Think that you are the only busty girl out there? Think again. In fact, there are a lot more of us in the DD+ cup club than you might imagine.

While there isn’t really a certain size that automatically makes you a busty girl, it is generally thought that busty begins at D and goes up from there if we are talking about cup size only. However, what if we have been approaching this all wrong?

Turns out, womankind (even celebrities and designers) have been lied to. We have been trained to believe that the size of your breasts is determined only by your bra cup size, and this could not be further from the truth. Your cup size, while still an important factor into finding the correct bra, is only one factor in determining your bra size.

Whether you get measured at a store like Victoria’s Secret, or you measure yourself at home, or even if you don’t measure yourself at all and simply do trial runs to find the best-fitting bras, you are most likely getting an incorrect fit and measurement because we are way too consumed at finding out what our cup size is. So what actually goes into finding out what bra size you are? What determines if you are a D, DD, DDD or even higher than that? What have we been missing for all these years?

In this article, you will finally learn all of the aspects that go into discovering what your true bra size is, why we usually get it wrong, and what to keep in mind if you feel like too busty in your DD+ bra, you definitely are not the only one.

Band Size is Everything

The biggest reason women have such a hard time finding bras that fit them is because they go off of cup size, without even thinking about the band size. Yes, cup size is important; but in reality, band size is just as important, if not more so.

For years men in particular have imagined that anyone wearing a DD cup had huge breasts, and while I don’t mean to insult anyone, DD cups may not necessarily be what you’d think of as “huge”. In fact, there are many women who have been led to believe they are the all-too-commonly-diagnosed size of 34B when in reality they could be a 26DD, like I believe Rihanna is.

This has been a real shock to me because, like a lot of other women out there, I used to think that your band size had no actual effect on the bra. I thought that band sizes were the same throughout every cup, and the only thing that actually changed was the cup size. I could not be more wrong.

Band size has everything to do with the size of your bra, because band size actually influences your cup size. Picture it this way: you band size is how large you need your band to be, in inches, to fit comfortably around your body and clasp at the first clasp setting.

So generally speaking, a very slender and petite woman with large breasts could have a small band size and a large cup, and a curvier more heavy-set woman who doesn’t have the largest breasts would generally have a larger band size but a smaller cup size than average. Now, this is where things get a little chaotic and difficult to understand.

How Does the Band Change Cup Size?

Because band size plays a role in how the cup fits to your body and how much breast it can cover: e.g. a woman with a 28″ band is going to have far less room and volume in her cup than a woman with a 38″ band for the exact same cup size. If we really take the time to think about this, you can start to notice that this really changes how we see bra sizes.

The crazy and totally shocking thing about this is that, going off of this information, a woman who wears a 28D has no more volume in her cup than a woman who wears a 34B. Yep, you heard me right. This would mean that a woman with a DD cup bra could comparatively have the same size breasts as a woman who wears a B cup bra. Insane! But true.

There Are Busty Girls EVERYWHERE

So, now you can see why women have it all wrong when looking for bra sizes. We like to label ourselves as one cup size and never stop to think about how the band influences us. Sometimes when we fluctuate in weight, our band size goes up or down, but we never change the cup sizes of our bras. No wonder nothing ever fits the way it should.

Because of this, it is extremely likely that most women are wearing the wrong bra size, and giving the completely untrue impression that there are far less busty girls out there. In reality, we are everywhere! We just don’t know it yet.

Don’t be Afraid to Hit Higher Cup Sizes

So, what does this mean? DD is NOT the largest cup size by any means. In face, DD is nowhere near the largest cup size, and it really shouldn’t be advertised that way. It is unfortunate that most brands don’t carry a lot above that, because a lot of women truly are larger cup sizes than what they believe.

For this reason, don’t be afraid to try out different cup sizes and see what actually fits. Just like you should never be intimidated by the size on your regular clothing, you shouldn’t let cup size scare you either. Find what fits you and what you feel great it, and you’ll feel much better and sexier in a bra that fits you!

So remember ladies, there are a lot more busty girls out there than you might think. Not everyone has found their true bra size, and unfortunately, some women never do find the bra that fits them perfectly.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to remember that even expensive lingerie stores might not give you your true measurements (especially if they don’t carry your size in their store), so investigate for yourself and follow my advice to buy your bras online where you can get a better selection from stores that understand that sizes A to DD does not mean you carry everyone’s size.

When in doubt, find whatever feels the best on your body, no matter what cup size you are ‘supposed to be.’ Happy shopping, fellow busty gals!

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