Everyone loves a sexy piece of lingerie in their collection, especially a high-end piece of silk or lace mastery. Not to mention, it’s fantastic to receive a matching set as a gift. A favorite super high-end brand that I adore is La Perla. I haven’t been fortunate enough to own a garment from La Perla yet, but I do often browse their online selection of swim wear, lingerie, clothing and so on. I actually just stare longingly at their clearance section… Regardless, on my most recent perusing through their site, I decided to look at sizing options. You’ll be interested to see what I found.

La Perla

La Perla is categorized as Italian luxury lifestyle company, and has its roots in Bologna, northern Italy. Founded by master corset maker and tailor, Ada “Golden Scissors” Masotti in 1954, La Perla became a company that redefined lingerie as a fashion statement instead of something that is hidden. Lingerie became an essential accessory for any woman’s closet. The history and foundation of the company is impressive. It is also one of the few historical fashion brands with a woman founder.

The company offers a variety of products, and have continued to slowly expand over the years. Women’s lingerie, beachwear, and sleepwear are some of the more common items purchased. Though La Perla also designs bags & shoes, perfume, and menswear. More interestingly, they offer the ready-to-wear collection. This clothing line focuses in on the essentials of a woman’s closet, where the company can flaunt and exercise its 62 years of knowledge and expertise of the female form.


Ada first jumped into the world of beachwear in 1965, when she released the first line of bikinis and swimsuits. Currently, there are 6 different collections available on their web site to choose from. You can search by clothing category and find specific items such as cover ups, one piece swim suits, and bikinis. In my browsing along, I found I absolutely adored the Ryder two-tone one piece swim suit. The sizing is much more comprehensive than you’d find anywhere else, and the size range was much more broad than I expected. When I checked out the size options available, there was 32A-D, 34A-D, 36B-D, 38C, 40B. Much more inclusive than my original feeling of dread let on.

Looking at the size options of the two-tone suit bikini was a little different. The tops and bottoms you buy individually, which makes total sense. The tops were available in the sizes listed above for the one piece. The bottoms were offered in a XXS(US 0)-XL(US 12) which was a little limited in my opinion. No plus-sized bottoms available? Not even a 14 or a 16?

Lingerie & Sleepwear

Of the 5 different collections available on their site, I was most drawn to the Macrame Tale collection. The coral color of the intricate and delicate-looking garments is stunning. The Carioca bra is one of my favorites; the design makes it look like a sexy sea shell bra. So, I clicked on the picture to check out the sizing. There were 32-B-D, 34B-D, and 36B available. Pretty limiting.

After getting my bra-aspirations smashed in one fell swoop, I moved on to the night gowns section. Immediately, I fell head-over-heels for this. This slip in light blue would look amazing! I’m sure it’s amazingly soft to the touch, too! Sizing options left me with only a medium (US 6). Upon further searching around, I found that all of their sizing only goes up to a size 12. So… No plus sizes to be found here either. Crushed again.

Dresses, Coats, and Other Clothing

If I had almost $2,000 to blow on a sweet jacket, I would definitely want it to look like the Bi-stretch cool-wool corset jacket. It’s form fitting, sleek, and discrete in its seduction. It comes in 4 different colors from black, navy, beige, and light blue. However, it is only available in sizes 0-10. The sizing here seems like it would be extremely tricky, but is much more sophisticated than I expected. The sizing goes as follows: 0 AB, 4 AB, 4 CD, 6 CD, 8 AB, 8 AB, 10 AB. It’s nice that they give you an idea of the bust room you will have, however what if you’re a 10 CD? Once again, the sizing seems a bit small.

Dresses left me feeling the same as coats. The Autografo Embroidered Dress is gorgeous. Black or bright red are the two color options available. The pretty little thing is only available in sizes 2, 4, 6, or 8. To my dismay, I discovered that in the “fashion world” a model at size 8 or over is considered plus-size? In the real world, that threshold is supposedly at size 16. Considering the latter, no plus size available in my beloved embroidered dress.

With the large variety of tops, T-shirts, blouses, etc. on the website, I had a bit more luck. Though I was extremely limited in what was available to my bust size, there were a few items that I found available in 16, or could accommodate my breasts. But, these items were few and far between.


Though La Perla has a beautiful and quality variety of clothing, it is rather limited in its target market. The female form that they cater to is an extremely slender one, devoid of much cleavage or busti-ness. I am a bit let down. For a company which has been around for such a long time, and boasts about its knowledge of the female form, it doesn’t seem to really spread its wings! The dresses, lingerie, jackets are beautiful works of art, but there is no way I could spend $1,800 on a jacket and have it tailored. Unfortunately, I’ll have to move on to the next promising brand for plus-size clothing or clothing for is busty ladies.

Have you found a high-end fashion brand that accommodates your curves? If so, please feel free to comment below, I’d love to check them out and see what wonderful products they have to offer! Also, please comment if you have any personal experience with La Perla brand. If you’ve had great experiences and you think my assessment is misguided, please tell me!

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