There are many ways to put a bra on, and if you have large breasts, it’s especially important for you to do it the right way to get the best fit.

You can either slide the bra through right side in through its shoulder straps and clasp the back strap by extending your hands backwards, or you could invert the bra, clasp the back strap in the front and then rotate it around (pulling up the shoulder straps afterwards), or you can slide down an already clasped bra overhead, or you could opt for front-clasping bras (instead of back-clasping ones).

In these steps, women fail to do perform the one crucial step when wearing a bra properly which is adjusting their breast tissue. Some experts suggest that the tissue adjustment is required for all women of B cup size or greater, so that the entire breast tissue is tucked inside properly. This maneuver is known as “scooping” the breasts and it is the correct way to put a bra on.

The Scoop-Whoop and Scoop-Smooth

A well-fitted bra makes women feel more comfortable and the proper procedure for wearing them is described below:

Step 1: The Scoop

Lean forward so that the breasts fall into the cups then using your opposite hand, tuck the entire breast tissue into the cup of the bra, with the nipples in the center of the cups. At the same time, the breasts need to be scooped up from under your arms and under your breast and into the cup, making sure the apex of your breast is in the center of the cup. This method involves wearing the bra right side up (through the shoulder straps) and then fastening the straps.

Step 2: The Whoop/Smooth

Smoothen or whoop up your breasts using your hands or index fingers, ensuring that the bra’s edges and cups align properly with your breast. This also removes the “double-breast effect.”

You can also put on a bra in the method of your choice first and then scoop up your breasts along the edges of the bra cups afterwards.

Step 3: Additional Checks

You should be able to insert a finger inside the back strap of your bra (the same applied for shoulder straps) and make sure that the back is horizontally aligned (with the floor) instead of riding up in a triangular form. Other things to note is that underwire should be at the “bottom base of the breast” instead of being “below the bottom base of the breast” for the optimum uplift and support.

Step 4: Avoid Fluffing

If there is some fluff oozing out of the cup with the top of the breasts then use two fingers to readjust the tissue back into the cups, starting from the center.

Personality Match

According to Redbook, the way you put your bra on in the morning can determine your personality. The back-claspers are traditionalists, the front claspers are perfectionists who want to ensure no unclasped straps, overhead bra wearers are powerful analyzers who appreciate efficiency rather than bells and whistles and lastly, the front-clasping bra wearers are no-nonsense drivers.

The lingerie industry is merciless to us large-chested women regarding our sizes so in the off chance that we do find the right size, we need to make sure that we wear them the right way as well so scoop-smooth and whoop away, ladies!

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