Every busty woman has experienced the frustration that comes from buying a dress or top and then never wearing it. It has nothing to do with the dress itself, it can be gorgeous, and fit you like a glove, but there’s something about it that makes you unable to wear it. Or rather, wear a bra with it.

From backless dresses, to plunging V-necks, sometimes a bra just isn’t an option. What’s a girl to do? Sure there’s plenty of items out there on the market, such as sticky bras, but for us bigger chested ladies, that just doesn’t do the job.

Unfortunately, even going braless isn’t a great option, especially if you’re aiming for perkiness and support, or even fearing a nip-slip.

Believe it or not, there’s a handy trick out there that lets you have the support needed, while also adding some va-va-voom cleavage to your outfit.

Kim Kardashian’s Boob Tape Trick

Fellow big breasted woman, Kim Kardashian released a photo revealing her red carpet secret for keeping her boobs supported and perky without wearing a bra.

Essentially, Kim uses long, strong, sticky tape to lift her breasts from the underboob, and then up over her shoulders. Genius. Honestly, what did we do before the internet to share beauty secrets and tips with each other?

You may be a skeptic like me, and think it’s way too good to be true. Will the tape give randomly? Will it rip off my skin?

Luckily, there’s tons of different tapes and application methods for you to try out before you hit the streets.

Does It Work For Big Boobs?

The first question I had seeing this trick was, “will this work for busty girls like me?”

Then I realized, if it works for the famously well-endowed Kim Kardashian and her boobs, it should hopefully work for the rest of us!

Let’s check out a couple of the most popular methods and tricks for using boob tape.

Getting Started with Boob Tape

Before we get started, there’s a few supplies you’ll need, and some different things to take into consideration.

First off, make sure you test the different types of tapes I’ll mention before applying them all over your chest. The last thing you want is a nasty irritated rash all over your girls. I’ll explain this a little more.

Also, make sure you put your hair up in a ponytail while you apply the tape. As you might imagine, hair plus tape equals ow!

What You’ll Need

The boob tape trick is great because it’s much more cost effective than finding a specialty bra, especially for us busty girls. Most of these supplies you’ll already have in your junk drawer at home.

The first thing you’ll need is the tape itself. There’s loads of different kinds of tape you can try out. I’ll be explaining those further in the post.

Next, scissors. Any old scissors will do, just to cut the strips to the desired length.

After that are cotton pads. They’re optional, but they’re great to protect your nipples from the possible irritation of the tape. It may make application of the tape a bit more tricky, but it’s worth it for the comfort it provides. Cotton rounds work best.

Once you’re done, try rubbing either coconut or olive oil under the tape as you remove it after your night out will save you a lot of pain. It helps it to fall off on it’s own without ripping and tugging at your skin.

Different Types of Tape

For the support we need, scotch tape just isn’t going to cut it. These three are the tried and true “boob tapes” out there.

Gaffer Tape

Gaffer tape is an extremely tough, strong tape used mostly in film production to stick cables down. Out of all the options, this is the strongest and will provide the most support, which big chested woman need! It’s also the tape the Kardashians swear by!

This all being said, it will be quite harsh on your skin. Make sure you test it out on a small area before going all-out.

Duct Tape

They say duct tape fixes everything, I suppose that includes sagging breasts! This is another great option for a strong hold, but will also be harsher for your skin. Some people vote strongly against it, claiming it’s far too harsh, I vote that you do small tests and judge it for yourself.

Some points to duct tape is it’s cheap, easy to find, and also available in shades that may be close to your skin tone, which will make a possible slip far less noticeable.

Athletic or Medical Tape

If you found that the gaffer and duct tape were giving your skin some nasty reactions, this will be your safest bet. It’s much more tame on the skin as it’s made to be applied directly to it.

However, the downside is you will not get as strong of a hold with this kind of tape. Either way, doesn’t hurt to test each out to discover what you personally like best for you and your breasts.

How To Apply For A Plunging Neckline

Using tape for a deep v neck is the original method Kim Kardashian taught us. That being said, you have to wonder if the overall process of applying the tape properly is worth it, or if you need a team of people to help you out.

Luckily, it seems simple enough, even for us bigger chested ladies.

Step 1. Using a long strip of tape, start from your rib/underboob area. Stick the tape here initially. Now, to ensure your boobs look nice and perky, you’ll want to lift it with your hand as you pull the tape tightly up over your breast and over your shoulder.

Another method is to bend backward slightly to let gravity work its magic to make your boobs lift on their own.

Make sure the tape is long, and pulled taut for best support. Two to three strips is the magic number, but apply as much as you need to until you feel full support.

Step 2. This is optional, but to push your breasts together to create even better cleavage, you’ll want to add some tape along your side.

Starting from your back, near your underarms, stick the tape down. These strips can be a bit shorter than the previous strips you used to stick at your shoulders.

Now, pull the tape horizontally across your side-boob area, pushing your breast to the centre of your chest. Doing this on both sides will enhance the shape of your breasts and make them look like a million bucks!

Try testing out this method before you go on your night out. See how it feels. Too much tape, too little? Does it work with your clothing? Make sure you feel confident with the hold before you venture out to make sure you’re comfortable.

How To Apply For A Backless Top

Perhaps you have an amazing backless piece you’ve been dying to wear, but the girls are stopping you. Essentially, with this method, you’re making a custom sticky bra, where you can add as much support as need be.

Boob tape to the rescue!

Starting underneath your breast, closer to the underarm area with long pieces of tape, you’ll lift your boobs up, pulling the tape across horizontally from one side-boob, to the other. Simply repeat until you feel secure and supported.

What’s great about this method is you can adjust where you would like the tape to be based on the backless top you’re wearing.

As you can see, there’s hope for us fuller chested ladies to enjoy a variety of clothing styles, while still having the support we need.

There’s so many different methods, tapes, and options available to us, so look forward to shaking the dust off some of the pieces you haven’t been able to wear- until now.

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