Women are often embarrassed by their saggy breasts; while I encourage you to love them, I understand how they can make you feel awkward sometimes.

Because women are held to such high beauty standards, thousands of beautiful women feel like they are less than beautiful simply because their breasts are not perky. When a woman’s nipple placement lowers, she often panics as if this is not a natural occurrence that most other women go through.

Even though breast sagging is a normal part of life, it’s still hard for many women to accept – despite it coming naturally with age. Maybe it’s because models in magazines and on television have perfectly round, perky breasts that many of us desire so much.

What too many average women forget is that many of those celebrities with beautiful breasts have had at least one breast surgery, and that might not be an option for your average woman because of finances or health concerns.

On the bright side, there are measures you can take to prevent breast sagging as much as possible, so do not get discouraged too soon!

First, let’s discuss sagging breasts in general:

What causes sagging breasts?


There are several factors that affect how much our breasts sag, including becoming pregnant.

We used to think that breastfeeding affected sagging breasts, but according to the Mayo Clinic, breastfeeding has nothing to do with it; it’s the pregnancy itself that affects our breasts.

Our skin stretches so much as our breasts fill with milk, and then once we no longer carry milk we’re left with stretched breasts that may or may not ever go back to normal.

It is not uncommon for women to complain that their breasts look “deflated” after they stop carrying milk. Women who’ve had more than one pregnancy are more prone to breast sagging than women who have had one child or women who have no children at all.


As if they weren’t already horrible enough, cigarettes greatly affect our breasts. They decrease the blood supply to our skin’s surface, causing women to sag easier on top of making our skin age too quickly.

You have large breasts

Women with large breasts are more likely than women with small breasts to have saggy breasts. The more weight and volume we carry on our chests, the more gravity is going to pull our breasts down over time.

Young women with large breasts are much more likely than other women to sag at an early age, especially if they have a small frame or slender body with large breasts; the more disproportionate our breasts are compared to our bodies, the more likely we are to have saggy breasts early on.

Significant and consistent weight fluctuation

This is often a result of yo-yo dieting, but it can be a result of health conditions, too.

As a woman loses and gains weight continuously, her breasts are forced to go through too many changes. When a woman loses weight faster than she should, it causes the proteins in her breasts – collagen and elastin – to become “stressed out”, which tremendously affects the elasticity of her breasts.

As we continuously lose and gain weight, our proteins wear out and become permanently stretched, which makes our breasts sag.

If you lose 100 pounds or more, breast sagging might be inevitable. If you are concerned or bothered by your sagging breasts, it might be necessary to speak to your doctor about treatment options for excess skin, such as a breast lift.

Too much sun exposure

UV rays from the sun can destroy collagen, which is a genuine problem since that’s the protein that helps avoid sagging breasts.

Many women enjoy tanning, which is great, but do not be surprised if excess tanning has your breasts looking aged and/or saggy.

The sun can be too harsh and too damaging to your skin when you are exposed to it too much, ESPECIALLY if you are not using enough sunscreen.

Vigorous exercise while your breasts are unrestrained

Too much bouncing of your breasts can cause your connective tissue to break down, which will cause them to sag earlier than what you care for.

It should not come as a shock that vigorous exercise contributes to sagging breasts since the primary direction our breasts bounce is vertically! If you’re not wearing a supportive encapsulation sports bra, this will intensify the breakdown of connective tissue, making your breasts sag more and more.


As women age, many of the factors I mentioned have affected them. For example, a middle aged to post-menopausal woman has likely been pregnant and lactated at least one time in her life; if she smoked or her weight fluctuated consistently, she’s more likely to sag now that she’s older.

When a woman is post-menopausal, her body produces less estrogen, which affects breast tissue by reducing collagen and makes the breasts appear to be more aged.

Since some of the situations I mentioned are not always avoidable, it makes it difficult to completely avoid breast sagging.

As we go through these instances that change our breasts, we lose the elasticity of our collagen, the connective tissue under the skin. According to Women’s Health Magazine, a recent UCLA study claims that breast tissue ages two to three times quicker than the rest of our bodies. 

Not only that, but saggy breasts can also be genetic, so if you notice your mother’s or grandmother’s breasts sag it’s important that you act on preventative measures as soon as possible.

Ways to prevent or reduce sagging

Invest in a good encapsulation sports bra

Encapsulation sports bras are preferred for women with large breasts over compression sports bras, which are recommended for women with small breasts.

