Having a small frame and big boobs means you have double the struggle. As if it weren’t hard enough finding the right bra for large breasts, you have a tiny waist, too. I feel ya.

Here’s a list of 15 things you can only understand if you’re both thin and curvy! How many different struggles have you faced being thin and curvy?

1. Buying bras

Buying bras is nearly impossible, at least until you found this site. Either you’re overfilling the cups, or the band is freakishly gigantic. In the off chance you do find your size, it’s likely super expensive.

2. Top shopping

Shopping for tops is excruciatingly difficult! Everything you find will either be tight around your bustline and baggy everywhere else, or it will be so slim fitting and have so much spandex it’ll leave you smothered and sweaty.

3. Bathing suits

Finding a bathing suit is a nightmare, too. Luckily places exist that sell tops and bottoms separately, but try finding matching M with an XXL top… Not as likely. One piece bathing suits are never going to happen, either.

4. Shopping for anything is difficult

Locating just about anything in a department store or boutique to fit your top half is impossible. Not only are bras, swim suit tops, and t-shirts difficult to find, just about everything that is meant to encompass your top half is generally not going to happen! Not without sweat and tears.

5. Button fiasco

Pulled buttons on tops are a regular phenomenon. Okay, well maybe phenomenon is the wrong word. But it always happens rather unexpectedly when one falls off. Finding a good button down top is rough, especially when you’ve got a thin waist, and a bust line that requires some serious shirt tailoring if anything is going to work in your favor.

6. Cleavage is like a bottomless pit

Losing food and finding it later… in your bra. It’s as if I do it on purpose. Crumbs and bits of whatever get lost in my top as if I’m planning a picnic at some later time.

7. Everything gravitates towards your cleavage

Other things accumulating in your cleavage: Purse straps, necklace pendants, headphones, etc. With a thin waist, things tend to settle around the front of my chest. If I try to push my purse strap across my chest, or even carry it over one shoulder, the strap miraculously migrates into my cleavage. Of course it does. The fact that my thin waist will leave it bouncing against my side pushes it straight to my boobs. Ugh!

8. Boob sweat is such a problem

That awesome boob sweat is a problem for all of us, but it is worse when you’re both thin and curvy. The dripping beads of sweat will often travel just a little further down my mid section, giving a nice sweat band above my stomach. It’s underboob sweat on steroids. It’s the absolute worst!

9. Dainty clothing is a no-go

Cute clothing seems like it’s out of the question since the majority of fashion revolves around situating your breasts effectively. No bra? No way! If my tatas can’t be tamed into staying inside a loosely flowing blouse (that I had to buy two sizes too large to fit them), then there’s no way I’m going to risk it. Not to mention possible stares from the general public.

10. Stuck with garments designed in yester-year

Do you feel like you’re left with overpriced, outdated, and ugly undergarment dregs? I sure do. When I look for a bra in my size the only ones I find are these white or nude, behemoth straps, ugly and unbecoming excuses for an undergarment. Lingerie is the same way. Big boobs are supposed to be glamorous and sexy! Why don’t I get pretty bras and lingerie to dress them up!?

11. Sore back and neck

Body pains are a given. Having a small frame, you might not have as strong of a back and core to help your spine support the weight of your chest. Ouch. Hello weekly massage therapy!

12. People stare

Unwanted attention from men has me dying. Having a thin waistline and large breasts often has people staring. But honestly, it’s not the attention I want (okay, maybe on occasion). But really, the cliched phrase of, “Hello? My eyes are up here.” really applies. I’ve been asked if I’ve had breast implants several times before. I think this is due to the belief that thin girls don’t ever have big boobs. Such bias.

13. Boobs have a mind of their own

Trying to cover up your cleavage results in them trying to break free; they have a mind of their own, you know! Like the buttons issue stated previously, wearing shirts that fit a slim torso result in pulling buttons more than normal. And the occasional button goes rogue, leaving your breasts to gleefully peep out of the new gaping window into your top. Great. Just great.

14. Double sports bra technique hardly works

Double sports bra for the extra needed support, but they never fit. Wearing two sports bras for the much needed support is common, I get it. But is it common for your boobs to fit the bust, but not the band. That’s when you get great under boob slippage. If the band fits, the bust is too small, and then you get the spillage over the top of the bra. Struggle.

15. Criticism from others

Criticism from others about weight and how you should be wearing a pillow case for a top. I can’t stand when people are criticized about their weight – ever. But having big boobs doesn’t mean you’re over weight. We’re not fat, we just carry extra weight in our bras. That has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle choices. And no, I won’t succumb to wearing a pillowcase everywhere.

Never stop loving your body – Ever

So though I can complain about the terrible things that my boobs put me through, they are mine. I love my body and all of it’s uniqueness. Because I’m not the same shape as a itsy-bitsy mannequin is absolutely no reason to loathe yourself.

I admit, it’s tough to find clothes and whatnot. But also understand that oftentimes the places we shop have clothes made in china, which doesn’t cater to our frames and bust lines! Anyone who has really long legs, long arms, or broad swimmer shoulders knows that clothing is made to some arbitrary standard size.

We are all different in our builds and what we love or dread about ourselves, but make sure to love you.

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