La Senza is a Canadian lingerie company that was founded in 1990, but the company is based in Kettering, Ohio. On La Senza’s website, they claim they sell “The world’s sexiest lingerie at seriously hot deals.” But does their sexy lingerie cater to women in DD and DDD cup sizes?

Before discussing La Senza’s bra sizes, I want to talk a little about YOUR bra size. Are you positive you know what size you wear? Have you fitted yourself or did a sales associate at a store like Victoria’s Secret do it for you?

If someone at a store checked your size for you or if you checked your own size but it’s been awhile, there’s a good chance you are not wearing the correct bra size. Our breasts change constantly and it’s very important you know your size before purchasing a new bra.

Check out my article about fitting yourself at home to make sure you are a true DD or DDD cup.

La Senza’s Bra Sizes

La Senza’s bras come in cup sizes 32A to 38DDD. That range is slightly disappointing, only because many women with a plus sized bust have a plus sized band, too, so a 38 band size might not be big enough for some women hoping to purchase lingerie from La Senza. It also doesn’t cater to a wide range of busty women since the cup sizes stop at DDD. I’m getting the impression right off the bat that La Senza is probably better suited for busty women who are more slender than plus sized overall.

It also leads me to wonder whether or not La Senza’s sizes are even consistent, because inconsistent sizing can be a real problem when you’re talking DD and DDD cup sizes.

La Senza’s Bra Sizes Compared to Other Brands

If you take the bras at Bare Necessities into consideration, La Senza certainly does not offer as many sizes as Bare Necessities. La Senza offers sizes 32A through 38DDD while Bare Necessities offers band sizes 28 through 58 and cup sizes A through O.

If you compare La Senza’s sizes to Victoria’s Secret’s sizes, well, they offer the same choices – however, if you have read my previous posts, you will know that Victoria’s Secret does not offer a very good selection of DD and DDD cup bras, nor are their sizes consistent or their reviews positive.

Do La Senza’s Sizes Run Small or Big?

Unfortunately, like Victoria’s Secret, La Senza has been accused of offering inconsistent bra sizes more than once. One of the big problems seems to lie in their bra fitters, though.

As I have mentioned in other posts, bra fitters at chains like La Senza and VS have a tendency to fit women into bras they know good and well do not fit.

For example, let’s say you enter a La Senza location and ask to be fitted. You think you wear a 36DDD, but the bra fitter tells you you’re actually a 38DD. She takes you over to the selection of 38DD bras to choose from, you pick one, and then you leave the store holding a bra that’s going to have you in a lot of discomfort later.

Why did the associate tell you you’re a 38DD if you are in fact a 36DDD? Well, the answer is more clear cut than you might think.

Whether or not a sale associate makes commission does not really matter. Many associates are trained to fit you in a way that maximizes their chances of making a sale. If you enter a store with a bra size of 36DDD but the associate knows they only have one bra, if that many, in your size, there’s a good chance they could “fit” you into a size smaller, like a 38DD to make a sale.

Even if said store has plenty of DDD cups to choose from on their website, the associates know that once you walk out that door there’s a good chance you will not be purchasing one of their bras. It makes more sense to them to fit you in a smaller size, or what some people call a sister size.

Sister sizes are supposed to be able to substitute one another – for example, I used the example of 36DDD and 38DD. These are considered sister sizes and are supposed to be “equivalent” to one another. Unfortunately, sister sizes don’t work much once you go past a D cup.

If your breasts are a DDD, you cannot wear a DD if you expect to be comfortable in your bra. It just does not work like that. You’ll end up with a band that’s too loose around your body and cups that are squeezing the life out of your boobs.

Plus Sizes at La Senza

When it comes to DD and DDD sizes, it is wiser to choose to shop online. La Senza’s stores don’t usually have a very good selection of DD and DDD bras to choose from in person.

If you can even call DD and DDD plus size, what’s disappointing is that none of the women modelling the bras are modelling a DD or DDD cup, so it makes me wonder if they even know how their larger bras fit? It’s concerning when a company does not have plus sized models because we’re just supposed to trust a product that they may not have even tried on.