Encapsulation sports bras have two separate cups, which is vital for busty women to ensure that each of our breasts are being supported properly. Encapsulation sports bras should keep the jostling of your breasts at a minimum. These sports bras often feature comfort straps, too, which keeps straps from digging into your shoulders and leaving you with uncomfortable shoulder grooves.

If you are confused about what kind of sports bra you should be looking for, here are two highly rated encapsulation sports bras from Bare Necessities.

This is where I purchase many of my bras because their products have the features needed to provide my breasts will full coverage and support.

People used to think that wearing a bra all day prevented breast sagging, but that’s not true. However, if you at least wear a supportive bra during vigorous exercise, it will certainly benefit your breasts by keeping your connective tissue from breaking down.

Avoid wearing a bra around the clock

If you wear a bra all day everyday, your sagging can actually increase.

Professor Jean-Denis of France conducted a study over a 15 year period that involved 300 volunteers between 18 and 35 years of age. Their breasts were measured using a slide ruler and a caliper recorded all changes to the breasts over the 15 year span.

Women who did not wear bras very often had a 7 millimeter lift as measured from their nipples each year. The study claims that their breasts were also firmer and their stretch marks faded more than women who wore bras more frequently.

You can read more about that study here.

When women wear a bra around the clock all the time, the muscles that support the breasts become underdeveloped because they’re not in use often enough. You can easily lose those muscles if you are not using them and you’ll be less likely to have firm breasts.

Invest in a supportive everyday bra

As I just said, wearing a bra is not going to keep your breasts from sagging. However, wearing a good bra when you have to go to work or leave home can make your breasts appear perkier while you are clothed.

Many women are wearing a bra that is ill-fitting, so these are the features you want to look for in a supportive bra:

It has underwire for support

This will keep your breasts from drooping while the bra is on.

It has wide comfort straps

This feature will keep the straps from digging into your shoulders and leaving (sometimes) permanent grooves. The wide straps can also support more weight than thin straps, making them an ideal feature for a woman who has large breasts because they will be held higher on your chest.

The straps are adjustable

Purchasing a bra that does not have adjustable straps is very irresponsible. The bra might fit well in the store, but you have not worn it for any length of time yet.

If it turns out the straps are too tight, your breasts are likely to be too squished, causing discomfort and awkward bulges. Your breasts are also likely to fall through the bottom of your bra.

If the straps are too loose, your cups are likely to fall forward and expose your breasts. Basically, your breasts will not be supported and will bounce too freely.

It has an adjustable back closure

This will keep the bra from being too tight or too loose; it is easy to prevent back or ribcage discomfort when the band is adjustable.

The front center of your bra touches your breastbone

Just because you have large breasts does not mean it’s acceptable for your bra to be pushed off of your chest. If the center gore – the part of the band that sits between the cups – is not touching your body, your bra is too small.

You are not in pain or uncomfortable while wearing the bra

If the bra is not uncomfortable, that’s a great sign!

If your shoulders are not being cut into, your back and ribcage are not in pain, and your breasts do not feel like they are being squeezed to death, the bra probably fits. You should not be in pain anywhere on your body when you wear a bra.

It should not be itchy, you should not sweat more than normal, and your breasts should not overflow the cups.

Try to lose weight gradually instead of rapidly

The main reason a lot of women lose weight rapidly is because they force themselves to go on crash diets.

I know sometimes losing weight immediately seems desirable, but you are setting your body and your mind up for failure when you force yourself to go on one of these yo-yo diets. It’s not healthy; not only will it negatively affect your body, but your mind will be affected too, when you cannot maintain the results of your diet or when you suffer adverse effects as a result of your poor diet – or lack thereof.

You should never invest in a diet that is providing you with less than 1,200 calories a day, and you should not try to force yourself to lose more than two pounds per week. Anything more than two pounds a week is likely to be more than what your collagen can keep up with and will result in sagging over time.

Fill your plate with fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats and avoid skipping meals. If you find that you’re not hungry when it’s time to eat, consume something simple. Eat a banana for lunch if that’s all you can handle. Anything nutritious is better than missing a meal.

Skipping meals will slow your metabolism and make you feel obligated to binge eat later on, which we all know leads to the fluctuation of weight!

As much as you don’t want to hear it, the longer it takes for you to lose weight, the more likely you are to keep it off permanently. I know that’s hard to accept, but try to pace yourself.

Never forget to drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water each day.

