Women wear bras. This is something that the whole world knows. So it should not be considered a problem when they show. There are however many occasions when you need to appear sophisticated and put together. At these times, it could be embarrassing when your bra straps keep peeping out.
So here are 7 things you can do to keep those straps in place and under your dress:

Wear different kinds of bras

If you are someone like me and prefer comfort over anything else, this would probably be the best option for you. You could invest in at least one bra for every kind of dress you are likely to wear. This way, you would be prepared for any occasion or clothing that comes your way.

I have a razor back bra, a sports bra, a bandeau, a plunge bra and a convertible one, which pretty much covers most of my wardrobe. You could have a look at the kind of clothes you wear and decide on the ones that suit you. The investment is not much compared to the comfort.

Convertible bras are quite the thing too, because you can change the straps and hook them in different ways to suit your clothing. You could also do away with the straps when you wear strapless dresses.

Like I said, you could be more confident that you have more options.

Sew pads into dresses

Clothing comes in so many different designs and shapes nowadays. Hence, sometimes it may not entirely be possible to buy bras that go with each of your clothing. Hence my second preference is to sew pads or cups into dresses that I cannot wear bras with.

This requires some sewing skills so if you’re someone like me, who has absolutely no sewing skills, you may need to get help from a tailor or a friend who knows what they are doing. So next time you wear your backless dress you wouldn’t have to worry about your bra straps showing.
If you don’t wear a bra, there are no bra straps at all.

Sew a tab into your tank tops

This awesome hack is for those of us who have no sewing skills too. It does require a tiny bit of sewing though. This method is quite useful if you wear tank tops quite often .A bra strap holder lets you insert your bra strap at the shoulder of your shirt and keeps it in line with your tank top’s strap so it doesn’t show no matter how you move.

You also need to sew a small button or hook to secure the holder to your shirt so you could easily insert and take you bra strap off of it. You could do this with any other clothing too. It definitely is not limited to tank tops alone.

Buy some bra strap clips

These are again useful when it comes to your razor back shirts and tank tops. They are used to pull the straps together behind your shirt so the bra functions like a razor back one.
They come in really cute shapes and colours so they won’t be ugly even if they peek out a little.

You could also have clips that match the colours of your tops so they look even prettier. Bra strap clips are quite cheap too. You also get a number of clips in a single pack.

Buy clear bra straps

Just like bra strap holder clips, clear bra straps are also an inexpensive option. These can be used only with bras that have detachable straps though. Clear straps or new straps are not very visible so again, they wouldn’t be ugly.

Even these clear straps come with cute prints of butterflies and flowers for those of us who love girly designs. Another option is to buy straps that are the same colour as your top so they don’t look as bad.

The next two ideas are for when you have no other way to hide your bra straps underneath your clothing. They are still great but I just feel the other methods are more effective and would probably give me more confidence.

Use fashion tape

Fashion tape or lingerie tape is similar to your regular double sided tape, except that it is used to secure strapless dresses from falling off your body or to keep bra straps from peeping out. This option is very inexpensive as well and is quite easy, so you could give it a try.
I find other methods better because I’m not sure how strong the tapes would be or how much they allow you to move before coming off.

Use paper clips

This could probably be your last resort but is the brainiest hack of all. If you just NEED to keep bra straps from showing but have nothing at hand; you could use paper clips to pull them together behind your razor back top.

It’s quite easy, too. It’s similar to the bra strap clips we spoke of earlier. All you have to do is hook one bra strap onto one end of the clip and the other onto the other end of the clip. It would definitely hide your straps behind your shirt but I’m not sure how comfortable this would be.

It is quite a life saver though, when you have no other options. Learn how to do it here.
If you do not find any of these methods comfortable, the final idea is to simply buy tops and dresses that have thick or wide straps on the shoulders. This way the bra straps would be hidden anyway.

So how do you hide your bra straps? It’s not a sin to show them, but like I said, there are always times when you need to appear neater and more confident. Don’t forget to try these hacks if you’re all out.

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