after!

Even so, Mendes has an amazing acting career to back her up, and she’s a fierce woman who won’t let anything stop her. She has always starred in roles that feature strong women, and even her more sexualized roles paint her in a strong light. However, it’s hard to be a strong woman when you are stuck in a too-small bra, which she often is! Hopefully she can figure out that band to cup ratio soon.

Eva Mendes bra size: 30F

Lindsay Lohan

Once an adorable child actress with an astonishingly bright career ahead of her, Lindsay Lohan is one of the unfortunate young actresses who succumb to the stress and craziness of Hollywood. Her last prominent role was over a decade ago in the cult classic “Mean Girls,” and she hasn’t really gotten herself back up from her many instances of drug abuse and DUI charges.

The Lindsay Lohan that you see today is nothing like her pictures just a few years before her drug use started becoming a problem, and she’s a prime example of what you should be wary of when doing these things. However, it seems that she may be getting her life back on track after all that time, and I am certainly happy for her! Size wise, it looks like she’s put more regular weight back on and still has a prominent bust, so her bra size falls into a pretty busty category.

Lindsay Lohan bra size: 34DD

Irina Shayk

The beautiful Irina Shayk has been a Russian model for years, and there’s truly no question why. With flowing, dark brown hair, bronzed skin and soulful eyes, Irina is a woman both blessed with loads of natural beauty and one who really knows how to do her job as a model.

Though she had been dating soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo for a long while, the couple shocked fans when they broke up awhile ago. Recently it seems she and Bradley Cooper have been getting cozy as new beach pics of the two have been released, but all I could think is her suit doesn’t fit her at all! She has an exceptionally small frame, which means that even though she’s not really busty, she still needs larger cups.

Irina Shayk bra size: 26C

Kelly Monaco

As an American actress and model, Kelly Monaco had dabbled in a lot, but is really only known for one thing: her famous role on the notoriously long-running medical soap opera “General Hospital.” She has also appeared in other small roles and has even competed on “Dancing with the Stars,” but nothing that gained her equal popularity as her soap opera role.

Of course, even with the lack of roles, Monaco is famous for more than just her acting, and it has all to do with her busty chest. Being a petite woman with a small figure, her large breasts are even more noticeable, and it is clear that her boobs are bursting out of her bras sometimes. She’s a much bigger cup size than what she’s been wearing because her band is so small.

Kelly Monaco bra size: 28F

Christina Aguilera

A true all-American sweetheart, Christina Aguilera started out as the girl next store and ended up being one of the most famous and most recognized singers of her generation. With her humble beginnings on “Star Search,” a show for budding children stars, she really made it in the industry and continues to be successful, even now that she has slowed down with her music career.

Part of the reason that she gained her popularity and something that she is so famous for is the fact that she has always embraced her curves and has never changed to fit industry standards. She’s fluctuated with her weight, but at this point, she has beautiful and toned curves with a large bust, and her bra size might seem large, but it levels out, I promise.

Christina Aguilera bra size: 30F

Shannon Elizabeth

American actress and former model, Shannon Elizabeth was a sexy and prominent staple in many cult-classics of the 2000’s. Appearing in hilarious, campy comedies like “American Pie,” “Scary Movie,” and more, Elizabeth is an icon of her time and has left her mark making these movies; probably a good thing now that her popularity has really died down.

Despite the fact that she hasn’t starred in many things or had a real presence in the media for quite some time, she has a lasting impact on pop culture, and one of these impacts came in the form of a pretty memorable bust. Her cleavage was envied in the 2000’s and it still would be today; though hopefully in some better fitting bras than before.

Shannon Elizabeth bra size: 30DD

Ariel Meredith

If you have ever picked up an issue of Sports Illustrated, chances are you have come face to face with the Louisiana native, Ariel Meredith. She has appeared in five issues of the magazine famous for skimpy swimsuits and busty women, and there’s no surprise why.

Meredith not only has a petite frame and perfectly slim beach body, but she’s also busty and has cleavage anyone would be envious of. Even so, her breast size really isn’t that much larger than most busty women, but her small band size makes the bra cup size even larger.

Ariel Meredith bra size: 28J

Nina Agdal

Another perfectly toned model depicted on the covers and throughout the pages of multiple “Sports Illustrated” issues, Nina Agdal is a famous Danish model that have made waves wherever she goes (sometimes literally).

She was also, ironically a spokeswoman for the popular food chain, Hardee’s, which is a laugh for any woman who looks like Agdal. Do you think she even really ate a bite of the food. I’ll say no on this one because Nina is actually one of the most petite women on the list, with a larger cup size because of her tiny frame.

Nina Agdal bra size: 26F

Gina Carano

There’s no doubt about it, Gina Carano is a kick-butt babe. Nowadays, she is making headlines appearing as in side roles in huge movie franchises like “Dead Pool” and “Fast and Furious,” but she continues to do a lot more than that. She actually got her start as a mixed martial artist, which has helped her gain her fierce woman roles in these movies.

As someone who uses her body for a living and to win fights, it is no surprise that Gina Carano is in the best possible shape she can be. She is extremely toned, fit and slim, and is always looking great. Most sites assume that she isn’t busty, because she normally doesn’t look it, but her cup size emulates one of a busty girl because of the small band size she has.

Gina Carano bra size: 28DD

Kate Wright

Kate Wright is known for only a few things: being a reality television star on the U.K. based show “Essex,” her perfectly long and luscious blonde hair, and her lart bust that she frequently shows off on her show and on her Instagram.