Consume the proper nutrients

This won’t make any miracles happen, but it will certainly contribute to the other preventative measures you take.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis and also prevents damage from harsh UV rays. If you do not want to take vitamin C capsules or tablets, oranges, red peppers, kale, brussels sprouts, and broccoli are the best food sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another great source; if you do not want to take capsules, try eating almonds, spinach, sweet potatoes, avocado, and sunflower seeds.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also important, and aside from taking it in capsules you can consume tuna, salmon, cheese, and egg yolks.

Remember that consuming these vitamins and nutrients alone will not give you the results you are looking for; you must combine this tip with other preventative measures.

Pomegranate seed oil

You can also massage pomegranate seed oil into your breasts 2 to 3 times a day to help give yourself firm breasts. Pomegranate seed oil stimulates major cells found in the outer layer of your skin; it helps reverse damage while making your skin appear more youthful.

If you do not have access to pomegranate seed oil, you can easily use an alternative such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil, or olive oil. Mix two drops of an essential oil with it if you desire; frankincense and lavender essential oils in particular are great for firming your skin.

You can do this massage as often as the pomegranate seed oil massage.

Aloe vera gel

Many people use aloe vera gel to soothe their sunburns, but did you know aloe vera has skin tightening properties? Aloe vera helps prevent and slightly reverse sagging breasts by fighting free radicals that damage your skin’s elasticity.

You can massage aloe vera gel into your breasts for up to 10 minutes 5 times a week. After you massage the aloe into your breasts, let it sit and air dry for an additional 10 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

Aloe straight from the plant is going to be the most effective, but bottled aloe vera gel will work over time, too.

Make a DIY breast mask

DIY face masks have taken Pinterest hostage over the years, turning thousands of women into skin care experts with firm, glowing faces.

You can get the same effect by making an at home breast mask, too.

Mix 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt with one tablespoon of vitamin E oil and 1 egg. Stir it into a paste and massage it into your breasts; let it sit for at least a half hour. After letting the mixture sit for a half hour, rinse it off of your breasts using cold water.

You can do this as often as you desire.

Wear sunscreen

Even if you only go outside a few times a week, sunscreen is essential if you want to keep your skin healthy. I’ve already kind of mentioned this above, but too much sun exposure can destroy your skin’s collagen, which makes us age quicker and makes your breasts sag too soon.

Wear sunscreen as much as you can to protect yourself from those harsh UV rays.

Give yourself an ice massage

Rub an ice cube or two in a circular motion over your breasts. If you don’t want to touch the ice directly with your fingers, put it in a ziploc bag and put a rag over it and massage it into your breasts that way.

Only do this for one or two minutes at a time; you want to avoid making your breasts so cold that they go numb. You can do this massage several times a day to achieve maximum results.

The ice will help tone your skin and can aid in the tightening/firming of your breasts.

Get a proper bra fitting

This tip won’t actually prevent sagging breasts, but it will reduce the APPEARANCE of sagging, which is nice.

It’s an unfortunate fact that around 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. This is a topic I have covered many times, but I’ll summarize it the best I can:

How did you come to find your bra size? Did you measure yourself or did a sales associate do it for you?

If you were fitted for a bra at a company like Victoria’s Secret, there’s a good chance you do not know your actual size. Their associates have been accused for years of fitting women into bras that are too small in order to make a sale.

For example, let’s say your closest Victoria’s Secret location only has one or two DDD bras in stock. You believe you are a 36DDD. You enter the store and the associate insists on fitting you for a bra.

You agree to let her fit you, and she tells you you’re actually a 38DD. She takes you to the selection of bras in that size, which is vast compared to the DDD bras, and you leave the store with a sexy new bra in your hands.

Why did the associate lie to you? Well, a lot of these associates are trained with the mindset of doing anything to make a sale instead of doing what is best for the customer. By telling you there is a limited stock of DDD cups, she is risking you leaving the store without purchasing a bra. By telling you you’re actually a size that she has in stock, she is maximizing her chances of making a sale.

Even if associates at stores like Victoria’s Secret do not make commission on sales, many of them are still trained to think this way.

Wearing an ill-fitting bra causes numerous problems for women with large breasts, including shoulder pain, excess sweat, and cracked skin.

To avoid being tricked by an associate, seek a professional bra fitter or check out my guide to fitting yourself at home. 

Exercise daily

Try doing push ups

I know, who the heck wants to do push ups? I certainly don’t, but doing push ups regularly will strengthen your pectoral muscles and make you look like you have firm breasts. If nothing else, consider doing ten or twenty push ups a day and combine that with some of my other tips to make your breasts appear perkier.

