Unfortunately, some bras are just uncomfortable by design. I mean, there’s wires in these things and they aren’t haven’t always been made to feel like a cloud. However, making sure your bra fits you correctly is a large part in making sure your bras feel great, and I can certainly help you with that.

If you are someone who never seems to get your size right, here are the top eight tell-tale signs that your bra is the wrong size.

1. You have the band at the tightest clasp

This is one of the easiest ways to tell that a bra band is way too big for you, right off the bat. Something that most women don’t know is that bras are designed with stretching in mind. This means that when you get a bra, you should only be able to wear the band on the loosest, or first, setting. Every other clasp setting should be too tight so that when the band loses elasticity, you can keep wearing it on a tighter setting.

For this reason, you should NEVER purchase a bra that you have to wear on the tightest band setting. First and foremost, this means that you are wearing a bra with a band that is too large for you, and this will affect how the cup fits you too, even if it is comfortable on the highest setting. Secondly, you aren’t going to get nearly as much use of the bra as you would with one that you start on the first setting with. As soon as the band loses elasticity, you’ll have to get rid of it, and no one wants that.

2. You are spilling out of your bra

This may seem at first like a pretty obvious sign, but most women glide over this issue. If you put on a bra and suddenly it looks like you’ve gained five pounds, it isn’t because of your actual weight, no matter how much you just ate at the food court.

Whether you are experiencing side boob spilling out the very outer edges of your boobs, which is probably the most common and most looked over, or you can’t seem to get your girls to stay in the cup where they belong, then it really isn’t the cup for you.

3. The bra is digging in to your skin

One of the most painful parts of wearing bras is that they sometimes dig in and create back and neck tension when worn all day. If you notice that parts of the bra are digging into your body anywhere before you even leave the fitting room, it is best to try to find the next size up.

Whether your bra is digging into your shoulders or your back or boobs, it’s time to try out different sizes. I would start with going up in band size before you start with cup size, because band affects the overall tightness of the bra. This will help you see what size you actually are.

4. The center gore doesn’t lay flat on your chest

You know the exact middle of the bra right before the cups start? That should always be able to lay flat against your chest. This is going to be somewhat of an anchor that provides support, and will ensure that the band is doing its job correctly.

If the center of the bra is hovering above your sternum but never actually touches it, your bra is way too small. This could either be because the band is too small and can’t fit perfectly around your back, or because the cups are too small and are causing the band to ride up. Either way, get measured and find out what size you are, because that bra will offer you no support or comfort.

5. It doesn’t stay in place when you move

A test that you should always do in the fitting room before you buy any bra is putting your arms over your head. If the bra stays where it is and still holds everything in place, congrats!

However, if you start spilling out of the bra or get underboob by doing this, then the bra isn’t the right size. You should also be able to move around, bend over and twist without the bra hindering you or creating spilling of any kind.

6. The band isn’t flesh against the center of your back

If the band is riding up your back, this is a big problem. It means that there is a lack of support within the bra, and the weight of your boobs and the size of the bra is not working together. This is definitely a sign that you bra is too small, and you might want to go up in cup size and band size to fix this issue.

7. Gaping appears when you sit down or lean over

You are going to have to sit down, lean over, and generally be in odd postures sometimes with your bra. Sure, it might look great when you are standing straight up in the fitting room, but try to sit down and bend over too. If you start to pool in the bra, or gapping occurs, then it isn’t truly a great fit. Just think, do you want to be uncomfortable in your bra EVERY time you sit down? Me neither.

8. Your bra has become a shelf

Something that I have dealt with is the shelf effect. If you get the wrong size and style of cup, then you might experience something when your boobs don’t fit into the cup and instead sit on top of it like a shelf. It is uncomfortable, unflattering, and make you look like you’re trying to win extreme cleavage wars, so try out a different style if you begin to experience this.

Now that you know a little bit more about the telltale signs your bra doesn’t fit, do you think it will be easier to find that perfect bra? I’d love to hear your comment below.

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