I’ve done enough speculating, so now I’ll explain their bras in detail to give you an idea of what La Senza offers.

Since most women want to feel sexy in their lingerie, I will start with La Senza’s Beyond Sexy bra collection.

Beyond Sexy Push Up Bra

This bra is available in three colors: Ballet (a very light pinkish white), Smoulder Black, and White.

The Ballet comes in sizes 32DD, 34DD, 36DD, and 38DD. Smoulder Black comes in 32DD and 34DD. White also only comes in 32DD and 34DD.

There are no DDD cups available for this bra, and the band sizes are very limited in two out of three colors.

This bra features an allover lace design and uses gel padding to lift your breasts. The adjustable straps can be worn the classic way, narrow classic, racerback, crossed, narrow, crossed, or in a T-back.

There’s also a variation of the same bra with a lace overlay, but unfortunately the largest cup size available is in a D.

Beyond Sexy Front-Close Push Up Bra

This bra is available in Smoulder Black in sizes 32DD and 34DD. The sizes are clearly limited for anyone in a DD or DDD cup; there’s no option at all for women who need a DDD. That’s very disappointing, but as I’ve mentioned in other posts, front closure bras do not usually provide good support for large breasts anyway.

For women who do wear a 32 or a 34DD, the front-close push up bra features microfiber cups with gel padding to lift your breasts. The back of this bra has an extra strap along the band for extra detail. It also has underwire for extra support.

The cups are smooth with no texture or detail of any kind, so it would be a good bra to wear under a t-shirt or tight-fitting clothes. The straps are adjustable, which is preferred among women with large breasts since ill-fitting straps are known for causing so much discomfort.

Beyond Sexy Strapless Push Up Bra

La Senza’s Beyond Sexy Strapless Push Up Bra is available in two colors: Rose Tan and Smoulder Black. Both colors are only available in a 34DD. There’s a third option, also in Smoulder Black, but it has lace cups – there are no DD or DDD cups available for this variation.

The sizes for the strapless bra are even more limited than for the other bras!

La Senza claims that this is a multiway push up bra, offering eight ways to wear it. The bra can be worn strapless, halter, classic, narrow classic, cross, narrow crossed, one shoulder left, and one shoulder right. The cups feature gel push up padding, microfiber cups, and a deep plunging neckline.

There’s also a front-close option in Ballet for the strapless bra, but the largest size offered is a C cup.

That sums up the Beyond Sexy collection, so now we are going to discuss their Hello Sugar collection.

Hello Sugar Up 2 Cup Push Up Bra

La Senza’s Up 2 Cup Push Up Bra is offered in three variations: the front-close bra which is available in Evening Tide Blue, the classic which is available in Spray Blue, and another classic bra with extra straps for appearance purposes, available in Pink Salt.

All three variations feature foam push up padding and adjustable straps that can be worn classic, narrow classic, crossed, and narrow crossed.

La Senza says “Bring the drama when you slip into this sexy up 2 cup push up bra. A gorgeous design of lace, strap detail and an amazing lift for the ultimate va-va-voom look.”

Well, that’s all fine and good, but guess what? None of the variations are available in DD or DDD cups.

There are multiple other variations of this bra, such as the strapless up 2 cup bra, and more classics with numerous variations like extra straps or lace overlay. None of them are available in a DD or DDD cup.

Was that even a selection?! Moving on to the So Free collection…

So Free Lightly Lined Balconnet Bra

The lightly lined balconette bra is available in Spray Blue. It comes in sizes 32DD, 34DD, 32DDD, 34DDD, and 38DDD. That is certainly better than what’s been available in many of La Senza’s other bras so far.

The cups are lightly lined and have underwire to support your breasts. The lightly lined cups are also microfiber and have lace wings and adjustable straps.

