It seems that the fashion trends lately favor women with smaller chests over women who have large breasts. It’s often even harder for women who are petite with big boobs to find clothes that fit!

There’s a good chance I have a biased point of view since I have large breasts myself; regardless, fashion is fickle, but breasts are not just a trend that come and go on the individual level. Breasts are a part of our anatomical makeup; they are a part of who we are as women. It’s important to learn to love our bodies and carry them with confidence.

Having big boobs is truly a serious job. Our breasts require a sturdy bra that gives serious support and can take a beating. Unfortunately, wispy lace bras worn by models in lingerie campaigns are immediately of the question when you’re talking about mass retailers like Victoria’s Secret. Full busts can cause serious back, neck, and shoulder aches, driving many women to either have or dream about having a breast reduction.

Whether you acquired your breasts naturally or surgically, your breasts should never compromise your confidence or the clothes you are able to wear.

Being petite and large-breasted might sound like a made-up combination, but to the surprise of many, there are actually a lot of women who naturally fit this description! Clothing and lingerie businesses tend to assume that a larger chest means a larger body, which can make shopping for your body shape quite a challenge.

It can be done, though, I assure you! Here are my tips on how to look cute, chic and sexy if you’re petite and with a big bust:

Fashion Guide For Women Who Are Petite with Big Boobs

Try On Different Things

Attempt every style you can get your hands on when it comes to dresses, blouses, sweaters, and so on.  Literally try on everything!

Before you assume what will or will not fit, you can always do a little online research for your body shape for a good starting point. After that, bring it all into the dressing room. This is the only way you can be sure whether or not something looks good on you.

Do not be afraid to experiment with things that are out of your comfort zone; you might be pleasantly surprised how something fits once it’s on your body.

Wear the Right Bra

I know it sounds like a repetitive suggestion, but seriously, wearing the correct bra is the basic foundation of everything that involves your clothing and appearance.

Having the right support for your boobs will help to rid you of back, neck, and shoulder pain. It will also help the unflattering fit of clothing, increase your confidence, etc. You’re more likely to feel sexy in your cleavage in a bra that supports your breasts, too.

Thousands of women, no matter the cup size, wear the wrong-sized bra. You might be amazed to learn than up to 95% of women are wearing the wrong bra!

If you are having difficulty finding the right bra for you, please go have a professional bra fitting done.

After you find your true size, accept the fact that you’ll need to invest more money in high-quality lingerie (most conventional stores only offer cup sizes up to DD). I promise you won’t regret it. You’ll find the bras are made better, they fit well, and last longer than a cheap department store garment.

Define Your Waist

Sometimes having large breasts with a petite figure means your waist is basically impossible to be seen. This illusion makes for a wide-looking figure, even if you’re actually really thin.

To accentuate your figure, I recommend learning how to define your waist. The first item I’d recommend is waist belts in a couple colors like black and brown. Stock your wardrobe with waist-hugging dresses – yes, the ones Sofia Vergara wears.

Be cautious with clothing that hangs off of your chest like a tent. These clothes are not going to visually separate your breasts from your waist, and will likely make you look heavier than you are. This doesn’t mean that everything you wear needs to be ultra tight or even tight at all; it helps to have clothing that is taken in at the correct places – at the waistline is most important, because it will help create the look of an elongated torso. Your torso is obviously already there, you just need to draw the lines over the right places with flattering cuts of clothing.

Avoid Cheap Fabrics

Cheap fabrics look even thinner on women like us because they stretch extra thin over our breasts.

They’re also more likely to wrinkle, tear, or have holes after washing. Higher quality fabrics are a must have when possible. Your clothing will have more longevity, and you’ll feel better wearing things that are made of higher quality. Opt for softer and more natural fabrics; they’ll become your new favorites.

Look for Wrap Dresses and Tops

Wrap dresses and tops can be very flattering to your curvy figure. They work miracles for well-endowed women because they separate your boobs and make your body look more divided and shapely.

Be sure to give one a try! You’ll definitely want to bring it home.

Wear Patterns that Accentuate Your Breasts

As many of us know, black is usually worn to make us look more slim.

Some women wear only black clothing because they think that’s the only color that is appropriate for their body shape! I love black, too, but I’m here to kill off the thought that black is the only acceptable color to wear.

In fact, you can wear many, many colors! Let’s talk prints instead of solid colors: Did you know that vertical lines and small patterns actually slim us down the same way black clothing does? To be more specific, it can give the illusion that our breasts are smaller than they are by wearing these patterns.

Did you also know that large patterns and horizontal lines can accent your breasts by giving the illusion that they are larger than they are?!

Are your breasts proportional to your hips? If your breasts are proportionally larger, you can give your body a better balance by accentuating your hips. Opt for skirts or pants with larger-patterns and bright colors; pair your bottoms with a solid colored top – black would be a start if you want the maximum slimming effect.

Do you want to highlight your already-large breasts? Wear a blouse with a large floral print or horizontal lines – pair your blouse with solid black pants or blue jeans (skinny jeans or straight legs will look best with this look). You’ll look even more petite-and-large-breasted than you already do!

You will need to decide if you want to accent your breasts by making them look bigger or if you want them to look a little smaller. Once you have that figured out, it’s pretty simple: small prints for the illusion of smaller breasts and large prints for larger breasts.

