Do you, like most of us with a large bust, hate the underwire? Are you known to rip off those shackles as soon as you step home after a long day, cursing the men that designed them and forced you to wear?

Let’s face it ladies, there is no greater feeling than going braless and letting the girls out to breathe at night, right? Secretly all of us, both large and flat chested women, wish that we didn’t have to wear our bras every day… but that’s not possible! Or, is it?

Let’s address the elephant in the room: if you have large breasts, you might think that the only time you can go braless is in your dreams where you have a Victoria’s Secret Angel’s flat chest and skinny body to boot.

Deciding to go braless with big boobs can be absolutely terrifying. What if it got cold and the awkward nipple made an appearance? What if that pervy co-worker noticed your free-boob bounce and spent the whole day making inappropriate jokes about it?

Now, I can assure all you large busted ladies that you can push those fears aside and enjoy a day out in the sun without a bra and without any incidents. But I know what you’re thinking: that it’s not practical (because duh, gravity). Also, the current “in” look is perky, not saggy. You might even want to throw in an argument about science and how it told us that going braless leads to sagging, blah, blah, blah!

First of all, that science is absolutely wrong, and secondly, with the right braless tactic, no one will be the wiser about your braless secret. Trust me on this! So, the truth is, the only thing stopping you from going braless is, well, you. Are you willing to dare-the-bare in public then?

The “Kim Kardashian Braless” Trick

The first step to braless freedom is to take a page out of the busty queen of bare-chested goodness herself, none other than Kim Kardashian West. Kim has an entire army of stylists who know how to give her girls an astronomical uplift, so start taking notes.

First, pick a tight-fitting top that is at least two sizes smaller than you normally wear. Next, use her winning combination of nipple concealers/pasties to hide its darker skin, and double-sided fashion tape to keep boobs uplifted and in place.

Fashion Forms’ Ultimate Silicone Large Gel Petals with a 4.25” diameter is a good nipple concealer for larger breasts that can be worn up to 25 times; just wash them with lingerie/dish soap after each use. You can buy these at Bare Necessities.

Taping the breasts require the use of two or three 12-16 inch tape strips. You start with a tape strip for the lower end of your boobs, attaching the tape to your breast from side to side. Add another tape along the middle over the concealed nipples, and a third tape over the same area for reinforcement. Remember that the tape is not meant for long nights out and requires some mastering before you are ready to step out in public.

You can also try this nipple concealer-tape combo with regular fit or loose-fitting tops, but they require more tape.

The “Pretend You’re Wearing a Bra” Trick

Yet another braless tactic is to become a mini con-artist, as you con people into believing you are wearing a bra, when you actually aren’t. Concealing the girls under a heap of clothing is a wonderfully clever way of going braless. The cold, wintry months require layers anyway, so shed the most painful layer of all and add an extra t-shirt to those layers and – voila! – you have a braless tactic!

This brings me to tactic #2: wearing large, overbearing sweaters by themselves conceals our silhouette so the muffled forms will conceal your braless secret well. While on the topic of layers, a summery solution to the layer tactic would be to don a vest, fully buttoned, over a dress or top for some uplift.

Other items with some built-in chest support will come in handy when going free-boob, such as cupped tops, empire dresses and halter tops (which are a natural braless solution if you think about it).

You can even replace the menacing underwire with more forgiving breast-supporting acts such as crop tops and bralettes, and look sexy while you’re at it with this gorgeous bralette ensemble. Crop-top like sports bras are also available; these are more merciful to our brittle back bones. So how can you not love them?

Lastly, if you just want to forget about the support and simply hide the nip, then wear a camisole under your clothes. You could however choose to disregard these braless tips and take a page out of another Kardashian sister, Kendall Jenner’s street looks: the sheer top with suggestive nipple stickers (that is, if you can muster that fearless confidence).

Here’s What NOT To Do

Unsure about investing in nipple covering silicones and boob tape? Relax, you can still go braless without the use of those gimmicks. The key is to avoid some fashion faux-pas (yes, there are unwritten laws for going braless as well).

Cotton and silk fabrics – because of their thin, sheer texture will expose your nipples faster than that infamous Janet Jackson nip-slip, so avoid them like the plague. The same goes for anything that requires mandatory chest support, such as strapless dresses, tube tops and loose fitting tops.

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

If you still catch someone staring at your breast on your day out in the sun, then just ignore them! Why should you worry about what people think and what they say about you? Isn’t it hard enough being a large-breasted woman and enduring those neck and back pains? You deserve to be free because boob and wire is a god-awful combination.

More and more women are going braless nowadays – both flat and large chested. All of them overcame their fears and while most of them enjoyed their girls’ day out, some of them decided that it was not for them. You need to give yourself a chance to decide your own preference.

Go ahead, go braless for a day. You’ll never know till you try it.

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