La Senza also offers a full coverage lightly lined balcony bra, one with smooth cups and one with textured lace. There’s not much of a difference between the full coverage and the classic lightly lined bra; full coverage bras just cover more of your breasts and give you less cleavage. The full coverage balconette bra features a cut out in the center gore where the classic does not.

The full coverage lightly lined bra with smooth cups is available in Evening Tide in sizes 32DD, 34DD, 36DD, and 34DDD.

The option with lace cups comes in colors Pink Salt or Mountain Blue and comes in sizes 32DD, 34DD, 36DD, 38DD, 32DDD, 34DDD, 36DDD, and 38DDD. That’s the most variety I have seen so far!

So Free Front-Close Full Coverage Bra

What, what?!?! I have found the first front closure bra available in DD cups! There’s still not an option for ladies in a DDD cup, but this bra is available in Smoulder Black in sizes 34DD, 36DD, and 38DD.

This full coverage bra is smooth all over, making it easy to conceal under tight clothing. The cups are microfiber, lightly lined, and feature underwire. The band features two crossed straps for appearance purposes. The straps are also adjustable, which is also a plus.

The bra overall is not very visually appealing, but it’s simple, which might be convenient for casual wear.

That concludes the So Free collection. Now we’ll discuss Obsession.

Obsession Push Up Bra

This bra features allover lace and is available in Sun Dried Tomato, Sweet Talk, and Spray Blue. Sweet Talk and Spray Blue are not available in our sizes; Sun Dried Tomato is available in 32DD, 34DD, and 36DD.

It’s actually a push up plunge bra that features foam push up padding and adjustable straps that can be worn as classic straps or racerback.

La Senza does have a variation of this bra that has more straps around the cups that compliment cleavage, but it is not offered in the sizes we are looking for.

Obsession Front-Close Push Up Bra

I personally love the detail on this bra. It comes in colors Blue Mercury or Smoulder Black in sizes 32DD, 34DD, and 36DD. I REALLY wish it came in DDD cups!

The cups feature smooth microfiber with push up padding and adjustable straps. The wings are pretty lace that look sexy across the back. The back gives a sexy, strappy look; it has four straps that criss cross to give it more personality.

It’s a shame this piece only comes in DD and smaller.

There’s an identical front-close push up bra that has a lace back instead of a strappy back; it’s available in the same sizes as its variant.

Unfortunately, that’s all for the Obsession collection. We’ve reached the Body Kiss collection now.

Body Kiss Push Up Bra

This bra is available in Smoulder Black. The lower cups are an off white color with lace covering it. The bra is available in sizes 32DD, 34DD, 36DD, and 38DD.

The Body Kiss Push Up Bra features cushioned underwire and padding inside of the microfiber cups. The straps can be worn classic, narrow classic, crossed, or narrow crossed. It has a plunging neckline to stay hidden under lowcut clothes.

I’m disappointed that yet another bra is not offered in a DDD.

Body Kiss Front-Close Push Up Bra

Also in Smoulder Black, this front closure bra is available in sizes 32DD, 34DD, 36DD, and 38DD.

This bra is designed to give you “irresistible cleavage” with its push up cups, cushioned underwire, and racerback straps. The cups, like most of their other cups, are microfiber; the back of the bra features a pretty lace back where the racerback straps meet.

Still no DDD cups.

Body Kiss Strapless Push Up Bra

This bra is available in three colors: Rose Tan, Smoulder Black, and White. It is available in sizes 32DD, 34DD, 36DD, and 38DD.

La Senza says “With gorgeous rhinestone detail and so many ways to wear, you’ll love this strapless bra for every outfit!”

The convertible straps can be worn strapless, halter, classic, narrow classic, crossed, narrow crossed, one shoulder left, or one shoulder right.

There’s another variation to the strapless push up bra that has a twisted center gore; it’s made in Smoulder Black and Almost Nude. To my surprise, it’s available in 32 through 38DD, unlike many of the other variants of bras I have looked at today.

We’re moving on to the Sexy Tease collection.