Tuck in Your Blouses

This tip would work even better with the patterns I mentioned above.

Let’s say you choose to wear a sheer blouse with a small rose print. Let’s say you also pair the sheer blouse with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans… Well, we are also going to turn those dark wash skinny jeans into high-waisted skinny jeans!

If you tuck your blouse into the skinny jeans and throw on a pair of ankle boots, not only will you look classy, but your figure will be accented beautifully.

The small pattern will keep your breasts from appearing to be too big, but once you tuck it in to the skinny jeans, your petite figure will also be shown off in addition do your large bust.

If you want more of a Khloe Kardashian look, then go for a blouse that’s tighter and has a large pattern. When tucked into skinny jeans, you’ll very clearly look slim from the waist down, but your breasts will look even bigger and sexier! Wear a patterned v-neck blouse to top it off if you are comfortable showing cleavage.

These tips will all work for solid colored blouses, too. Black will make your breasts appear more slim while bright colors will draw more attention.

Ignore the size on the tag

I know that’s a hard thing to do for our ego’s sake. Many women do not want to have to purchase a blouse bigger than usual because they are embarrassed by the size on the tag. Some women avoid purchasing certain items completely because they don’t want their spouse or anyone else to see the size on the tag and think badly of them.

I understand why some women feel that way. We live in a time period where women are taught to be embarrassed if they are a certain weight or a certain size. We are taught that something is wrong with us if we are “big”. However, you being “big” is not necessarily true.

The fact of the matter is that different brands have different guidelines for each size of clothing they offer. A large blouse from one retailer might not be the same size as a large blouse from another retailer. You have no way of knowing every single store whose sizes are off, so the best thing to do is to grab two or three sizes of the same blouse and see which one fits your breasts the best.

Do not worry about purchasing the size that you think you should be. You need to worry about purchasing the size that is going to flatter your body – and if you’re that concerned about what the tag says, cut it off after you get it home. I truly don’t think anyone is going to look at your tag and give you trouble about it, though. Men don’t know much about women’s sizes anyway and probably do not know what is considered “big”. Women understand that all sizes are not created equal when it comes to purchasing clothes.

Avoid Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks give most of us a uniboob.

Unless layered with something else over the top, turtlenecks can be a bit difficult to manage with a large bust. They have a tendency to shift all focus to our boobs.

Instead, choose a V-neck or scoop cuts. These neckline styles provide an open area of skin between your neck and boobs and this gives the illusion that you have a smaller bust.

Heavy jewelry or scarfs with low-cut tops should be used with caution. This combination will draw attention exactly where you don’t want extra eyes. Try necklaces that hang out higher around your neck- like the trendy chokers, for example.

Find Over-Sized Clothes That Look Good

Some women with large breasts actually only wear clothes 2-3 sizes larger than their normal size.

If you have never given larger clothes a change, here’s an idea: First try an over-sized sweater. Tiny women can definitely rock the hell out of baggy shapes, and the same goes for large-breasted petite women.

Another way to rock this look is to tuck in some baggy T-shirt into some nice skinny jeans or a cool mini skirt. Just give it a try!

Wearing a dress that’s over-sized is also a good option. No, it’s not exactly sexy but it feels liberating. I personally love wearing over-sized dresses when I go grocery shopping or when I go for an easy walk around town; that’s mainly because I want to feel more free and casual in those particular situations.

Be Careful with Button-Down Shirts

Unless you want to experience the so called “peek-a-boob” or what is also known as button gap, be careful when buying a button-down shirt.

Most of the time the buttons are not aligned correctly and it makes your shirt “gape”. The result: everyone knows that your bra features little white flowers on a blue background!

There is a right way to wear button-down shirts, though! You can add extra buttons, use snaps, or wear a tank top underneath. Make sure to try it before you buy it, and maybe be open to the idea of a tailor.

Invest in the Right Blazer

Blazers can actually be incredibly flattering (even minimizing, can you believe it?!) on a bigger chest.

What’s the key? You need to look for the cleanest, longest lines. With a silhouette that lengthens your torso, your chest will not look so wide.

In fact this is an optical illusion of some kind. Oh, and don’t be bothered if you can’t keep the blazer buttoned; blazers look incredible buttoned or not. They are also great pieces of clothing to use for layering!

Layering for Women who are Petite with Big Boobs

Blazers and cardigans are great ways to layer.

Finish off a nice dress by wearing a collared shirt over the top. You can tie it at the waist to create a cinched and cropped effect.

As for jackets and coats, try a one button style with a little stretch in the material, or a semi-fitted soft jacket. Try not to go cheap here, and bring it to a tailor for a perfect fit.

Keep the Lines Simple

Keep it simple and elegant! You need to forget about ruffles, frills, breast pockets, or gathers at the bust or shoulders. The more simple the lines of your outfit are, the more it will elongate your body, which will better define your curves!

In Summary

Despite whatever you thought before, I genuinely hope you have a better understanding now of ways to dress if you’re petite with big boobs.

Between the frustrating and often inconsistent sizes and the unreasonable expectations from society, dressing “appropriately” is often a difficult task. However, being petite with big boobs is not such a complex thing to comprehend if you know how to handle your body shape.

Your body and your breasts are beautiful, so take everything I said into consideration and learn how to compliment your figure with the proper clothing.


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