Notice I said doing push ups will make your breasts *appear* perkier. That is because your breasts do not have muscles, but your chest does. By strengthening your chest muscles, you are simply creating an illusion that you have perky – or perkier -breasts.

Use gentle weights for chest and arm exercises

If you’re not used to exercising with weights, many women just use 3 or 5 pound dumbbells to exercise with to tone their muscles. You don’t need anything drastic, just something you can hold easily to do several repetitions of your chosen exercise.

Look up free YouTube chest firming exercises

YouTube is the perfect free tool to use for exercise videos that can be done in the comfort of your home. Search chest firming exercises or even exercises for saggy or perky breasts. You’ll be amazed at how many helpful tutorials are available to you at no cost!


Yoga is one of the most beneficial types of exercise you can perform. Numerous yoga poses fight against gravity, so you can try some of those to reduce or prevent the effects of sagging.

Among those poses are a headstand, a backbend, and an inverted leg stretch.

Fix your posture

Women with large breasts tend to slouch forward and hunch over when they sit or stand. This is completely understandable since we have so much weight pulling us down and forward, but it’s very unhealthy. When we slouch forward, our chest muscles are not being used to hold up our breasts, so our breasts start to sag instead.

There are many ways to fix your posture, but one of the simplest ways is to just remind yourself constantly that you need to push your shoulders back, push your chest out, and keep that chin up.

You can also invest in a longline bra that helps your posture, or consider seeing a physical therapist who can help you learn ways to hold yourself and exercise properly.

Keep your breasts moisturized

Keeping your breasts moisturized helps maintain the elasticity of your skin. Make sure to moisturize twice a day so that when your breasts go through rapid changes they have a better chance of going back to their normal position.

Look for moisturizers that have vitamins B, C, and E. Fatty acids, flaxseed oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter are other ingredients that are wonderful for nurturing and firming your skin.

Gradually wean your baby from your breasts

Some women avoid breastfeeding completely because they have heard horror stories about it making your breasts sag.

Keeping your child from breastfeeding deprives them of vital nutrients, so if your only reason for not wanting to breastfeed is because of the appearance of your breasts, you might feel relief knowing that breastfeeding is not what makes your breasts sag.

Pregnancy is what changes your breasts, so the changes you go through don’t make a difference where breastfeeding is concerned. If you lactate, your breasts will go through the same changes whether you decide to breastfeed or not. At least, that is what numerous doctors and mothers are claiming recently. It’s a debatable topic, but you can read about it here.

Even though the changes of your breasts are likely inevitable, you can help reduce sagging by gradually weaning your child from your breasts. You should wean your child between 2 and 4 years of age when your child has almost completely transitioned to solid foods.

Some people think this method is even better than not breastfeeding at all, because this way your milk dries up gradually instead of all at once, giving your breasts time to adjust to their changes.

Breast Enhancement Surgery

If you feel uncomfortable with your breasts to the point that natural remedies are not enough, do not panic! There are two more options to help sagging breasts: a breast lift and a breast augmentation.

Surgery will not be an option for everyone; some women will struggle financially, while others will have health problems that will keep them from being able to safely undergo these procedures.

Most of the time, if not all the time, breast lifts and augmentations are considered cosmetic surgeries which means that your health insurance may or may not cover a portion of the procedure.

If you fear not being able to pay for the procedure upfront, many surgeons have recently started offering a credit card or credit account specifically for surgeries. I believe you have to pass a credit check, but if you pass, you can pay for your surgery with your credit line and pay the doctor monthly.

This way of paying has been on the rise lately among women who desperately want to enhance their breasts but do not have thousands of dollars just laying around.

Always keep in mind before you undergo any cosmetic surgery that the effects will be irreversible unless, of course, you opt to have another surgery. Make sure you are mentally stable enough to make the decision to have surgery on your breasts.

Some women make the spontaneous decision to undergo surgery and then feel misery later when they realize that their breasts weren’t so bad before, ESPECIALLY if the surgery somehow goes wrong or does not meet your high expectations.

Make sure your surgeon has a clear understanding of your expectations before he or she lays a hand on your body, and also make sure your surgeon has a great reputation among his or her patients.

Some women want to have a breast lift or a breast augmentation done but fear what others around them will have to say. They fear discouragement, shame, and embarrassment by loved ones who will know they had surgery.