Speculations have been circulating for a long time that plastic surgery was the way that Wright achieved her bust that she has now, but she assures fans that they are all real, and they sure look it by her pics. She is small but isn’t a super petite woman, and her breasts are fairly large, so her bra band and cup size are on the larger size.

Kate Wright bra size: 32H

Jarah Mariano

Beautiful lingerie model Jarah Mariano hasn’t appeared in very many spreads as of late, but she still remains popular today because of her stunning looks, impressive cleavage, and of course because of her appearance in a few issues of Sports Illustrated.

Because of her modeling work, she is constantly appearing in skimpy swimsuits and gorgeous lingerie, which makes it even worse when she is shown in an ill-fitting bra or swimsuit. Mariano is a super petite woman, and her bra band needs to be smaller! That means that, while her breasts aren’t too large, she needs a larger cup size than what she usually wears.

Jarah Mariano bra size: 28DDD

Natasha Barnard's real bra size is 26F

Natasha Barnard

Natasha Barnard is a long standing face of the modeling world, and her gorgeous looks have landed her spreads in many magazines and had gotten her jobs with multiple modeling agencies. Originally from South Africa, Barnard has not only appeared in the South African edition of “Sports Illustrated,” but the American edition as well just a few years later. Her popularity is no surprise either.

With a perfect tan that seems to linger year-round, long brown hair and a larger bust, Barnard is the perfect woman that agencies and magazines look for, and her success is founded on her looks and her ability to rock a swimsuit. However, she too needs to get a bra with a smaller band and a larger cup, or she spills out of everything she’s put in.

Natasha Barnard bra size: 26F

Pia Muehlenbeck

Pia Muehlenbeck has a rather unique rise to fame that is different than most models of similar shape and success. She hadn’t always gone after modeling like a lot of women in the industry. In fact, she actually attained her law degree before deciding to change directions and pursue modeling.

The smart beauty sure knows how to rock a runway, photo shoot and how to captivate fans on her Instagram account, and has dabbled with topless modeling. No doubt because she has assets that any woman would want to show off. She has a lot of curves and doesn’t quite need a super small band size, but she still reaches the higher cup sizes because of her impressive bust.

Pia Muehlenbeck bra size: 30F

Kate Hudson

This stunning actress has truly grown well into her famous family, and has remained popular for many years in Hollywood by continuing to produce stellar movies. She has already won numerous awards for her critically acclaimed movies, and she is known for being a wonderful actress of this generation.

One thing that she is not known for, however, is having a large pust. She is a petite woman and most people assume that she could never be anything over a B cup, and even that is reaching. Though, because she is so petite, her band size is really small. As we all know, this means her cup size must go up, and that’s where her bra size comes from, no matter how large it might seem for her.

Kate Hudson bra size: 28C

Taylor Swift

Nearly a decade ago, T-Swift got her big break in the music industry when she recorded her first album to pursue her dream of being a country singer. Little did she know, many years later, she wouldn’t just be a country singer. Now that she has evolved and really some into herself, she has blown fans away with her skill in singing pop music.

She is known for her down to earth attitude, great music and fun songs, and doesn’t generally show off her bust as some of her other singer counterparts. As a result of this, people may assume that she’s not the bustiest of girls. This might be true, but she does reach a higher cup size because of her petite frame, so her bra size might actually surprise you.

Taylor Swift bra size: 26D

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling started off her popular acting career as the hilarious office worker in the recently canceled “The Office,” but has really propelled her career from there. Not only is she the star and main focus in television show “The Mindy Project,” but she is also the executive producer and writer for the show as well. That’s a lot of stuff going on!

A large part of her character on her show includes the fact that she is a curvier woman, and she has larger breasts because of this. Well, you may be surprised to know that Mindy doesn’t even make it into the D cup category. Because she is curvier, her band size is a bit bigger and doesn’t call for a larger cup.

Mindy Kaling bra size: 36C

Nina Dobrev

If you are like me, you probably spent the last few years drooling over Nina Dobrev’s onscreen boyfriends from “The Vampire Diaries,” and why wouldn’t you? They are incredibly hot and I’m super jealous that she got to costar with them for so long. Of course, the role was well deserved for her; Dobrev is a fantastic actress and beautiful woman, and I despaired when she left the show.

Like most people, I have always admired her petite and slim frame, but most people that watch the show don’t realize that she’s actually pretty busty. Her bras are minimizing to fit her frame a bit more in the show, but the truth is that her smaller band size makes her get into the bustier cup sizes than you would think.

Nina Dobrev bra size: 28DD

Emma Watson

Emma Watson has long since moved on from her childhood role of being Hermione Granger in the grand, eight-movie series “Harry Potter.” As a strong young woman who knows what she wants, Watson has tackled a lot of challenging roles and has done a wonderful job at maintaining her acting career, but she also recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Brown University and has traveled the world speaking out about the importance of feminism today. She’s a true trailblazer.

Recently, her breasts have been under fire because the self-proclaimed feminist appeared on the cover of “Vogue” wearing a stop that hardly covered her breasts. I say you go girl, why do people always think boobs should be taboo? Watson isn’t a busty girl, but she is petite, and based off that picture, this is what I would say her size is.

Emma Watson bra size: 30C

Of course, no one other than the celebrities themselves know the letters and numbers on their bra tag. However, stars are people just like the rest of us. While Angelina Jolie famously (and incorrectly) declared herself a 36C on the set of the movie Tomb Raider, I wonder whether she and other celebrities actually wear these ill-fitting sizes based on bad fit advice.

It’s possible that Angelina really wore a G cup bra but knew the average moviegoer would be horrified by such “insanely large boobs”. At the end of the day, the sizes I’ve listed here are my own educated guesses.

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