Sexy Tease Lightly Lined Bra

This demi bra comes in Smoulder Black. (La Senza loves Smoulder Black if you haven’t caught on yet.)

It’s available in sizes 32DD, 34DD, 36DD, 38DD, 32DDD, and 34DDD.

This is a simple bra with adjustable straps, underwire, lightly lined cups, and  aback closure. There’s not a lot of visual detail to the bra other than that; the cups are smooth so you can wear it under tight clothing.

You can purchase the full coverage version of this bra in Smoulder Black in sizes 34DD, 36DD, 38DD, and 34DDD.

La Senza has a variant of this bra that features a front closure. It comes in Evening Tide in sizes 32DD, 34DD, 36DD, 38DD, 32DDD, and 34DDD. The back of the band features a lace racerback.

Now for the My Customized collection:

My Customized Strapless Push Up Bra

Available in Rose Tan, Ballet, and Smoulder Black, this bra comes in sizes 32DD, 34DD, and 36DD. It features “silicone lining for stay-put comfort” and underwire cups with padding. You can wear it strapless, crossed, narrow crossed, classic, narrow classic, or one shoulder left or right.

Moving on to the Remix collection:

Remix Lightly Lined Balconnet Bra

This bra comes in multiple colors: Juicy Purple Print, Acid Wash Evening Tide, Acid Wash Fine Wine, Evening Tide, and Pink Salt.

The bra features lightly lined, microfiber balconnet cups, underwire, and adjustable straps. The cups are smooth so it can be concealed under t-shirts or tight clothing.

Of all those colors choices, not one of them is offered in a DD or DDD cup. Bummer.

In the Remix collection, there’s also a Remix Push Up Bra. It is not offered in our size. La Senza’s last collection is the Diva collection:

Diva Lightly Lined Demi Bra

The Diva Lightly Lined Demi Bra features smooth microfiber cups with underwire and adjustable straps. It features a strappy back with rhinestones for added detail. It’s available in Evening Tide in sizes 34 and 36DD.

A slight variation to this bra is available with front strappy detail in Sweet Talk. It comes in a 34DD; this bra is the exact same as the bra I mentioned above, it’s just got added straps for appearance purposes.

You can also find the Diva Lightly Lined Demi Bra with textured lace cups in Mercury Blue and Spring Orchid. It is available in sizes 34DD and 36DD.

In Summary

What disappoints me most about La Senza is that there are no customer reviews on their website. How are customers supposed to feel comfortable shopping online if there are no reviews to read?

For those of us with large breasts, purchasing a bra without reading reviews sets us up for failure. The odds of us purchasing a bra that’s supposed to be our size and then it actually fitting are slim to none.

Something else that’s slim to none with La Senza is their selection of DDD cup bras. There are a decent amount of DD bras available, but the DDD selection is almost nonexistent.

I’m not really impressed by La Senza’s photos either, because every model appears to be a B cup, which makes it difficult to picture what their DD or DDD bras look like on. (I can only assume their models wear a B cup, because unlike other retailers there’s no information in the description for each bra telling you what size the model is wearing.)

Many bras I observed did not appear to fit the models well. I’m not sure if it was the band or the cups that were too small for the models, but most of their breasts appeared to be hanging a little low for bras that are supposed to push your breasts up so much.

Not only do the pictures make the models look like they are wearing the wrong size, but the overall lack of pictures is also astonishing to me. Probably over half of the bra listings only had one photo per bra. How can you expect to sell lingerie that way? The listings have one photo from a front angle, but many have no back, side, or close up photos.

The bras La Senza offers in DD and DDD cups are cute, but I would personally proceed with caution since there are no reviews to read, plus, as I mentioned earlier, La Senza has been accused of fitting customers into the wrong size many times before. Because of the things going against them, I continue to wonder if their sizes are even consistent.

I do not mean any of this to sound harsh towards La Senza. I do not own a La Senza bra, so I cannot promise you either way that their bras are or are not of value to busty women. I do, however, find their lack of reviews very sketchy, and their lack of selection extremely disappointing.

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