If this is the case, the most important thing is that you do what YOU want. If you fear that people close to you would shame you because of the changes you make to your body, maybe those are not the people you need to surround yourself with. Do what is necessary to make YOU feel happy with your appearance.

Now that I’ve lectured you half to death, let’s actually discuss the details of each procedure:

Breast lift

Some women who have saggy breasts opt for a breast lift. Breast lifts differ from breast augmentations because they do not involve implants.

This post, written by plastic surgeons, says “A breast lift surgery can help restore the breasts and nipples to a more central, firmer or higher position on the chest wall. If you are generally happy with your breast size but not with how they look due to sagging nipples or low-hanging bra tissues, and if you want to change your breasts to be firmer, high or less droopy, our plastic surgeons can help.”  

A breast lift is ideal for a woman who is satisfied with her cup size, but simply wishes her breasts sat higher on her chest. Most women who opt for a breast lift prefer a natural look over the more round and full look provided by a breast augmentation.

Breast lifts are more common among women in their 30s to 50s since those women tend to experience sagging as a result of aging. Many women who have lost excess weight also get breast lists because they have excess skin after the changes their body endured.

This surgery repositions your nipples, lifts your breasts, and and tightens your breasts and breast tissue.

Breast augmentation

A breast augmentation, or a breast lift with implants, is ideal for women who want perkier breasts AND a larger cup size.

This surgery is essentially the same thing as a breast lift, but with added breast implants to make your breasts bigger, rounder, perkier, and more firm.

Women who get this surgery as opposed to just a breast lift can achieve sexy, dramatic cleavage if that is desired. If you have enlarged, disproportionate, or inverted nipples, all of these things can be corrected during your surgery; these things can also be fixed during a breast lift.


If you do not feel your breasts sag enough to have surgery, you should consider trying most of the remedies I mentioned. Do not try just one; you will achieve maximum results if you pair or group several tips with one another and do them consistently.

Patience is going to be your best friend when it comes to making your breasts less saggy; I advise you to refrain from getting discouraged, and keep trying… every single day.

You cannot rightfully feel defeated unless you try every remedy on this list and still see no results; you haven’t earned the right to feel defeat until you put forth the effort to change your breasts! As I have recommended in previous articles, set alarms on your smartphone to remind yourself to give yourself an ice massage, take your vitamins, do push ups, or whip off that bra. Just like lessening the appearance of stretch marks, preventing or improving sagging takes time.

Even though women should take care of their bodies because it’s what they desire, a lot of women adjust their bodies to reflect what they think a man (or female partner) wants to see.

This is another reason I encourage you to think long and hard before undergoing surgery – some women want a breast augmentation only because they think men will be attracted to them and not because they actually want larger breasts.

If men are your concern, I hope you’ll feel some relief by reading this blog post written by blog editor Rebecca Jane Stokes.

Rebecca made an anonymous post – I’m not sure where – asking men what they thought of women whose breasts sag. While yes, there were a few responses that were rather harsh, you might be surprised to learn that the vast majority of men actually prefer women whose breasts are natural, even if that means they sag.

One man said “I’m more likely to notice if she DOESN’T have saggy boobs. Then it means plastic surgery. Which can mean boobs feel super hard and weird.”

Another man said “Saggy boobs means natural boobs and I love natural boobs.”

Someone also said “I’d rather see her naked boobs sag than see her in a bra all of the time.” Well, at least he’s honest.

There were a few insensitive responses to Rebecca’s question, but they were few and far between. Plus, a man who says something like “This makes me sound like an ***hole, but too much sag bothers me, especially if it comes with stretch marks.” probably won’t be finding a busty woman as a companion anytime soon, anyway.

No hate towards him, but the odds of finding a busty woman who doesn’t sag in the slightest bit or who does not have at least one stretch mark are pretty slim.

What it boils down to is whether or not you are persistent enough and are 100% committed to preventing or improving sagging breasts. Be honest with yourself. Do not punish yourself for sagging a little; it’s truly a common part of life.

If you are able to reduce your sagging, that is so amazing! I’m happy for you and you should be proud of your effort!

If you are not able to reduce sagging, seriously, it’s okay! This probably has something to do with your genetics, and you can’t just up and change that. If you could, you might be stoned to death by crazy townspeople who think you’re a sorcerer.

Embrace your breasts that sag, and know that the chances of someone being ugly towards you because you don’t have perfect perky breasts are low.

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